America is No Longer a Republic Form of Government


by Lonnie B. Collett

Is Obama controlled by a "puppetmaster," or more than one, who abhor freedom and the American way of life?

(Apr. 30, 2012) — It is time we quit fooling ourselves; we have allowed the corrupt majority of Congress and an illegal President to deceive us.  Opportunity for success was never stopped in America until this administration gain control.  By now most of America knows that Barack Obama was fraudulently elected into office as our President.   He was elected with a preplanned agenda of using the Cloward and Piven Strategy to increase government spending to the point where it is  destroying our way of life, moving us towards the United Nations preplanned “One World Government.”  I understand that this program has been in the making for over 20 years.

We are led to believe that our only hope is by voting Obama out of office in the November election.  Voting Obama into office to begin with was corrupt, and it appears that plans to continue his Presidency will be just as corrupt as well.

It is rumored that George Soros, Obama’s biggest contributor, has invested in SCYTL, a vote-counting company located in Spain which has already been approved by Obama and Congress to count America’s election votes in November.  Soros has often been referred to as the “Puppetmaster” by Glenn Beck, who feels as most patriotic Americans do that Soros controls Obama.

We know that this will make our votes a waste of our time.  I have seen America go from the Land of Opportunity to Socialism and heading rapidly towards another Communist country run by a dictator.  Presently hoping that America will turn back to our Republic form of Government is like taking a chance on the lotto: one in a million.

Our only hope, and I mean our only hope, is proving this year prior to the election that Obama is not qualified to be our President, and everything that he has accomplished in his mission to destroy our world is null and void.  He must be removed from office and tried for treason.  He swore an allegiance to our Constitution and has made numerous efforts to ignore it.  Several court cases have been filed against him just to prove who he really is by asking him to show his sealed documents.  Not only has he refused to show them, but all of our so-called “representatives” in Congress are dodging their constituents’ demands that they be shown to the public to end the controversy once and for all.  They leave us with the impression that their “life” or “position in Congress” would be in peril.

We all know that the documents that he has sealed will only prove that he never was eligible.  Just stating that his father was a Kenyan citizen makes Obama ineligible, but the disbelieving citizens must see further proof, so….America, what is left of our choices?  See his sealed records, or we are doomed to One World Government’s Agenda 21 and its loss of freedom.

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