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by Sharon Rondeau

Sheriff Bill Bivens apparently received no admonishment about his detective enlisting the help of inmate Todd Sweet in conning an inmate into a false confession

(Apr. 29, 2012) — Over the past several months, The Post & Email has received numerous letters from Tennessee state prison inmate Todd J. Sweet regarding his conversion to Christ and exposure of corruption in Monroe County.  While an inmate at the Monroe County jail, Sweet was asked to “con” his cellmate, John Edward Dawson, into a false confession while wearing a hidden voice recorder given to him by Detective Pat Henry.

The deception carried out by Henry and Sweet was exposed last year, resulting in an appeals court dismissing the charges, although Tennessee courts have reportedly upheld some levels of deception carried out against inmates.  Regarding the Sweet case, Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens “could not be reached for comment” after the ruse was exposed.  The article in The Tennessean mentions a “con man” but not his name:  Todd J. Sweet, whom District Attorney General Steve Bebb allegedly advised sheriff’s detectives to avoid.

However, an article from the Advocate & Democrat identifies Sweet.  The Knoxville News Sentinel reported on the background of the case, including information about Sweet.  Neither questioned why Henry was not prosecuted.

The appeals court decision found the actions of Henry and other “law enforcement officers” “egregious” and a violation of Dawson’s constitutional rights under the state and U.S. Constitutions.

Agents from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation failed to press charges against Pat Henry.  The Post & Email has been told by several people who have approached the TBI for assistance with judicial misconduct or to report a crime that employees at the agency have refused to act.  Two Roane County brothers have named the TBI in criminality on yard signs outside of their home, which claim has reportedly not been disputed.

As far as The Post & Email has been able to determine, the TBI has not investigated credible information given to them by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III regarding the murder of a Monroe County elections official, Mr. Jim Miller, on July 17, 2010.  Fitzpatrick has told us that he “knows who killed Jim Miller,” and we published a report almost a year ago, but Fitzpatrick has never been interviewed by either the TBI or the Knoxville FBI.  Instead of being prosecuted, Detective Henry obtained “a higher-paying job as a “securities investigator” with Regions Bank.”  Another detective, Doug Brannon, was also reportedly involved in posing as an attorney to deceive Dawson.

Judge Amy Reedy, who has been called a “queen judge” by Fitzpatrick, reportedly refused a request for a continuance in Dawson’s case by his public defender, Jeanne Wiggins, despite evidence that Dawson had been provided with false information affecting his decision-making ability.  Reedy has reportedly been involved in “jury-rigging” and has allowed a case with a forged signature on charging documents to proceed on April 30, 2012, against Fitzpatrick.

Bebb denied knowing anything about the scheme to coerce the inmate into a false confession, although Fitzpatrick, who has also spent time in the Monroe County jail, has called Bebb “a criminal” and corrupt.  Before becoming a District Attorney General, Bebb was a judge within the same Tenth Judicial District.

The following report and exhibits were included in a prior mailing, the first part of which was published on April 17, 2012.  Sweet’s attorney for his appeal is Atty. Robert Jolley, whom someone tried to reach on Sweet’s behalf approximately four weeks ago but was unsuccessful.  Sweet has stated that many of his letters to his attorney, the FBI, TBI and others written while an inmate at the Monroe County jail were never mailed to their respective recipients, but instead, later found in a desk drawer in an office at the jail.

An agent with the TBI reportedly had had “serious reservations” about Henry’s actions and had asked Bebb and Bivens to “stop what was going on.”

Sweet told The Post & Email in the first part of this report that he had become aware of a plot to detonate explosives in four states in 2009 and notified authorities of it.  The Knoxville FBI appeared to doubt Sweet’s story.  We have contacted Sweet for a response.

The following is a letter from Sweet to his attorney, Robert Jolley, dated February 3, 2009, retyped from his handwritten copy:

Judge Ross has appointed you as my cousel [sic].

I am quite sure you are quite away [sic] of the case(s) pending against me.  Though there is alot [sic] that you are unaware of.  I assure you.

With that said I would like to say that if your plan is to see me simply on the 23rd of February and go to trial on the 24th, that will be insufficient for the pre-trial investigation, witness list to be filed, the Discovery process, the many pre-trial motions and other things to be addressed.

Though I am quite certain that you are quite good @ your profession, as I have checked and you certainly know all this.  I am just reminding you, because I am quite good @ my profession as well.

As to me alledging [sic] my involvement with Homeland Security, no, the transcripts should be read.  Givin [sic] the fact that the inmates in the courtroom heard my terrorism remarks, I would think that Mr. Ross did as well, unless he has some kind of ear or sinus condition that incapacitated his hearing.

I will not be ignored on the group of individuals that were and are planning terror attacks on Gatllinburg and Pigeon [sic] Forge, International Drive in Orlando Florida, Las Vegas NV, as well as a planned attack on the Mackinaw Bridge and its Island Ferry service.  This is not a ploy.

Given the fact that all the things I have been called, Stupid is not one of them, and the fact that to talk about it, common sense should tell you I am being serious about it.

Given the fact that the last known location to me of hundreds of pounds of explosives where in Monroe County, I would hope that someone would give a XXXX (blacked out), because not only are people in the area in serious danger, so are others within the state and three other states if not more and now that I have a good attorney, it will be your duty to inform the proper agency(s) [sic] which deal with terrorism do [sic] to the fact that the Asst. AG, Sp. Agent David Guy, and Det. Pat Henry have totally ignored the issue as well as now the judge.  It was recently told to me that their reason is their fear that an agency will take me.  If there [sic] fear is that, or the fact I  have a history of lies & cons, Its [sic] no ones [sic] business to place citizens in the direct fire of horrible terrorist attacks.  Im [sic] not talking about M-80’s here, Im [sic] talking about chemicals such as: (if I remember correctly)

H & HD
HN 1 HN2 HN3
Phosphegeen (or gene)
Chloropricnin (or nine)
O Ethel S2
Ethil NN (long name ending with Cyanide)
the groups [sic] eagerness to buy a RDD or EBR ? whatever those are,
as well as
hundreds of pounds of explosive powders
hundreds of cells and instant cameras
PVC tubeing [sic], copper & steele [sic] as well
end caps
model rocket wic (water proof)
RC Car remotes and servo’s
Hundreds of pounds of Dimes (currency) &
B.B.’s (I will explain)
fish aquariums & bowls (I will explain)

There was [sic] also several explosives that were referred to as plastique.  of which I can draw diagrams of. [sic]

Believe it or not, this should be able to be confirmed do [sic] to my recent hours spent with Det. Sgt. Pat Henry do [sic] to knowledge of 2 murders that my cell mate [sic] has confessed to me, Mr. Henry gave me voice recorders to bring into the cell among other things to get the confession.  Maybe not a great idea, but I am trying to get trust so as I can get the terrorist thing delt [sic] with.  One of the murders was Troy Green and the other Bob Kilgore from Knoxville.

[Editor’s Note:  References to the Green and Kilgore murders in a local newspaper indicate that Dawson was indicted for Mr. Green’s slaying.  Sweet has told The Post & Email that he has information regarding both crimes and that law enforcement has visited him about one of them.]

I do now believe Mr. Henry was also trying to set me up, but to no avail.  I still have a high end voice recorder on me that I can give you if neccessary. [sic]  Though I have a feeling Mr. Henry to have good intentions [sic] it is a strong possibility that he does not.

But back to the terrorist dealings.  There are things that can be verified and you need to take it seriously.  Not only will I be a threat to these people, I must talk to an agency other than local of TBI.

Let us all quit trying to guess.  I dont [sic] have a problem telling you every second from the time I escaped to the second of the SWAT hitting me in AZ.  But it has to do with the herein mentioned people.

People, good innocent people are going to get hurt.  Help me do what is right and just.

I have only felt guilt once in my life.  Real guilt.  (blacked out) the aftermath.  I dont [sic] want to feel it again ever.

So if your [sic] up to it, come see me.  We will need alot [sic] of time.  And privacy.

Todd J. Sweet
AKA Jamie Turpin

With the letter, Sweet enclosed copies of letters addressed to the following parties:

Steven J. A. August
Attorney @ Law
401 N. San Francisco St., Suite A
Flagstaff, AZ  86001 (marked “Urgent Legal Mail 01-27-09)

Randy Rodgers
Attorney @ Law
105 North St.
Athens, TN  37303 (marked “Urgent Legal Mail 2/4/09)

(ATF) Alcohhol, Tabacco & Firearms
99 New York Ave. N.E.
Washington, DC.  20226-0001 (marked “Urgent Legal Mail 1-27-09)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
935 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC. 20535-0001 (marked “Urgent Legal Mail 01-26-09)

(FBI) Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W.
Washington, DC.  20535-0001 (marked “Urgent Legal Mail 01-27-09)

(FBI) – Organized Crime Task Force
One FBI Plaza
Buffalo, NY  14202 (marked “Urgent Legal Mail 01-27-09)

Det. Pat Henry
Monroe County Sherriff Office [sic]
319 Hickory Street
Madisonville, TN.  37354

Mr. Bob Jolley
Attorney @ Law
311 Tellico Street
Madisonville, TN.  37354 (marked “Confidential Legal Mail 2/3/09)

All of the envelopes contained the return address “Todd Sweet – AKA J. Turpin, 319 Hickory St., Madisonville, TN.  37354,” which is the address of the Monroe County jail.

A handwritten “Sworn Affidavit” was included with the letter and envelope copies.

Affidavit from then-Bradley County inmate David Camp regarding mail which inmate Todd Sweet attempted to send from the jail

A list of letters which Sweet claimed were not mailed while he was incarcerated in the Monroe County jail follows:

Document entitled "Property Receipt" marked in the upper left-hand corner, "Letters found in Dt. Sgt. Pat Henry's drawer."
Enlarged text of top third of "Property Receipt" document from Todd Sweet
Enlarged text of middle portion
Enlarged text of "Property Receipt" listing letters which were reportedly not mailed by Monroe County Sheriff's Department staff

Sweet included photographs of Dawson holding a recording device containing Sweet’s handwritten notes:


The handwritten caption reads:

An inmate inside Monroe Co. jail with recorders I gave him to have pictures taken of.  TJS
This is John Dawson

Sweet’s note reads:

Note:  Yet another recorder.  TJS
This happening as I was on Trial for alleged cons.
The same police wanting me to con a man “to cover who really killed…”
This is John Dawson

A letter dated February 20, 2009 from the State of Tennessee Department of Human Services indicated that correspondence from Sweet had been received:

Letter from a Tennessee Inspector General acknowledging correspondence from Todd Sweet regarding his report of "possible terrorist activity."
Top portion of letter from an Inspector General to Todd Sweet acknowledging his report of a possible plot to detonate explosives in Monroe County
Bottom portion of letter from Inspector General

Are other investigations performed by Detective Pat Henry open to question, given his violation of the law in 2008 against Dawson?  Why was Henry not prosecuted?  Why was Sheriff Bill Bivens not prosecuted?

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  1. This has been an ongoing story of corruption beyond third world countries here in America. Starting with Walt’s involvement to serve a Criminal Presentment against Obama/Pelosi, we can only imagine what went on before dialing in to Walt’s time frame with these professional obfuscators from hell. Louisiana is not new at political and internal law enforcement corruption over the years and Tennessee is breaking the record as we speak. Tennessee is a great state and has many great things as a part of the Southern States. I have known many amazing people from Tennessee and it hurts to see people like the ones running Marion and nearby counties like these bad Southern Democrats that have brought shame and anger to the good people of Tennessee. It goes on everywhere but it looks like the area has been out of control for a very long time. I ran into a man a few weeks back from Marion County and discussed with him what I had learned and seen happening there. He smirked and with a little smile said, “I know Marion County, I grew up there and it’s always been that way.” So, I imagine it’s not a new discovery; it’s only gotten worse and more people are scared, being intimidated, illegally imprisoned, killed or beaten than there were before. I’d say it’s time for the DC Feds to go in there and clean the place out as they did a few years back in Louisiana before more people suffer or are killed. Years ago, people would stand together and throw the bums out, or get rid of them in other ways. You have to respect the badge of the law but that doesn’t mean you have to respect what is standing in that uniform. If those “officers” think they are above the law, that is not what that law and oath says or infers. Though we are dealing with “Trust Law”, which can be a startling reality of deceit, we still have to have a “law system” to rely on and be protected by. If the judicial, law officers, the courts, higher Federal authority and state government won’t stand for their oath and sworn duty, then who do you trust or go to for “justice” if the “justice system” is filled with corrupted people who are NOT doing their job, using politics and excuses to look the other way and leave the “citizens” standing alone or persecuted without any alternative? Is it time for the citizens to go beyond power of “citizen’s arrest,” which Walt tried and they destroyed him on Obama’s orders. Every state is required to have a “Citizens’ Militia” by Constitutional Law. What would happen if the citizens were forced to take the government back and reinstall our original Constitutional Law? Do you think that over 600,000 armed citizens in each state could do such a thing? I think the ivory tower may be thinking about these things and that could be the reason the Feds are buying so much ammunition. Maybe they plan to go back to Mexico and take back all the 2,500 top-grade weapons that our Muslim friend Mr. Holder gave to the Mexican Cartels. Maybe someday, Mr. Holder will suddenly disappear to retire in Mexico and be repaid for all those handy weapons that our Mexican friends are enjoying, he won’t have to worry about “The Fifth Amendment” counsel telling him to keep his mouth shut. Don’t forget the $205,000,000 that also went down there with the guns to make sure they could get ammo to fit all those nice new weapons. As my Cajun friend from Louisiana told me, “Louisiana has the best politicians money can buy.” Looks like Tennessee, which rhymes with DC, also has the best that greed, money and power can buy also. There’s only one problem: sooner or later God gets involved and none of the above can help you when that happens. Whoops, time for another God Smackdown. If the Feds won’t do it, He will. Stay tuned.