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by TPATH, ©2012

(Apr. 27, 2012) — There is a possibility that the future for America and therefore the world, could be very bleak.  Cable TV has been rife with talk lately about natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods or mass coronal ejections from the sun, impacting social services, communication and power grids which could force the people to provide for themselves or perish.

The possibility of horrendous  events such as these have and will no doubt always exist. However, more than any time in America’s past, there is a real and present danger in our near future, posed not from nature, but from man.

Every sane and rational person knows Communism is a vile form of government which is, for the most part, devoid of God and morality. Hence one might see it as having very little in common with radical Islam.  But, that would be a disastrous conclusion.  According to many who are watching closely, people like Glenn Beck, Brad Thor and many others believe strongly that theses two  diametrically opposed ideologies have joined forces in a common goal to defeat a larger enemy. America and the West.

If Christians, Jews and Americans continue to look the other way and deny this war on our culture is in full stride, this country and the West will just be a footnote as the two forces, Islam and Communism, finish the battle on each other, long after our annihilation. Then, with all sense of morality and humanism destroyed the group that will eventually control the world will be the one with the least compassion for life.

The longer-term threat may be that of Islam; for sure the near term danger is from the left.  If one has not noticed we have a Marxist in our White House.  He has hired all manner of leftist, Communist people to advise and write law in the form of regulation.

Through out history, Marxists, Communists and the forms of dictatorial governments that evolve in support of them have been successful at three things.

1) Keeping its citizens uneducated, uninformed and unarmed.
2) Keeping power at any cost and without regard to human misery or death.
3) Creating a ruling, political class of the true one percent while destroying initiative, productivity and private ownership of property or businesses for 99% of its population which lives in fear, hopelessness and poverty.

The useful idiots, the occupy types, will be dispensed with promptly and without mercy once their usefulness has ended. Those fools will join the others in the darkness of mass graves or the despair of concentration camps. As the lights dim on their dreams of  sharing unearned wealth so will the understanding of just how the 1% of Communist rule deals with the unproductive.

Throughout history, Communist governments, regardless of how they get control, whether by revolution or the ballot, one constant remains. They will hang on to power, at any cost.

Leftist governments are responsible for hundreds of millions of deaths, of their own citizens.  The list is endless, from Stalin, to Pol Pot, to Castro to Mau Ste Tung. The blood of their people, has been the fuel of their control.

The question could be asked, what does this have to do with us, here in America?  Unfortunately, too much!

It is a fact that  most of Obama’s past has been successfully hidden, but his present is clear as a bell.  Everything he has done, proves, without the slightest doubt that he is a Marxist and a Communist.  It is clear he has been working not only with the Islamic world but national and global leftists to undermine and destroy America as we know it.

If world Communist organizations which have been behind getting this man into the White House, and after a century of trying to defeat the west, now finds itself in control of the most powerful entity the world has ever seen, it is doubtful they will just hand the keys back, willingly, and walk away.

So, are there are enough check points and laws that would prevent Obama from staying in office?  America, in the past, has prevailed and we have always had a peaceful  transition. But, have plans been formulated that could change the world?

The consequences of those who allowed the Constitution, forgeries, felonies and the rule of law to be relegated to irrelevance  may soon find out just what they have wrought.

November is coming; will there be an election?

The answer to that depends on the polls and the confidence Obama has that he has spent enough money on ads and convincing enough “useful idiots” to vote for and re-elect him.


If he is certain the cheating he has instituted and the vote counters he has hired, will be able to assure him a win, the election will go on. If that is not a certainty, there is always the tried and true, October surprise.

It is a fact that no sitting US President running for re-election has ever been defeated during a major conflict.  This includes popular and unpopular wars. Lincoln -Civil War, Woodrow Wilson- WWI, FDR and Truman- WWII,  Eisenhower was reelected as the Korean war drew to an armistice but uncertain as to the end of hostilities, and both Lyndon Johnson and Nixon were reelected during the Viet Nam war and finally George W. Bush during Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is clear, without fail, if this country is at war, the American people will hold on to the sitting president. This fact is not lost on historians and it certainly is not lost on the occupiers of the White House in 2012.

There are countless hotbeds in this unstable world, many of which this administration, if it were not for the upcoming election, could not care less about. In fact, they are most likely thrilled with the advancement of both Communism and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Much of it has been made more dangerous by Obama’s lack of any reasonable foreign policy.  Just as it is clear that his economic policies have intentionally made things worse, could these “on the surface” foreign policy blunders actually have been planned to give any number of war options if needed in October?

Then there is a massive terror attack….

President Bush was never more popular than he was as a result of his handling of the terrorist attack on 9/11.  This too is not lost on the leftists in this country.  A major terror attack, at the right time, would create a cakewalk victory for any sitting president.


Of course, whatever the attack looked like, it would have to create enough mayhem or destruction that either the American people would line up behind our leader and assure his reelection or be so totally destructive that an election could not even take place.

1) Without a doubt, the most devastating would be an EMP
This is a weapon which would destroy every bit of communication, electric power, satellite, cable, wi-fi and the internet.  Nothing electronic would survive. Even your car would not run.  This weapon has been tested by every major power in the world and it is real.  The electromagnetic pulse, EMP is produced by an upper atmosphere nuclear device.  The physical damage of the detonation would be negligible, but the EMP would be devastating.

It appears that Iran has been testing simultaneous detonations via its missile systems. Why is that important?  EMP weapons, in order to be effective must detonate, simultaneously in the atmosphere.  This is what they have been testing.

The IAEA last November indicated that Iran had experimented with firing multiple detonators with a high level of simultaneity. The report also indicated that Iran, as early as 2003 began a large-scale experiment to initiate a high-explosive charge in the form of a hemispherical shell. This indicates work on a nuclear bomb of the EMP type.

This is further disturbing when one understands that Iran’s leaders are devout believers in the return of the 12th Imam of Mahdi.  They believe that his return is imminent and they believe, and this is the scary part, that his return can be brought on by world conflagration, no matter its origin.  They dream of his return and pray for it, for that is the time when all infidels, that’s us, will be wiped from the earth.

2) Power Grid Failure
With a little over 1200 large electric power plants in America, with just over 100 Nuclear and 400 large coal power plants, and almost all of them working to near capacity, a small percentage of plants going off line, unscheduled, would cause a major breakdown in the power grid across the country.  If these plants were selected by calculation for the most damage, fewer than 20% would cause America to go dark as generator failures would cascade from New York to California.


1) No permits for power plant upgrades have been issued for coal fired plants in 3 years
2) No coal fired plant construction has been approved in many years while hundreds have shut down.
3) While two nuclear designs have just been approved it will be ten years before all the regulations, tests, studies and construction are complete.  Both of these permits were issued to the state of Georgia, just after they ignored facts about Obama’s forgeries in an eligibility hearing.
4) This administration has forced many plants to shut down and more are closing everyday.

Could all the environmental hogwash be more than concern for the air and water?  Could it be a ruse and cover for setting the power grid on a dangerous tipping point?


As we all recall, just prior to the Occupier N Cheif getting elected he called for a “Civilian Security Force” just as well funded and equipped as our military.  Was that just talk, or has he been implementing it?

Also, no one really knows how much or where the campaign contributions for his election came.  No government agency would dare investigate since that would clearly indicate latent racism.

Some estimates suggested he collected almost one billion dollars more than he spent in 2008.   What kind of security force could that kind of money buy?  How many trained saboteurs could be placed in key locations?  This is not an accusation, just a supposition.

Would any leftist leader really be capable of planning and plotting such calamity just to stay in control of the richest country in the world?  The answer is, we don’t know, but we can look at history.  Leftists have done worse. Much worse.

While this and even more is possible, the reality is, it really is not probable. However, what if it does happen and we have not prepared?  What if we were about to lose everything, friends, family property and we realize that we had considered the threat, but did nothing?  What would the cost to prepare be, if nothing happens, in relation to the loss of everything, if something does?


Not many of us could imagine anyone or any government that would allow this to happen, much less cause it.  We should all pray that this country could never produce such evil, but praying will not protect your family.  Only preparation will.

Hitler murdered millions of his own citizens because of their religion, Stalin starved to death millions of his own people in the Ukraine, Pol Pot slaughtered millions for just doing business with the west, Castro murdered hundreds of thousands and imprisoned thousands more for refusing to become indoctrinated to communism, Mao Tse Tung did his people in, in numbers the world will never know, some estimates are in the hundreds of millions.  What did each of these and several others have in common?  They were leftists that would hold on to power, regardless of the cost.


When there sits in the most powerful office the world has ever seen and that person, as well as those he has chosen to advise him, despises the law of our land, the Constitution and abhors the founding fathers who authored that document, it would not be a stretch to imagine that they would take absolute advantage of any catastrophe, manipulated, natural or terrorist inspired, and use it to hold on to power.

Martial Law, suspension of the constitution, temporarily of course they would tell us, and canceling of the next election, until order and services are returned.

The destruction of our ability to generate power, obtain fuel as well as the continuing effort to disarm the American people, just might start to make a little sense.

We can pray its all just a coincidence or we can take steps needed to survive.  It’s up to each of us to prepare and be vigilant.

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  1. TPATH, I had meant to commend you also for your factual and extremely well written article. Your statement of …“The useful idiots, the occupy types, will be dispensed with promptly and without mercy once their usefulness has ended. Those fools will join the others in the darkness of mass graves or the despair of concentration camps. As the lights dim on their dreams of sharing unearned wealth so will the understanding of just how the 1% of Communist rule deals with the unproductive.” This says it all right there. Personally I think that this is what the end times must look like. Thanks for doing your part for trying to enlighten America, God bless you; and may curses and condemnation be upon our elected who continue to allowed this to happen, and who make no effort to stop it.

  2. Meyerlm, I totally agree 1000% with your statement. With all the criminal acts of obama/barry or whatever; “whatever” should have long since been sent to Gitmo (as a Foreign-Combatant-Terrorist), but Congress continues to pretend that nothing is wrong, our Military brass sits idly by allowing this evil to happen (preferring rather to incarcerate Lt. Col. Terry Lakin for standing up for his Country and honouring his oath of office) meanwhile the Fort Hood Islamic Terrorist remains on the our Military’s payroll awaiting his trial. The Judiciary has not stood up either while the American people are sacrificing trillions of Dollars, their souls, and a way of life that will never be returned. It is as if the above named civil servants are all condoning and promoting this disaster on our country which is currently being run by an illegal alien, non-citizen, evil-man-child, who is intent on taking America down. America has not yet waken up to the fact that we are on a fast-track to hell. HAVE WE ALL LOST OUR MINDS??? OR WHAT???. Every man, woman, and child should be writing TP&E, their representatives, their Sheriffs stating their opinions, or possible they just don’t have an opinion; maybe that’s the problem… if that is indeed the problem then evil will easily win and we are all in a heap of major hurt.

  3. IN a word, NO!! The Infamous “Executive Order” and the 535 TRAITOR “People’s Representatives” that Invoked the NDAA will be the CRUX that “Seals the Fate” of our Republic!
    “O” patiently awaits the degradation to Violence and “The People’s War” that will provide the Implementation of “Martial Law”, and “WE the People” will, ourselves fall into the trap this 1871 Illegal, De Facto CABAL that is “RUINING and RULING America” had planned for U.S.