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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III is a 1975 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy

(Apr. 26, 2012) — The points that I’ve made about TIME Magazine are out there:  we have the TIME Washington Bureau Chief, Michael Duffy; Editor Richard Stengel, and the reporter, Barton Gellman.  These three men had an obligation to find out what was going on here in Monroe County, TN, because they were doing a cover story, and they reported that Mr. Pettway was legitimate, and he’s not.

They are trying to describe Mr. Huff and me as a “twisted patriot” – those are the words they used – because we came in to challenge what TIME Magazine represents as a lawfully cognizant government here in Monroe County, TN, and TIME Magazine knowingly lied.  They have been participating in this lie, this urban myth, with federal authorities who are as interested in extending the big lie so that government can grow and do what it’s been doing to us what it’s been doing for so very long, knowing that we can’t fight back because we don’t have a grand jury that we can go to, either state or federal.

What we have discovered here we have discovered throughout the rest of Tennessee and throughout so many other states.  We can go to each of the 50 states and we can find the same.  We all came to this knowledge because of trying to advance a complaint against Mr. Obama for treason.  Would it not have served this country well for that complaint to have come forward and been examined and decided by a grand jury one way or the other?  That’s what juries are meant to do.  “Excuse me, Mr. Fitzpatrick,” or on the military side, “LCDR Fitzpatrick, come on in here and let’s talk.  What do you have?”  And have a real grand jury, lawfully constructed and operating, in its own authority, autonomously, without the controlling master of a prosecuting attorney or a fake foreman, a judge advocate foreman.   Wouldn’t it have been nice for a real grand jury to hear this case and decide on it and say, “He’s good to go,” or in the alternative, “He’s a fraud.”

Instead of our being able to go to a state grand jury or federal grand jury over the course of the last three years, he’s running for election again!  This man is in full election mode.  I’m looking at this and saying, “He’s not legal!  He can’t run for office,” and all we need to do is get into a grand jury and show them why.   A grand jury can stop Mr. Obama from participating in the current election and hold him accountable for having perpetrated a fraud on the American people in having participated in the last election.

A jury!  It’s our protection, and one way our grievances are redressed:  through the jury system.   As our Founders wisely understood, we are supposed to be able to walk in to a grand jury and tell them what we think is going on in our community, make a complaint to them and ask them to take up the complaint, investigate it and then arbitrate it.  That’s what’s been taken away from us.  Now is the time to get that problem squared away:  recognize it as a problem and then do something about addressing it.  What better time to do that than in this campaign season for…I don’t know…the chief executive of the United States of America?  Now would be a good time to get this question resolved, or at least entered into the debate in large measure.

If you want to fix the problems with the economy or any issue…Obama’s eligibility, then or since – you pick the issue, whatever it is.  We are supposed to be able to go in to a grand jury and say, “This is my problem with the government.  Please look into this.”  If you have corruption in the sheriff’s department, as we’ve found here in Monroe County, you can’t take that into the grand jury, because we don’t have a grand jury.  We appropriate the conscripts that have been called in and drafted into the system are being controlled in every conceivable way.

To make that point as forcefully as I am able to make it, there is no charge that I face.  How did this get through this group of people?  How did we get to this appointment that I have with the court on April 30?  How have we gotten this far?  If the jury system were working properly, if the judges were acting lawfully, if they weren’t trying to protect themselves against the criminal consequences, this thing would have been dispatched a long time ago.  The only reason that it raised itself up is that Ms. Cook and Amy Reedy have been once again caught rigging juries.  That’s why Martha Cook is at the center of this with Amy F. Armstrong Reedy:  the two of them, shoulder to shoulder, are at the center of the accusation that I face now, which is bogus.  Reedy hasn’t weighed in as an accuser at any point, but she’s been working behind the scenes calling the shots. But Cook has involved herself to the extent that we’ve discussed.  There’s nobody who’s accused me of a crime at this point.

The charging documents at the bottom of this are ineffective, unmeritorious, worthless; they’re forgeries, and the government won’t tell us who forged them.  Ms. Cook doesn’t claim credit for them; she doesn’t claim any association with those documents.  “Yeah, it’s my name, but I didn’t sign it.”  “Well, who did?”  “Well, I don’t know; maybe one of my deputy clerks.”  “Well, who?” “I don’t know.”  “Are you my accuser?” “No.”  And then Paul D. Rush steps in and says, “I’m your accuser.”  “OK, Mr. Rush, show me where your name appears on a piece of paper someplace.  What is it precisely that you’re accusing me of?” “Well, what Ms. Cook said here…”  “Excuse me, but she’s not an accuser. She hasn’t signed any kind of a sworn affidavit against me, and in fact, the sworn affidavit that’s out there is a forgery.  She hasn’t determined probable cause, and she hasn’t come to a conclusion regarding criminal intent, which are necessary elements to proceed forward with an arrest warrant or a search warrant.  She doesn’t claim that kind of authority.  She’s not my accuser, sir.  So how do you become my accuser?  And by the way, how does a prosecuting attorney get to to do that? Everything about this is turned upside-down.  You don’t find this in our state constitution, and you don’t find it in our federal constitution.  They’re running their own government, and they can do whatever they want.  Who’s going to stop them?  You don’t have a grand jury that you can go to about this.  This is a big deal.

You don’t have a better example of that than the one that is out there now.  It’s recorded; it’s documented; it’s been pursued; it’s been investigated by citizens, and in the meantime, there is another very important thing…it’s shortening my life, and I know it is.  I am terribly worried about Darren.  I cannot stop thinking about Darren Huff and what he’s going through right now because I’ve been through it.  Darren did not commit a crime.  Darren Huff is an innocent man.  This joins state and federal authorities at the hip; not that we need to, but it certainly is another connection which cannot be argued away.  This goes into Obama’s White House.  This is Obama’s Justice Department; this is Obama’s FBI.  There are connections we can make between Mr. Obama and the people who have acted against Darren Huff and me.  Darren did not commit a crime.  He was coming here to raise awareness and peacefully protest against the unlawful participation, organization and operation of the group of conscripts that have appropriated the name of “grand jury” and who have a judge who has installed their master, leader and judge advocate, Mr. Pettway, and now Ms. Tennyson.

Darren came here with nothing but pure motives to raise up, as our federal Constitution to advance a grievance to request redress, and he didn’t do that with any kind of intent to cause physical harm in any way.  He came here to protest a government run amok. The government acted against him, and they’ve put together this cockamamie case against him which is flawed and defective everywhere that you look.  The affidavit which still has not been made public to you – if the quotes that we are receiving from the Associated Press, and MSNBC, and the Chattanooga times Free Press are correct – if those quotes come from a piece of paper that these news organizations have actually seen and hold in their possession by way of due diligence – if that affidavit reads that way, we know that that’s a lie.  No one was confronted that day.

I didn’t know who was coming.  I didn’t know who they were.  I have the list of people who came that day.  They signed their names.  When all was said and done, I listed the names of the people who signed that piece of paper at The Jaghunter in their own handwriting.   I met them, I said “Thank you;” I had coffee with some of them; I interacted with some of them.  It was a very peaceful day, all things considered.  All they did was come to Madisonville.

Anyone is supposed to be able to come to a hearing, and they weren’t allowed in.  “Mom, what are we doing standing outside here in the rain?”  “Well, honey, a judge has decided that you’re too dangerous to go inside the courtroom.”  We didn’t know that in the day because nobody knew.  We just saw this tremendous police presence.  Carroll Ross has accused me of being responsible for that; that tells me that Carroll Ross is working with state and federal government to make it look as if there was a militia group coming in.  Why would they want to do that?  Carroll Ross, Amy Reedy, Steve Bebb, Jim Stutts, J. Reed Dixon, Jon Kerry Blackwood, and Donald P. Harris all want people to go away and not discover their criminal syndicate here in the eastern part of Tennessee.  They are trying to deflect attention away from their criminal enterprise.  That’s why they’re acting against Darren and me.

And that’s why the feds have joined in.  The federal government is involved.  Over the course of at least 30 years, we know that there have been cases which have involved the federal government, and if nothing else, the federal government had a duty and an obligation to weigh in decades ago and say, “Excuse me, but you guys stopped using the jury system here…we have some problems with that.”  Instead of calling the local officials here accountable to the fact that they’ve installed and have been operating their own government, which is an act of treason, an act of war against the United States government, they joined in with the scheme and have participated in it, which is why you see the federal government acting as violently against citizens trying to stop it as they’re acting against Darren Huff…that he came in to kidnap people and Fitzpatrick came in with guns and bombs…it’s nothing but a government fiction.

When I go in to brief people, as I have recently, and I hand to them, as I have recently, a full-page article naming Mr. Pettway as a criminal back on February 4, 2010 and the judge who put him in this position, larger press organizations that are trying to cover up this out-of-control government ignore that, and they report my intent falsely.  They don’t contact me or ask me questions.  They don’t refer to the letter that went to Gregg Breeden on March 8, 2010 or the meeting I had with Breeden on March 4, 2010.  The number of years which Pettway served was known to be 20 at that time; it’s now 28.

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