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by Sharon Rondeau

Roane County is northwest of Monroe County, where public corruption has been consistently reported

(Apr. 23, 2012) — The Post & Email received a phone call from Rocky Joe Houston, whose story of corruption in Roane County, TN was reported during the summer of 2010.  Mr. Houston had told us at that time that he “feared for his life” as a result of judicial, law enforcement and grand jury corruption and retaliation against his brother and him.

Acting as his own attorney in a murder trial resulting from two deaths in 2006 deemed by the brothers as done in self-defense, they were found not guilty but have been sued civilly and found liable for more than $5,000,000.  “They went to trial court without me and my brother being there; they claimed they found us guilty but refused to sign any documents,” Houston said.

The Houston brothers’ father was a Roane County commissioner and recently passed away.

Houston also told us that he has placed “six big signs” which are 16-feet-tall signs in “yellow and red” outside of his home accusing specific individuals of being “liars, thieves, cowards” guilty of “misprision of treason, misprision of felony, organized crime, real estate fraud, insurance fraud…” which has caused a “bumper crop of traffic coming from all over the United States to look at this.”  He said, “It’s become a national attraction.”

When The Post & Email asked if the media had reported on the signage outside his home, he said, “They won’t touch these signs.  No one’s been out here in six months.  “We got 37 names of public officials on these signs.  We got five federal judges named on there, some clerks, lawyers, United States marshals, FBI agents, TBI agents, U.S. marshals, the Sheriff of Roane County, the grand jury foreman, and not one individual has filed a suit for defamation.”

When we asked which FBI office the Houstons were naming in malfeasance, he said, “The office right here in Knoxville.  Richard Lambert is the director.”  Houston said that the Roane County grand jury foreman has held his position for “over 20 years.”

“These are the most powerful signs in any yard in the United States.  All these individuals named on these signs have accepted it as being true,” he said.  Mr. Houston does not have access to the internet but said that he would send us a photo of the signs when he can.

Houston reported that there is a pending civil case against his brother, Leon Houston, in which Leon has filed a motion for Tennessee Supreme Court Chief Justice Camilla Clark recuse herself for an alleged conflict of interest.  “It’s been 26 days today,” Houston said, “and she hasn’t ruled yet.  She has just come out and scolded all of these other judges for denying these motions for recusal.  If she doesn’t recuse herself immediately, she’s going against her very own revamp job on January 12.”

On January 12, Clark had “revamped” the ethics procedure for judges to recuse themselves in order to “increase public confidence in the judicial system.”  Regarding Leon’s request for Clark to recuse herself, Houston said, “Every day the clock ticks, she has to rule immediately.”

Houston said that someone forged Clark’s signature on court paperwork in one of his cases, which makes her a “material witness” to a crime.

On April 10, a helicopter reportedly flew over the Houstons’ home, during which time they “stayed outside” while it “circled four or five times and finally left.”  Rocky Joe said that he believes the helicopter was dispatched by the governor or the military.  He said, “We think it was attempted murder to keep her from having to recuse.  If me and my brother die, this stuff goes away,” Houston said.

A civil case from 2010, #14422 against Judge David G. Hayes, et al, is “pending in front of” Clark in which Clifford Leon Houston was sent a bill for $974 for court costs, but Rocky Joe said that no one signed it, “itemized” it, or “put it on record.  It’s all fraud,” he said.

Before the shootout in 2006, Leon Houston had been charged with the misdemeanor of “reckless burning.”  Rocky Joe reported that the case is still in General Sessions Court after six years because the judge is “in conflict” and “part of the forgery.”

In regard to the motion for recusal, Houston believes that “even though her [Clark’s] lawyers are signin’ for it, she ain’t got it yet.”

“We’re in the process of building another sign,” Houston concluded.

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