The “Obama Draft”


by One Peeved-Overwhelming Vietnam Vet, ©2012

April 19, 2012


Dear Reince Priebus,

Congratulations on your new job as the Chairman of the RNC.  I’m sure you’ll do very well. And to get you off on the right foot, allow me to make a few observations and one suggestion.

We all know that Obama is the worst thing that’s ever happened to America since King George wanted to hang the Founding Fathers, so Obama and his gang of goons have got to go. We also know that government employees don’t give a hoot about the Oath that they took, or about following any rules, regulations, or laws, so the chances are that a candidate who HAS NEVER BEEN VETTED will be on the ballot for president in 2012 are high. And we also know that the press is so far Left as to make Communists seem like middle of the road and that those who voted for Obama are die-hard Democrats and, as such, vote party over platform.

So here’s my suggestion: have your Republican National Committee draft Barack Hussein Obama as the candidate for President. At the outset, a hue and cry will go up about “not showing records,” “Birth Certificate,” “ineligible,” “identity theft,” “money laundering,” “multiple Social Security numbers,” “illegal immigrant,” “not a US citizen,” “using a Social Security number issued to someone born in Connecticut in 1890.”  That’s just the beginning.

And that’s how to get rid of Obama. Make him a Republican and have the press go after him as they would any other Republican. He’d be out of the White House BEFORE the election, and then we can put someone on the ballot that will get America back on track, someone with these basic goals:

1. Kiss the United Nations Goodbye, and once the building is empty, dynamite it and make it a park.

2. Kick every Muslim out of our military and out of our country.

3. Kick every illegal immigrant out of our country.

4. Every law that has been passed by the 111th and 112th Congress render null and void.

5. Any White House Executive Order under the de facto Obama render null and void.

6. Abolish the IRS and institute a flat sales tax.

7. Eliminate the “Death Tax.”

8. Eliminate “Homeland Security” and lay off every Federal employee hired under Obama.

9. Eliminate abortion mills.

10. Do not renew the Federal Reserve Bank Charter.


Well, what do you think? I’d say we give it a try.  After all, if Obama runs under the Democratic ticket we can kiss America goodbye. Imagine, a company counting votes  which openly supports Obama: so much for honest and free elections.

And by the way, I’m a qualified candidate who supports that above ten-item list. And, by the way, everyone who had a hand in sending LTC Terry Lakin to Leavenworth shall follow in his footsteps. In order for ANY television station to retain its FCC license, make it a requirement to show Muslims cheering the events that unfolded on 9-11.


Thomas G MacLeran, aka OPOVV


One Response to "The “Obama Draft”"

  1. danamco   Friday, April 20, 2012 at 10:55 PM

    Every time I get a fund raising letter from him and other RNCs, I return them with the notations, that until they show some courage to deal with the illegal alien and usurper p-Resident fraudulent occupied the W.H. I will give NO money to them!!!


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