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by Todd Sweet, ©2012

(Apr. 17, 2012) — Pandora’s Box or can of worms, whichever cliché you choose to use…I am about to open it.

A deadly plan and the corruption and cover up of such gross proportions and seemingly so far fetched that if I failed to provide a means of verification and solid proof, you’d think I had either slipped my mind or back [sic] into my old lying ways.

I assure you reader, [sic] I have done neither.

Herein I will detail a criminal groups [sic] plan and the murderous means and lengths they will go to protect that plan.

I will also detail and prove how lawmakers and enforcers, centered in Monroe County Tennessee [sic] will and have broken federal laws and distorted the truth in order to “save face.”  You will see for yourselves as the facts unfold before your eyes that your elected officials and public servants have absolutely no qualms in trading this nations [sic] safety – your safety – your loved ones [sic] safety in order to save their jobs, hydes [sic] and pride and to hinder me from gaining an ounce of credibility so that I cannot expose their sickly nature.

I will also forever put to rest the question as to whether or not Monroe County Tennessee’s officials and officers are corrupt and that they poison the legal system of Tennessee, digging their claws as deep as the Tennessee Appeals Court.

Judge Ross himself acting as Capo del Tutti Capi.

Jim Stutts his enforcer.

Amy Reedy his…co-conspirator.

And the rest of the corrupt officers and agents his soldiers.

All of you along with Martha Cook….

Your seats are about to get hot.

Like any story there must be a villain.  If I am stating that all of these people are corrupt, there must be someone or something to corrupt them.

Or a person or situation that satan uses to corrupt them.

This story has its villain.  His true identity will only be revealed to a non-corrupt law enforcement agent who can prove to me his or her intentions and past record.

But for now we will call our villain the doctor.

But only because he use [sic] to be a doctor.

Until the United States government upset him and his lifestyle.

Now he and his cohorts are dangerous criminals protected by sovereignty laws.

When Monroe County officials tried to convince you of Walter Fitzpatrick’s sovereign status, you bought it.

And all along those same officials were and are actually protecting a real sovereign and his dangerous plan to hurt Americans and foreigners alike.

On U.S. soil.

Though brought to front and center in Monroe County Tennessee, the reality of the dangers I am about to lay before you extend as far west as Las Vegas, NV, as far north as the Mackinaw Bridge in Michigan and as far south as Orlando Florida.  To the east they extend to Pigeon [sic] Forge and Gatlinburg TN. but rival the horrific attack on the east coast on September 11, 2001.

There was no indication on that day as I sat with my precious wife in the waiting area of the Muskegon County Parole Office (looking @ a television) that I would someday have within me the knowledge needed to put a stop to an act that would be as confusing, as sickening and as frightening as we all saw that ugly morning.

Nor would I have guessed that 6 years later, as I emerged from the cover of a dark woods where I had spent 3 dangerous, hungry and painful days after walking away from a Michigan Prison work camp, that I was stepping onto a path that would eventually give me the frightening knowledge and then lead me to God who would give me my life back and provide me with the means to sit here knowing that my ink and my paper will not go to waste this time.  That Sharon @the Post & Email [sic] will not cover for the corrupt, but instead fearlessly aid me in saving lives.  And bring Satans [sic] antics and agents to a halt in Monroe County Tennessee.

I am almost certain that the doctor and his cohorts had their hand in the sabotage experienced by the Post & Email [sic] between January 26 and February 6.

But not to worry…

For those who are with us, are more than those who are with them….2 Kings 6:16.

Now to our story.

It is a bright sunny day in July.  Let us say Saturday.  In Ste. Ignace Michigan there is a yearly car show in full swing.  Such an event that Jay Leno himself has placed cars on display for our enjoyment.  The streets are lined with american [sic] muscle, vendors and giveaways.  Auto lovers and their families flock to the renowned Mackinaw Straites area.  To get to the car show you must travel across the majestic Mackinaw Bridge, a 5 mile long gabled bridge known to be the biggest of its kind.  Ste. Ignace is @ the North end and to get there you go thru Mackinaw City on its South end.


To the east, sitting a jaunt off the mainland in Lake Huron is another fun and popular vacation spot, the Mackinaw Island.  Civil war forts sit on Mackinaw City beach and another on the Island itself.  the Island is home of the Governors [sic] Mansion as well.  to get to the Island you have only 2 choices, by water, or by air.  Several water ferry services advertise the fastest or the most comfortable, but that aside, they wil get you there and return you for a minimal fee.  If you decide to overnight, just bring your luggage with you…

Fun times in the north.  Many, if not all hotels are packed.  Hard to even find a camp site for most of the campgrounds could be mistaken for a private car show.

On this same day in Las Vegas NV., the strip and Freemont Street are bustling with action.  People flying in and out from all over the globe, not just the U.S. to lose their money, homes, cards and jewelry, or to hit it big “just once.”  Maybe they are a celebrity performing or a patron watching, but nonethe-less [sic] its [sic] alive and business as usual in Sin City…

Far to the South, sameday, [sic] in Orlando Florida you and your children are taking a breather from Disney.  Your [sic] now shopping the street known as “I drive,” International Dr., and it is in full family swing.  Americans and vacationers from abroad are present…..everywhere….

In Gatlinburg and Pigeon [sic] Forge Tennessee, though not as busy, nonetheless the streets and attractions are packed.  Families and couples are enjoying each other and their beautiful surroundings.  All is good…

All are happy…

Tick tock..tick tock..tick tock……

Satan smiles as the doctor starts to dial his phone.  His earpiece is in.  He licks his lips as he begins to speak into his mouthpiece…..

It is intermission time.

The plan I am about to reveal to you will sicken you.  It will make you angry.  It may frighten you.

It is a real plan.  Made by real men.  Men who were sent to me after my walkaway, by the doctor, a man I thought I knew.  I need their help because contrary to popular belief my wife did not help me walkaway [sic] from prison.  She knew I was stressed but never did she think or know I would leave.  I was put at that camp because I was trusted.  But that is another story altogether.  My point is that once out of the woods, I needed help because she wasnt [sic] going to put herself, her freedom or my childrens [sic] safety on the line.  I didnt [sic] @ the time, but I have grown to admire her.  She wasnt [sic] stupid.

I witnessed these men kill two Mexican nationals and dispose of their body’s [sic] with no remorse whatsoever.

I witnessed weapons and munitions in abundance as you will learn.  When I tried to get away from these men, they used the fact I was on the run from law enforcement to reel me back in.  Not for long.  I made another break.  Went to a small farm in East Tennessee and went to ground.  The reports that said I was only in Loudon for 7 weeks is correct [sic].  Three of which I was never seen.  Me and my jeep stayed hidden.  Deep.  Everyone around me thought I was AWOL from the military, when in reality I was AWOL from prison and the doctor…

Then one day, through the use of an ATM card the doctor found me.  I was confronted.  I had to have a reason for stealthy visitors so I concocted a story that the men stalking the night, staying hidden, were friends, ex-forces here to help me.

I then one evening stumbled onto something ugly and heard something even uglier.

At the same time a few cops hellbent [sic] on harrassing [sic] my “girlfriend” were seen over and over again in their cruisers, SWPD cruisers, in Loudon County.  My enemy, the doctor, took advantage of the fact and decided it was time to get rid of me.

The very next night the farmhouse was attacked.  I soon found myself in the ugliest of messes…

On my knees in a dark field holding my rib cage.  Blood oozing out from between my fingers.  I had been shot.  Not a great thing to happen when you are wanted by the law.

Poor for me.

People often ask why it is the people around me believed all the lies.  Simple.  It wasnt [sic] all a lie.

You may think you know the Paul Harvey on the rest.  That I ran from the TBI.  Got caught in Arizona etc etc. [sic]

You know absolutely nothing.

How did TBI get “on to me”?

They didnt [sic].  I called them and other cops.  I asked for help.  I initialized contact.  This is all court record.

Why would I do that while on escape status?

Why would I hire cops to work my security detail?

You tell me, you know so much.

Dont [sic] get me wrong, I am not trying to lighten my lies, my deceit in Tennessee.  I have taken on my punishment.  My father [sic] in Heaven has forgiven me.  Maybe not those that I hurt, but someday it is my hope that they do, for if not they themselves can’t be forgiven.  Thats [sic] Gods [sic] law, not mine.  He said it, not me.  But I know I have to do my part and ask them their forgiveness, letters are being compiled.  Its [sic] alot of writing.

All that I am doing here is helping you to understand the truth about my actions.  And your officials and officers.  Now back to our story….

At just past 1 pm two vehicles, one on the South end and one on the North end of the Mackinaw Bridge pull to the shoulder.  The drivers exit and run.  Traffic is halted, Bridge Authority scramble. [sic]

The vehicles explode.

On the ferry services, 2 going to and 2 comeing [sic] from the island, several pieces of luggage explode.

At the car show and a few campgrounds several beautiful cars let out a thump.  Shrapnal [sic] flies everywhere….

Also at the car show and other select spots people stand in front of a giveaway booth.  On display are small fish bowls and aquariums full of B.Bs and dimes.  The object is to guess how many and the closest guess wins the prize.

Only the IED hidden under the BB’s and dimes now explode letting loose millions of hot flying metal.

In Las Vegas, Orlando, Pigeon [sic] Forge and Gatlinburg there are several motorcycles parked along the streets and in front of hotels.  Painted with schemes from various artists, they draw attention.  People stand and gauk [sic] at the paint schemes of many motorcycles that had been being put in place all morning [sic].  They are sport bikes with plenty of plastic panels to hide things.  Each and everyone [sic] explodes.  Sending fragmented metal and plastic everywhere.

All of this has happened in less than 15 minutes.

America has once again failed to take the warning seriously.

As they did at Pearl Harbor.

As they did in New York.

As they did countless other times.

What warning did you have this time you ask? [sic]

Enter Monroe County Tennessee and the corrupt that have protected the doctor for 4 years.

The same judiciary that calls Walter Fitzpatrick a sovereign has been protecting an actual sovereign terrorist and illegally witholding [sic] the above mentioned plans and information from the Federal Government and you, the People.


Let us get to some facts backed with proof.

In the illegal possession of Martha Cook as you read this, at this very moment, are several letters to Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.  On Carroll Ross’ orders during the course of my trials he had these letter [sic] stolen.  He gave Steve Bebb, Jim Stutts and several Monroe County Sheriffs [sic] Detectives and Deputies direct orders to stop those letters to Government agencies.  A Federal offense.

He did it to protect the doctor.  A sovereign terrorist.

Judge C. Ross also ordered me to hire my own attorney, then on his orders had his soldiers steal legal mail to prospective attorneys such as Randy Rodgers and Steven August.  Forceing [sic] Robert Jolley Jr., his friend, to defend me.  This is a flat out illegal action the part [sic] of those involved and an absolute reversible error under U.s. vs. Gonzalez-Lopez 548 US 140; 126 SCT 2557; 165 LEd 409 (2006).  Not to mention Judge Ross and All Monroe County officers and officials should and by law can be arrested and sued. [sic]

When I forced Robert Jolley to address the mail issue in open court, Ross jumped around and ignored it, then hid the contents of the letters to protect the doctor [sic]

A sovereign terrorist.

When I addressed Ross in open court and told him that “there are explosives in Sweetwater right now, please call Homeland Security,” Judge Ross twisted the words and ordered his lackeys at the Monroe County Buzz to misconstrue and make up their own words.  Making it look like I claimed I was part of Homeland Security.  Check the record.

It was done to protect the Sovereign Terrorist that was actually sitting in the courtroom that day.  With his soldiers.

When I forced Robert Jolley to address the mail theft in open court he ignored it and protected the theft stating that legal mail is not protected.  He did this because it was done on his orders.  To protect a Sovereign Terrorist.

When the letters were addressed in my state appeal, Judge Ross, useing [sic] his influence with a judge on the panel (who should have recused themselves from the case) had him ignore the illegal interception of the mail and go further to protect Ross by misinterpreting and misrepresenting the victim and facts of the appeal in itself.

All to protect a Sovereign Terrorist and his organization, an organization that plans to kill….

You.  The People.

The American People.

And you allow it.

We the people must start making the law obey the law.

Am I lying? you ask. [sic]

Is it just another story?

I have been trying and trying to gain credibility.

I helped in the Troy Green murder, asking nothing in return until I found out Detectives were covering for the actual killer.  I have aided Knox County detectives in the Robert Kilgore murder.  I asked nothing in return.

I uncovered a plot of a serial killer to use men he met in prison to kidnap, rape, then torture and murder a Deputy Chief prosecutor (Catherine Emerson).  Authorities got a handle on it in Ingham County Michigan.  Lansing.

I asked for absolutely nothing in return.

Because I have been rehabilitated through Jesus Christ who shed His blood for me.

For you.

If ANYONE claims what I say is false then guess what?  Prove it.

I dare you to go investigate.  I dare you to go try to prove me crazy.

I dare you.

I dare you.

I dare you.

Go get the warrant, Go open the letters!

Ask Judge Ross why on earth he would allow the theft of legal mail addressed to agencies of the Federal Government to go unchecked.

I dare you.

Check the transcripts in all my court appearences [sic] for the facts.

I dare you.

Contact Jason Legg at TBI and ask him if I reported any thing [sic] about terrorism.

I dare you.

I wish you would call Tennessee State Trooper Parrott and ask him why my warnings went unchecked.

I dare you.

Check the transcripts to see if Agent David Guy admitted to seeing the gun shot wound or if in fact I initialized [sic] contact while on the run.  Check the record.

I dare you.

Go to the federal building and steal letters addressed to the FBI, ATF and others and see if you get arrested.

I dare you.

Prove me wrong.


I dare you.

Doctor.  You said I’d never be believed. [sic]  Well, I know of no prayer answered in the name of your prophet.  Only in Jesus’ name do things happen.

The night I laid [sic] on that bale of hay while someone stuck a pair of needle nose pliers into me and ripped that slug out, I swore you’d pay.

Now it is my sincere hope that when they come, which they will, that the officers remain safe.

And when they slam that door behind you, please, hit your knees, ask forgiveness in Jesus’ name and let him melt your hard heart.

He will forgive you.  Yes.  Even you….

I dare you.

And I promise.  This is just the tip of the iceburg. [sic]

The box is open.

Todd Sweet – Copyright © – 2012

There is so much more…..Voice recordings…Photos…my suggestion is that Monroe County officials surrender to God before it is to [sic] late.  You all know what your [sic] doing.  So do I, or do you so easily forget that I almost had 100% run of Monroe County.


Editor’s Note:  Before publication, The Post & Email contacted the Knoxville FBI about the contents of the above letter but received no response.  In an interview with Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III today, he stated that he had spoken with Knoxville FBI Internal Affairs Agent Reanna Day on December 6, 2011 regarding his belief that Sweet possessed “very specific and credible information” about corruption in Monroe County.  To our knowledge, Sweet has never been interviewed by the FBI.

In 2008, Sweet was used in a jailhouse plot to evoke a confession from another inmate, which has resulted in the dismissal of the case against the inmate on that charge.

Update, April 19, 2012:  Correcting our statement above, the Knoxville FBI responded to our inquiry with the following:

Dear Ms. Rondeau,
FBI Knoxville would like to thank you for writing regarding  the letter from Mr. Todd Sweet.  It is assumed that you received the letter in directly from Mr. Sweet and, therefore, appropriately in your possession.  You are free to do whatever you wish with the letter to include, if you so choose, publishing it on your web site.
That being said, you are requested to conduct some minor investigative reporting on your own before you take Mr. Sweet at his word.  Below is a hyperlink to an article to start you on your journey to the discovery of a real story that is beyond the fiction which you may have been provided.   There several very interesting stories from across the country that may interest you about your source of information.  Please begin with the first article below and take it from there:
After you have taken the time to review this public source information, it is up to you to determine the veracity of the information you have received.  Although some of the items which have been related to you “appear” to be accurate, closer examination may determine otherwise.  That determination is left to you, your reputation, and your professionalism.
Thank you,
FBI Knoxville

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