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by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 15, 2012) — The Post & Email has reported previously on the case of Jeff Baron, who is under house arrest after having his multi-million-dollar domain registration company seized from him in late 2010 and placed unnecessarily into bankruptcy.  Federal Judge Stacey J.C. Jernigan, a bankruptcy judge, appointed a receiver who had previously served as Special Master on the case who solicited claims against Baron’s company and eventually liquidated the $60,000,000 trust which Baron had established to research Type 1 diabetes.

George McDermott, who identified himself as a citizen journalist with press credentials in Washington, DC and Maryland under his company “MDCourtwatch.com,” accompanied Mr. Baron and his friend, John Margetis, to ask members of Congress to act on the judicial misconduct and corruption in the Northern District of Texas which placed Baron’s company into bankruptcy and receivership.  McDermott is also a candidate for U.S. Congress from Maryland’s Fourth District.

Margetis has had dealings with the same federal judge and visited Congress on his own behalf and that of his elderly mother prior to the trip with Baron in March.

The Post & Email submitted a letter of complaint and FOIA request on March 27, 2012 to the U.S. Marshals headquarters in Alexandria, VA to inquire as to the identities and authority by which U.S. Marshals intimidated Baron’s acquaintances and relatives on the presumption that one of them knew who had allegedly made a threat against a federal judge.  As of press time, we have not received a response from the U.S. Marshals’ Service.

McDermott said he first met Baron and Margetis on a Sunday morning in his office in January 2012 and “did about two hours of video interviewing them to find out what they were about.”  McDermott stated that “they started out with about 800 pages” of information on Baron’s case which included “authenticated documents, court transcripts, court records, motions and pleadings, letters to state representatives, members of Congress, and the U.S. Department of Justice.”  McDermott stated that after interviewing them, he was convinced that “criminal fraud was taking place.”

McDermott stated that he was a victim of judicial fraud in 1995.  He has 10,000 docket entries and 170 court cases.  He is currently fighting the case “10-10236 in the U.S. Supreme Court.”  He stated that a federal judge held an “illegal hearing” on a bankruptcy in which the judge had no jurisdiction.  McDermott stated that the court had failed to notify the interested parties about the hearing.  McDermott stated that his company had been embezzled by the debtor 90 days before he filed for bankruptcy but that the judge had refused to hear the complaint, after which McDermott told the judge, “Your Honor, I will be filing a criminal complaint against you and the officers of the court under 18 USC 3057, United States Criminal Code, accessory to aiding and abetting bankruptcy fraud.  Have a blessed day.”  McDermott said he then “walked out.”

Mr. William Windsor, who has announced that he will be traveling to all 50 states to make a movie about judicial corruption, has also reported on Jeff Baron’s devastating experience with the federal judiciary.

McDermott told us that there are “three major causes” of judicial malfeasance in America today.

  1. Our Founding Fathers never intended that there would be a Bar Association similar to the Bar Association in England.  However, in 1908, 108 lawyers got together and formed the American Bar Association. It was supposed to represent the criminally insane, the indigent, and widows and orphans, according to its original charter.  It was never empowered to represent corporate America against the citizens of the United States.
  2. They have evolved through this, so in the 1935, the Federal Judiciary Act went through, and the Bar Association actually became part of the Judicial Branch of government.  The Supreme Court of the U.S. has control and domain over them; all of the attorneys have to be licensed and are subject to the discipline of the Supreme Court of the United states.
  3. In the 19-teens and 1920s, the Mafia came in to play and got upset with having to pay large sums of their earnings to lawyers.  They got smart, learning from their mistakes, and sent all of the children to college to become lawyers.  As a direct result of that, in the 1920s and 1930s, you had about five generations of families going into the Bar.  In Washington, DC, there is one lawyer for every two people registered with the Bar.  In the 1970s, they put moratoriums on medical schools for educating doctors, but this monopoly has gotten to where it’s one to two.

We asked McDermott about his accompanying Baron and Margetis to the offices of congressmen and the FBI in an attempt to obtain relief for Baron’s situation, which is controlled completely by Peter Vogel, the receiver appointed by Judge Jernigan.  Baron is dependent on Vogel for money to pay his daily living and extraordinary medical expenses, and as of March 26, 2012, Baron’s COBRA insurance was expected to expire.  McDermott confirmed that Baron left Dallas wearing “a borrowed suit” because he was forbidden by Vogel to take any personal property placed under Vogel’s stewardship, out of the area.  Baron went to Washington for medical reasons.

McDermott stated that he sat in and videotaped several of the meetings among Baron, Margetis and members of Congress.  He reported that they were denied admission to the FBI headquarters at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue to file a complaint on March 12.  “We were denied admission several times,” McDermott reported.  When we asked why, he replied, “You can’t get in a federal building anymore to file a complaint if you’re an average citizen; only lobbyists are allowed.”  The same situation was reported when McDermott took Margetis and Baron to the U.S. Department of Justice.  McDermott said he was also refused entry to the FBI because he “was a political figure and had a camera.”

McDermott reported that that has been the policy since the mid-1990s in Washington, DC.  He reported that following his denial to access, he said to an FBI employee, “I’m going to subpoena all your tapes.  You have a computer sitting right by you.  Could you  punch in and tell me if there are any warrants against Mr. Baron.  If there are, you are required to lock him up right now.  If there was a warrant out for him in Texas, then the U.S. Marshals in DC, having knowledge that he’s there, would have to lock him up.  Since they didn’t lock him up, that means that everything going on in Texas is a sham.  He’s done nothing wrong.  He’s just as I am:  a victim of a brutal judicial system that’s controlled by the Mafia and its family members who are lawyers.”

Videos 418 and 419 (scroll down) by McDermott report on his attempt to file a complaint with the FBI on Baron’s behalf.  The complaint and FOIA request which McDermott sent to the U.S. Marshals’ Service is here.  Video 405 provides details of the dispatching of 12 U.S. Marshals who reportedly intimidated people who knew Jeff Baron.

McDermott stated that the three visited members of the House Judiciary Committee, but the results were disappointing.  “Nobody responded, and these were all members of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees.  We received no correspondence; they said, “We don’t get involved in this.”  Everybody said that they had nothing to say; we can’t get involved in this.”  Nowhere does it say that members of the Congress of the United States represent only the people in their congressional district.  They are the elected body to represent all citizens in these United States and their interests.  I called them out right in their offices.  I told them, “You’re not doing your job; you’re not upholding your sworn oath to the U.S. Constitution of this nation; under 5 USC 2902-2907, you have a responsibility to oversee the judiciary so that we don’t have corrupt judges.”  Because of the Judiciary Act and what Lincoln did with Executive Order #1, our whole Constitution was abolished.  Now, according to documents, the director of the FBI is the head of the judiciary!

When we asked McDermott where Jeff Baron’s case stands now, he responded, “The worst part about this is that Jeff can’t even find out his coverage for COBRA.  A man who was worth $140,000,000 a year and a half ago is on public assistance and relies on COBRA to stay alive.  They won’t tell him the date that the coverage expires, and then Jeff went to Prince George’s County emergency services.  They gave him some papers to fill out.  Can you imagine…Jeff is living below the poverty level and sleeping on the floor.

McDermott is planning an “Educational Panel Conference” on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol on April 19, which McDermott stated is the fifth of its kind.

When The Post & Email asked McDermott what its readers could do to assist Mr. Baron, he responded:

Your readers could write to every congressman and senator they have and demand a grand jury investigation into the operations of our nation’s courts:  an investigation as to why no one in the Justice Department, the FBI, or U.S. Marshals have stepped in to prevent this man from being destroyed.  They can write a formal complaint with the Victims’ Rights Ombudsman with the FBI.  Jeff had a multi-million-dollar business, and it’s been stolen from him.



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  1. This story does not surprise me “even one quarter of one inch”.

    You must take care of your own in this completely corrupt Marxist land — ruined primarily by lawyers & corrupt BAR Assoc.

    Silence self. Just maintain control of all mental bounties. If only I had an author !