Monroe County, TN Corruption Further Exposed


by Todd J. Sweet, ©2012

The Monroe County courthouse is reportedly a place where many crimes have been committed

(Apr. 13, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  In a previous letter written when an inmate at the Morgan County Correctional Complex in Warburg, TN, Todd Sweet discussed a case wherein he was used to elicit a confession from another inmate by Monroe County, TN Sheriff’s Department deputies.  Sweet, a convicted “con man” and former user of multiple aliases, has accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior and repented of the criminal conduct of which he was found guilty in three states.

This article is a continuation of the Sweet’s perceptions of how good and evil spar to gain control over state and local governments and how politics are involved. Sweet also claims criminal conduct on the part of Chief Court Clerk Martha M. Cook, who he accuses of making a court document “disappear.”

Sweet indicated comfort with his surroundings at that time, although in early February, he was moved to a privately-operated correctional facility which he stated made him fearful for his life.

Here, Sweet speaks more specifically about corruption in Monroe County, TN, which Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III has also been exposing in his reports about the “rigged” grand juries, judges who break the law, and the lack of response to, or even possible involvement in, the corruption on the part of some members of the Knoxville FBI.  Fitzpatrick has also stated that Martha Cook is intrinsically involved in choosing the members of the grand jury each year.  Following his trial of December 1, 2010, Fitzpatrick mailed handwritten notes to The Post & Email which he stated were made by Cook and appear to indicate human intervention in the selection process, which is expressly against state law, or TCA 22-2-304.  Prosecutors, sheriff’s deputies and defense attorneys participate in the criminal behavior.

Judge J. Reed Dixon told Fitzpatrick on January 17, 2012 that it was a judge’s duty to choose the members of a special grand jury which would review the charge of tampering with government documents brought against him in December 2011.  TCA 22-2-314 specifically requires jurors to be chosen by “automated means.”]

So. What is the big difference between County and State?

Too many politics in County government.

In the state you have a boss thats [sic] responsible for the overall safety of the public, staff and inmates.  The budget is closely watched.  The money makers (the inmates) are already caught, sentenced and now just need babysitters until they go home.

In County they do whatever it takes to distort the truth, get plea bargains hashed out and run the money makers through like cow.

While the budget goes secretly in the big dogs [sic] pockets.

Now.  Please dont [sic] feel I am only picking on lawmakers and enforcers.  There are many good cops.  there are many good lawyers.  Good judges.

And there are many criminals who deserve to be exactly where they are.  Me included for I hurt people, many people through my lies and manipulation.

Thats [sic] not the issue.  The issue lies with doing right and following our Constitution.

Believe me when I say that there should be just as many inmates that are lawyers, judges and prosecutors, cops and other agents as there are in prisons now.

Im [sic] looking out my cell window right now and in my unit alone there are roughly 64 inmates housed.  Scary.  I can count more than 64 corrupt cops, lawyers, judges, prosecutors that deserve to be here and I can back it with proof.  And thats [sic] just in tiny old Monroe County.

So.  I think we got to the bottom of it.  The difference between State & County.

Now.  Let me touch on a disturbing issue I recently found out.

Ms. Cook of the Monroe County Clerks [sic] office has testified that Walter Fitzpatrick III has removed “papers” from the courthouse and posted them on this site [sic].  First let me say that any papers that are at the courthouse and under Ms. Cooks [sic] thumb are public record.

And now, being how we are talking of Ms. Cook, let us explore her a bit.

In 2009 she made a motion filed in my case disappear in fear of exposing the corruption brought to light of the Troy Green homicide.  I had requested that my attorney Robert Jolley file a motion uncovering this fact that detectives where [sic] trying to “hustle” me into solving a murder investigation for them.  Yes, the same investigators who had Monroe County citizens believing I was the worst person on the planet were issuing corrupt means to have me help them solve a homicide.

How ironic.

Anyway.  I had Mr. Jolley file a motion to expose this fact.

And Ms. Cook made it disappear.

I know because I had someone go and try to obtain a copy.  That individual was told (with a recording device in their pocket) that the motion was not in existence.

Yet I had a stamped copy in my possession at the time.

Also.  Ms. Cook should not have say so [sic] in any picking of the Grand Jury whatsoever.  So why does Ms. Cook make notations on specific potential juror information sheets?  How is it that Ms. Cook, the County Clerk, doesnt [sic] check to see why one man has sat as Grand Jury foreman for 28 years?

How is it that Ms. Cook would allow his name in the jury pool year after year in the first place?

Is there anyone out there whom [sic] would like to debate the facts I’ve stated?

Send me a letter and let us start the debate.

Because remember who you are dealing. [sic] I may be a prisoner, but I did not get here because Im [sic] stupid.  Ive [sic] been called many many things, but not once have I been called less than intellegent. [sic]  And I am not boasting.  But I would say that if God has called me of all people to partake in His kingdom and has declared me righteous in His eyes to fight the good fight and to help fight the principalities and power that have a grip on corrupt towns accross [sic] this great beautiful nation, then think twice before you debate.  God has called me after many years of legal study.  Years of corrupting cops and public officials.

And God declares that I do not lie, not once in my postings.

So if I speak – or write – you can believe God put it on my heart to do so.

And me and Jesus can back my statements to the fullest.

I always found comfort in digital voice recorders.  Is your voice somewhere on one?

If your [sic] a law maker or enforcer and you are doing a self check as you read this….

You just may be.

If you ever talked to me or someone who knows me. [sic]

You just may be.

But dont [sic] fret.  Im [sic] not threatening.  I am letting you know the score.

If you are acting outside of Gods [sic] love in any way then you are siding with satan.  You may want to go to church this Sunday and do something a bit different than you’ve been doing.

when they do altar call, mosey on up there and hit your knees.  Ask for God to forgive your abuse of authority.  Tell him you are sorry for violating the trust He himself proclaimed to you in Romans 13.

God proclaimed that we are all to obey your authority.

Ask God to forgive you for your abuses.  Then ask Him to forgive you for whatever else you got going on that you shouldnt [sic].

Then ask Him to bring to mind anyone you may feel unforgiveness towards – or ill-will [sic].  Then forgive them completely.

The Holy Spirit will convict you.  You may cry.  You may feel sorrowful.

But I promise you this.  If you truly change.  Start walking the talk and useing [sic] your authority for the good – you will be truly blessed.

If you cant [sic] do what I just suggested, then a further suggestion is that you step down and step quietly away from your current status or position.

Because you are going to fall.  I say this with great concern for your soul.  Know that you are loved.  It may not seem like much comeing [sic] from an ex-con in prison, but I am a child of God and I love you.  My Lord loves you and you are being prayed for by many.  Please, stop the corruption and the abuses of authority before its [sic] too late for you and your soul.

My prayers are on you.

until next time

And next time we will talk of a City I know very well…..

Las Vegas.  Contrary to belief – what happens there doesnt [sic] stay there.  Not any more.

God Bless You.

Todd J. Sweet ©2012 Jan. 23.


Editor’s Note:  Mr. Sweet’s Las Vegas story was published before the conclusion of the above letter, as the letters we receive from him are not necessarily produced in sequence.

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