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by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 10, 2012) —[Editor’s Note:  The following interview was conducted on April 7, 2012, during which Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III described in detail his present situation, for which he stated he will accept no financial assistance, and how his court-martial in 1990 prepared him to recognize the deficiencies in the Monroe County, TN judicial system which he has been exposing for the last several years.

Fitzpatrick has told The Post & Email that the court-martial was “rigged,” and that the accuser and prosecutor were the same individuals.  He has said the same of Monroe County, where an assistant district attorney general identified himself as Fitzpatrick’s accuser on January 17, 2012, during a probable cause hearing.  Fitzpatrick has stated, “Even in the military discipline system, you can’t do that.”

Forgery has become the common thread between Fitzpatrick’s court-martial more than 20 years ago, Obama’s long-form birth certificate, and the latest charges levied against Fitzpatrick by Monroe County, in which the court clerk admitted that someone else signed her name to the arrest warrant used to reincarcerate Fitzpatrick on December 7, 2011.  Fitzpatrick had accused Obama of treason on March 17, 2009 through the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Eastern District of Tennessee.  He had asked that his criminal complaint be given to the two federal grand juries sitting in Knoxville but never received a response.

The Post & Email was recently informed that a staffer in Rep. Darrell Issa‘s office is investigation the non-response of U.S. Attorneys around the country.

Recently the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Posse announced that a “full-fledged criminal investigation” of Obama’s background and documentation has been launched following its findings of probable cause that forgery was committed in the crafting of Obama’s birth certificate and Selective Service registration form.

Having recently heard a retiring brigadier general recommending the military system of justice for prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Fitzpatrick is concerned that soon a jury trial will be denied to American citizens.  He claims that prior to his court-martial, a confession was “constructed” which contained a forgery of his signature, partially proven by the fact that the signature lacks the “generation” numeral “III” which he routinely places after his name.  Fitzpatrick has concluded that the military system of “justice,” lacking a review by a grand jury as put forth in the Fifth Amendment, precludes a just outcome for the defendant, as the absence of “real” grand juries in Monroe County and other parts of Tennessee has shown.]

I wanted to let you know a couple of things.  Be patient with me.  I’m going to try and tie all of this together.

Let me start at the beginning by saying that the underlying issue here that can be exposed is that we’re dealing with different judicial systems that don’t use juries:  either the grand jury or the trial jury.  I came to learn about the absence of the operation of a jury first finding the absence of a jury in the military discipline system.  That’s where all of my preliminary information came from which brought me, as God would have it, to a situation when I ran across it on the civilian side, I knew exactly what I was looking at and what it meant, and how serious it was that these grand juries in Tennessee had been appropriated.  Conscripts are being brought in and they’re appropriating the name of grand jury, but they are not a grand jury.  I know how this system works; I saw it in the military first.

I wasn’t looking for what we eventually found; it just crossed my path.  My trying to exercise government on the civilian side…as you know, I tried, and it’s failed, but we discovered what we discovered.  We learned what we learned.  So here we are tonight.

In the meantime, the government has acted against me, and there are people who are trying to help me.  This is a very difficult position for me to be in.  I never, ever wanted to be a burden to somebody else.  As I’ve traveled this road, I’ve done so knowing that I was prepared at every moment to deal with the consequences by myself as they came my way.  I’ve never taken a penny from anybody; I’ve never charged for anything that I’ve done.  And I know that there are people worried about me, that there are people trying to help.  I’m trying to do what I can to give your readers and you a way to do that without contributing money.  If they do, that can be directed elsewhere, but not to me…

The overarching issue is the lack of a jury and what happens when you don’t have a jury.  There are so many ways that the country is being attacked and its Constitution is being attacked; this is just one of those ways.  An opportunity to expose the corruption and to expose the attack on the Constitution in a way that I think is as powerful as it can be is to expose how our military has turned against the United States Constitution.  That’s one of the driving points that I am attempting to make:  the military takes an oath to the Constitution, unlike any other group in the country.  For a good part of our nation’s history, the military was the most trusted part of our government, and that is not the case any longer.  We have our U.S. Armed Forces which are not obedient to the Constitution.  I could go into one example of that after the next after the next.

I believe that as a way of letting people participate in trying to help me and at the same time participate in the fight against those people who are trying to destroy the United States Constitution, we have an opportunity to hold up a guy named John Bitoff and another admiral named Rick Grant as lightning rods in this day, in this storm over the Constitution as men from the military, two admirals that we know about for sure, who are not more obedient to the U.S. Constitution than is Mr. Obama.  It’s not just them, but we have rock-solid proof that they are as disobedient to the Constitution and disinterested in the operation of the U.S. Constitution as many of their military cohorts and certainly as disinterested and disobedient as Mr. Obama is.

That comes to the court-martial of a guy named Walt Fitzpatrick.  I can’t help that it’s about me, but the information that has been garnered over the years is what I have been able to collect up.  These are historic documents that we’re looking at, because of what they reveal about how the military discipline system really works behind closed doors.  We don’t have this insight coming from any other avenue anyplace else in the country.  That’s why this court-martial is so important because it has exposed more about how a military discipline system works.  Whenever you have a situation where no juries are allowed, especially when you have the military operating that system, you are operating a government that is not found in our United States Constitution.

When you have a choice between using the Constitution or not and you choose not to use the Constitution, that should be a moment of grave concern for everybody in the country.  The court-martial of Walt Fitzpatrick began in 1989.  John Bitoff knew exactly what he was doing.  He needed to get rid of an officer from the military who would stand for the Constitution and stand by his oath to the Constitution and expose anybody who was disobedient to the Constitution and to his oath, perjuring his oath.  John Bitoff recognized me as an officer who had to be removed from the military because of the danger I presented to the larger operation of the United States Armed Forces in the character that John Bitoff knew it was taking on back in the day.  He knew what was going on; he was in that kind of a position, and so did other admirals of that day and other admirals and generals since.  They’ve all known that they either go along to get along to get promoted, which is to say that they have to disobey the Constitution of the United States, disobey their oaths and keep that as secret and clandestine and as cloaked as they are able, while making it look as if they are upholding the Constitution to the rest of the country.  In other words, they’re betraying the rest of the nation as they betrayed their fellow officers; not just me, but others also.

We have a document record which is unparalleled in the history of the Armed Forces of the United States of America since our Constitution was ratified and put into effect.  I’ve focused on the forgery of my name because you have a memo from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service that talks about the significance of that forgery.  Before we get to the memo, I’d like to bring to your attention some other documents.  The point that I’m making is that every aspect of this court-martial, which is the most examined and the most scrutinized in the history of our country, has a document record which isn’t found anyplace else.  And that’s why it represents the most examined and scrutinized:  because it’s been the most covered-up. I will focus on those documents here tonight.  They’re historic in and of themselves.

One was a handwritten memo which was submitted with a typewritten document provided to Admiral Bitoff back on November 9, 1989.  This was in the days as we’re leading up to the court-martial of Walt Fitzpatrick.  There had been a Navy Lieutenant on the U.S.S. Mars who was in charge of the Morale, Welfare and Recreation Fund at the time that we sent people to the funeral of Capt. William Nordeen, who was blown up in a car bomb attack by the terrorist group “November 17” on the 28th of June of 1988.  Fourteen months after that event, John Bitoff brought me up on court-martial charges for stealing the money that was used to send people to that funeral for Capt. William Nordeen, who was the brother of the commanding officer of the USS Mars, Michael B. Nordeen.  John Bitoff wanted me out of the Navy, and he used a made-up charge against me, one that was fabricated completely.  By the way, this is exactly the scenario that I’m seeing in the state of Tennessee:  This is how I know what I’m seeing what’s going on around me.  I’m seeing it again, now; I know exactly what I’m looking at.  What I’m saying to people is that it’s because of my experience with the military that I’m able to understand what’s going on on the civilian side, and anybody in this country stands the same kind of vulnerability as I have experienced in what we’re talking about here tonight.

An investigation into the alleged forgery of Fitzpatrick’s name on the confession resulted in an NCIS team visiting Fitzpatrick at his home in March 2005, at which time he stated that four agents threatened him.  Fitzpatrick stated that Kevin Anderson, his defense attorney for the court-martial, was “known to the NCIS” as the person who committed the forgery.  “There were other reasons I have talked about as to why they wanted to shut me up and threaten me with physical, bodily harm,” Fitzpatrick said.  He has not been able to have the record corrected.  “They know how bad this is,” he said.

Last year, The Post & Email contacted John Bitoff and Kevin Anderson and interviewed both, but neither would consent to say anything on the record.

The Chief of Naval Operations of the Joint Chiefs of Staff can be reached at:

Adm. Jonathan W. Greenert
Chief of Naval Operations
Office of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
9999 Joint Staff Pentagon
Washington, DC  20318-9999

Of his situation today, Fitzpatrick said, “I’m spreading the word.  Because people want to help, the way to see this kind of financial distress lifted off my back is to hold the government accountable for what they have done.  There are several other avenues.  This is a spark that could set fire to many directions and raise all sorts of havoc for the government at a particular moment in time when they don’t want that havoc to be raised.  It certainly doesn’t help Obama. And again, the guy who’s finding all of this out is the guy who names Obama in treason.  It all comes around full circle.  It all comes down to that one organization that the Founders gave us to protect us, to oversee a corrupt government and to punish a corrupt government:  the grand jury.  It’s been taken away from us, and that’s why we find ourselves in the position we’re in today.”

Fitzpatrick stated that if grand juries could be reconstituted to do perform their constitutional duties, “military commanders” could be arrested and put in prison.  “Can you imagine the first general who gets arrested for disobeying his oath to the Constitution?” he said.

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  1. The Zimmerman situation speaks most loudly to the loss of grand juries.
    FauxNews had a piece on this morning in which “The Judge” explained the use of a special prosecutor in bringing charges against Zimmerman. Napolitano has “crossed over”, of course, since he lost his show and is now groveling to stay on as a contributor. Most alarmingly in this piece, he did not refer to the Constitutional mandate that charges for Zimmermans crime must be brought forward by a grand jury (Amendment V). A prosecutor does not make these charges!
    So this is where we are. And if you ask, as Walt did: “Who is my accuser?”, you end up having your life ruined.
    We have arrived! “It” has happened. Now we must do the really hard work of turning it around, or not.

    “If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” – Samuel Adams