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by Sharon Rondeau

(Apr. 2, 2012) — An Obama fundraiser, Abake Assongba, has been charged with fraud, “impersonating a bank official” and email fraud regarding a charity she allegedly operates in West Africa and an expensive home in Florida despite thousands of dollars in allegedly unpaid rent and damages to former landlords.

The Huffington Post said that the charges are “creating new headaches for Obama’s re-election campaign as it deals with the questionable history of another top supporter.”  Yahoo! news, which has been known to censor information damaging to the Obama regime, opined that the Assongba matter “shows dangerous consequences for [the] Obama campaign.”

Former Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko is serving a 10.5 federal prison sentence for bribery and fraud.  Rezko was termed a “minor campaign issue for Obama” in 2008.

Assongba is one of 400 bundlers for Obama’s re-election campaign.  Obama may have to return $200,000 raised by Juan Jose Rojas Cardona, a “drug smuggler and casino czar.”  Another report states that the figure is closer to $300,000.  Cardona’s two brothers also raised money for the Democratic National Committee.

Obama’s campaign reportedly said that it checks the backgrounds of volunteer fundraisers and that nothing about Assongba’s background seem amiss.  However, The Washington Post said, “…But even a cursory look into her background reveals that Assongba does not fit the typical mold of a well-to-do bundler.”

With numerous reports of fraud and Obama’s apparent association with fraudsters, is the media turning on him?  Do they feel defrauded?

Is Obama a fraud?

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  1. Journalist, journalist? Really,com’on. I don’t mean to sound contrary, but just what MSM “journalist” could you be referring to? The meme is that they have been threatened? Booohooooo. If they, “journalist” weren’t the cheerleaders for Obama the “threat” thread might hold some credence. The complete blackout and surpression of the truth can not be solely attributed to being scared. That’s a croc. How do you explain The Lame Stream Media’s pure outright distortions and fabrication of Obama’s birth and historical narrative?
    If these “journalist” are afraid of losing their cush job, they are worse than cowards.

    Remember the “JournOlist” scandal, those approximately 400 “journalists” weren’t threatened but without a doubt are running interference and obfuscations for Obama.

    IMHO Hannity on Fox = chicken poo, on Rubio’s ineligibility…crickets, I watched the Farah interview as it happened.Hannity was mum on the eligibility issue.

    IMHO O’Reilly @ Fox = Bill “I haven’t got time” O’Reilly,to vet the putative Predident? Just a loud mouth coward that bullies anyone that disagrees with him,. FAIL! But he has time to write crappy books to enrich himself, doesn’t he. Pinhead!

    And I am writing from a position of being threatened from my employer. So don’t tell me I couldn’t understand, been there. In the recent past, I had a duty to report nefarious activites that were going on at the City in which I am employed.For telling the truth, the local newspaper ran me through the ringer and the city recommended my termination “as soon as practical”.I fought them from day one and guess what, I’m still employed. And if a threat of harm would have been made,I would have fought even harder, not cower and make excuses like the media has.

    Epic Fail on the media’s part.The Founders must be ashamed that their foresight in protecting free speech has morphed into this.
    Mrs. Rondeau replies: The article does not mention a “journalist.” To which article were you responding?

  2. Well stated gentleman! A recent story on Bill Clinton revealed that after one of Clinton’s associates was allegedly bumped off, Hillary said it was to send a message to Bill to stop referring to Obama as “the non-citizen” president. But to keep Bill extra quiet, the other side of the Dem party got a message to Bill stating that his daughter could be next and that’s why Bill stopped being “the first birther” against Obama’s ineligibility and Bill started referring to Bari as “qualified to be president”. Awful nice of him to help such a fine man! This entire facade is slowly going out of control. There are many of us waiting to see if or when prosecution and justice will be served. There are several honorable lawmen like Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the Cold Case Posse who are working hard to find more information on the usurper and team.

  3. Speaking of fraud, note that the Obama campaign has the Address verification System for online credit card donations turned off. That enables contributors to make a campaign contribution without a valid name and address – the donor can make up a name and address and the system will accept the payment.

    By intentionally disabling that system for its online campaign contributions, the Obama campaign is able to collect illegal donations from foreign locations. A Hamas terrorist in Gaza, for example, can make a donation with his credit and list a fictitious name and address and Obama will happily accept it—assuming that the Federal Election Commission will ignore the lawbreaking, as it did in 2008.

    The illegal foreign contributions should be obvious to the FEC because they typically are in odd amounts, as a result of currency exchange rates. If, for example, a French socialist donates 50 euros to the Obama campaign it will obviously not appear as $50; it will appear in the computer files as $66.61—or a bit more or less, depending on the euro-to-dollars exchange rate. (Of course, if the FEC doesn’t bother to investigate then Obama will get away with fraud – as he did in 2008.)

  4. It would be most difficult to assess the consistent deception of one barry soetero in a good light. It takes a deliberate effort for any sensible person to NOT question the character of this shady, still undocumented politician. His associations, his reluctance to reveal any past history, his lying (video proof from day one) has violated the American people. How any journalists can continue to support such fraudulent and deceptive actions is plain foolery itself. At this point of public discourse, the cover up is the obvious news of the day. The media black out on anything transparent about barry soetero only confirms with greater certainty the criminal actions.

    The stakes are high in media poker. Odds favor a breakout in whistle blowing very soon. Why? A journalist hates being silenced. The nature of the work appeals to the very freedom at the core of one’s being. If that freedom is squelched an internal revolution begins. The innate urgency to “tell the story” without pressure to compromise the truth, is the conviction of soul that cannot be contained. There are hundreds of Jake Tappers, Sean Hannitys,Lou Dobbs, etc. that are network gagged and they want freedom. The compromise within them is itself a working energy that will blow up and out as self loathing and denial accumulates to unbearable levels. The recipe for journalist heroes is in the oven of obama’s oppression. The kitchen is getting very hot.