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by Creg Maroney

Article II, Section 1, clause 5 of the U.S. Constitution states that the President must be a "natural born Citizen"

(Apr. 1, 2012) — I bring this to the attention of law-abiding, God-fearing, United States citizens.

We have been betrayed by all branches of government and my so-called Congressman, Chris Gibson, is no different.

I sent numerous First Amendment redress-of-grievance letters over a period of two years to Congressman Gibson explaining in great detail the true definition and context of “natural born Citizen.”  Not only did he ignore my request for a fair election, but when he did respond, he would answer my questions with a question I did not even ask. He would not even answer the most simple of questions, for example: “Barack Hussein Obama has confirmed he was born a dual citizen at birth. Is a dual citizen considered to be an Article ll natural born Citizen eligible for the U.S. Presidency?”

The Post & Email has published some of our corresponding emails to confirm what I say is true.

Now to prove Congressman Chris Gibson will continue to cover up this most egregious vile act against our country and what has now become the biggest election fraud crime with multiple felonies involved within the United States. I posted on Mr. Gibson’s Facebook wall the truth that he will soon coward from and delete.

Congressman Gibson will not represent the Constitutional facts. He does not know the definition of “natural born Citizen,” which is required to run for the office of the United States Presidency. He says nothing about a person sitting in the Oval Office with now proven forged vital records, including but not limited to a Selective Service registration card, who is signing bills into law such as the NDAA. He has dishonored his oath to Protect and Defend The United States Constitution. He has put our country in great danger.

For this reason I’m calling for the resignation of Congressman Chris Gibson.

You, Mr. Gibson, are part of the biggest fraud perpetrated upon the citizens of the United States. You will continue the cover-up by deleting my post; however, you will not delete the truth.

View Congressman Chris Gibson’s Facebook wall here.

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  1. They are all covering up to keep their paychecks. My previous writing was “blacklisted” since maybe I told too much truth. Three years ago many of us tried to tell America what was happening and NO ONE listened. It will be interesting to see what will continue to happen. In the mean time, it looks like the media will continue to make lots of money on all the hype and business as usual will be the word of the day. Better brush up on your Kuran’s, you may soon be “violating” Sharia Law!