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by Miss Jane Marple, ©2012

(Mar. 29, 2012) — According to The Chicago Tribune obituary written by Jo Napolitano dated June 12, 2007, Thomas G. Ayers “spent the last three years living with his once-estranged son,” Bill Ayers.  Although Thomas G. Ayers was “battling Parkinson’s disease,” he was “talking up until the day before he died.”   According to the obituary, Thomas G. Ayers is placed living with Bill and Bernardine from 2004 until his death in 2007.  The Bill Ayers home at 1329 E. 50th Street is located within easy walking distance to the University of Chicago in the Hyde Park area of Chicago.

Bill and Bernardine purchased this home (APN-t# 20-11-212-024) with a recorded date on the deed of May 27, 1994.

To think Thomas G. Ayers spent the last three years of his life talking away in the very same home that was used to wine and dine an entourage of Chicago-style political “movers and shakers” during the political launch party for Barack Obama in 1995.  The party for Barack Obama was hosted by Bill Ayers  for his bid at the Illinois Senate vacancy made available by Senator Alice Palmer.

I wonder if Thomas G. Ayers attended the Barack Obama coming-out party?

I also wonder what Thomas G. Ayers was talking about “up until the day he passed?”

Seeing that Thomas G. Ayers and his wife, Mary, had five children, the mere fact that Thomas G Ayers choose to live with the “baby of the family,” Bill, and his wife Bernardine in his last years of life as opposed to living with one of his less controversial children leads me to believe that Bill Ayers was, indeed, the “chosen-Number One Son” and not the disreputable “black sheep” of the Ayers family who has thoughts and actions that tend to go “against the grain” of the family.

Oh, wait, maybe I am wrong on both counts.  Maybe Bill Ayers is neither the “Chosen, Number one Son” nor the “Black Sheep” of the family. Maybe I should have used the phase coined by Jessica Mitford to describe herself and called him the “Red Sheep of the family.”

I just hope that Barack Obama was able to stop by the Hyde Park-area Chicago, Illinois home to listen to the stories Thomas G. Ayers seemed to enjoy telling and to thank him one last time for the help he provided “putting a foreigner through school” as reported by the senior Ayers postman, Allen Hulton.

If Obama chose not to stop over, he really should have tried to drop in for at least a quick chat. With the life experiences of a person like Thomas G. Ayers, he surely could have been a big help to Obama with his political aspirations as well as with the upcoming 2004 Democratic Convention. Thomas G. Ayers surely had a robust arsenal of political connections, an introduction to which Obama could have benefited.  In fact, they already had one connection in common, and that is David Axelrod.

I wonder if Obama knew that Thomas G. Ayers sat on the board of The Chicago Tribune in Chicago, seeing that David Axelrod was a writer for them in the 1980s.  In fact, David Axelrod and Casey Banas are authors on an article published in The Chicago Tribune dated April 16, 1980 which reports on the controversial appointment by then-Mayor Jane Byrne of Thomas G. Ayers to the new Chicago Public School Board.

The reason it was controversial was the fact that Thomas G. Ayers did not meet the three-year residence requirement the City of Chicago has in place in order to serve on the board.  You see, even though Thomas Ayers had two homes, one in the suburbs and one in the city, all of his identification and mail were going to the suburban address and not the city address.  And to think that David Axelrod was the one reporting on this appointment!  In light of Barack Obama still having questions about his identification paperwork, it would appear that his political strategist, the same David Axelrod, still will have to devise a plan moving forward on how to properly address this issue to the satisfaction of the American public.

Will he suggest that Obama concede, as Thomas G. Ayers did in 1980, to avoid board discourse, or continue the Alinsky model and “rub the sores raw?”

Only time will tell what maneuvering we can expect out of Chicago.  All I know for sure is that I will keep watching this channel to see what happens next.  Stay tuned.

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