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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

If Obama's long-form birth certificate is a forgery, why are people still defending him?

(Mar. 26, 2012) — My prognosis is “Guarded,” which is really a step up from where I was when my conversation with an Obot was concluded. Forget facts, forget common sense, forget the obvious government agencies which haven’t done the task for which they were created.  Disregard the ongoing destruction of our country: Obama is POTUS and case closed. It’s a done deal. Get over it. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his Cold Case Posse are wasting their time; don’t you know the courts ruled in Obama’s favor?

But it gets worse; I kid you not. This Obot said that if I were in the military now I’d go AWOL. Here’s a news flash: if I were in the military today, some Navy ship would go down in history for being America’s version of the Potemkin; I kid you not.

Allow me to review what put me in shock. First of all, Obots believe that Obama was born in Hawaii, completely ignoring the fact that the two birth documents that have been put forward are fakes, and they conveniently ignore the irrefutable evidence that prove that they are frauds.

Secondly, Obots believe that we have two dominant political parties in the U.S., the Democrats and the Republicans. They cannot fathom that there is but one political party, the Federal Reserve Party, and, since they can’t answer the question why Democrats and Republicans share equal billing in the Vatican Slush Fund, they ignore the facts from Rome.

Thirdly, they refer to illegal immigrants as just being “immigrants,” and can’t comprehend the meaning of “illegal” as in “breaking the law.” They also see Muslims as being “religious” and see no danger in Sharia Law, while ignoring “honor killings” and accompanying atrocities being done by “a few fanatics.”  They believe in the fallacy of the “moderate Muslim.”

Fourthly, Obots see no comparison of Hitler and Nazi Germany. They see no relation between the Joseph Goebbles propaganda machine and today’s White House control of the mainstream media.

So what’s the deal with the Obots? Well, I’ll tell you. It’s called selective belief, a method of accepting conditions as being irrefutable, and the inherent ability to filter out all facts that could possibly change a person’s mind or, perhaps, cloud the issue by introducing doubt in their conclusions. While Hanoi Jane was being photographed sitting in an anti-aircraft gun in North Vietnam, North Vietnamese were conducting unspeakable tortures in South Vietnamese villages. Liberalism is a delusional disease that fools the brain into believing that altruism, the need to do good, is more important than being distracted by opposing facts: Obama not being eligible to hold the office of president is a case in point.

There is no changing the mind of an Obot. “I voted for Obama and I will vote for him again in 2012.” Well, maybe some judge in America will follow the law and rule that Obama was never vetted, that by failing to produce a valid birth certificate, he cannot prove that he qualifies to be president under the requirements of the Constitution; what then, Mr. Obot, when Obama’s name is absent from the ballot? Make up excuses as you go along; that’s what the media did when North Vietnam rolled into the South: not one word about the executions in the streets by the Viet Cong, nor the hundred of thousands of South Vietnamese sent to “re-education camps.

I conclude that it’s a complete waste of time to make the effort to point out the facts of life to an Obot. Not being aware of the danger, being delusional to the real outcome of such a threatening regime is the epitome of denial. The trouble is, of course, while taking themselves and their families down, they’re making it doubly hard for the rest of us to maintain any chance of surviving this Constitutional crisis.


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  1. About a year ago I somehow got added to the cc list of a small group of people that includes both conservatives and leftists. As time has passed it has been amazing to observe how the Obots in the group have become more crazed. From day one they always used profanity and insults, rather than logical arguments, but over the last few months their minimal grasp of reality has become even more tenuous. They distort every statement made by others; they cry “racist” or “Nazi” at virtually every disagreement; and they cannot let go of George W. Bush. They have even started to claim that what we all know to be bad (the rising price of gasoline) is actually good. And, of course, “the Jooz” control everything. To see the deterioration of their brains in real time has been stunning. Now toss the Trayvon Martin killing into the mix. They seem absolutely thrilled to have “a cause” to use against anyone who is not a liberal or who lives south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

    It is going to be a a long summer…