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by Sharon Rondeau

Facebook was started by four Harvard students and is a privately-owned company (Image from Wikipedia)

(Mar. 19, 2012) — Facebook played a significant role in Obama’s 2008 election campaign, but he reportedly does not allow his daughters to maintain a presence on the social media website because he “doesn’t want strangers knowing our business.”

Obama had “actively courted” those with a Facebook presence to become “part of the ground troops” during his campaign.

Current owner and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, conducted an online “town hall” interview last April just days before the release of Obama’s purported long-form birth certificate from Hawaii.  To date, no one from the Aloha State has come forward to say that he or she attended the birth, and no hospital there claims that he was born there.

The other co-founder, Chris Hughes, recently purchased left-leaning “The New Republic” after being hired to conduct “direct online organising” for Obama’s 2008 campaign.   An article written during the height of the campaign claimed that Obama “won” Facebook.  A link to Obama’s Facebook page from 2008 is now broken.  His current Facebook presence displays a placard which says  “APPROVED,” and underneath the date “March 23, 2010” with Obama’s signature below it.  The health care bill was signed on March 23, 2010.

Facebook held a fundraiser last fall for Obama, and the social network has assumed a central role in his re-election campaign.

There is also a Facebook page for those wishing to defeat Obama in November.

What is it that Obama doesn’t want people to know?  What might his daughters know that he doesn’t want the public to know?

Obama told the press that he didn’t want strangers “prying” into family affairs.  To which affairs is he referring?

Obama said that he wants his daughters to wait four years before using Facebook.  What is significant about their being “four years older?”  Another source stated that the children had to reach age 18 to open a Facebook account.

An Obama-friendly “news” source called Obama’s daughters a “priceless political asset in an election year.”

If re-elected, Obama would be at the end of his second term in four years.  His constitutional eligibility has been challenged in numerous states, and his birth certificate and Selective Service registration card have been labeled forgeries by a Cold Case Posse working with the Maricopa County, AZ Sheriff’s Office.  He has also been accused of Social Security fraud by Atty. Orly Taitz of California.


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  1. Treason, Perjury and Election Fraud. How long will it take? LTCDR Walt Fitzpatrick and other military officers have been punished for standing up for the Constitution. Soon, the same people that have been hiding and sneaking around will be affected when civil war will cause them to be targets and all the work they did to fight the people that have been trying to do the right thing will come back to them to do justice. America will soon be seeing a new day in just a few months as Obama passes more constraining laws to benefit his power.

  2. He won’t let them see the truth, that he is not liked by the majority and is in fact lying to them. As Dan Greenfield points out in his article http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/45369 that in four years they will be as corrupt and morally bankrupt as he is. By then they will follow him simply because to not do so would destroy all that they know and destroy the only love they know as well. I pity them and hope they find refuge in knowing that truth is a manifestation of love not the parental focus on manufacturing children in the image of ones own selfish pursuits. Children are resilient and they will reach out. Someone better be ready to help them when they do. We have too many Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorhns already.