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by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III

Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III has described the Monroe County jail as "medieval"

(Mar. 20, 2012) — [Editor’s Note:  The Post & Email spoke with Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III on March 19 about grand juries in Tennessee, Obama’s latest executive order (National Defense Resources Preparedness), his charges of treason against Obama and next court date scheduled for March 26.  Fitzpatrick is also awaiting the outcome of a police investigation for a crime or crimes committed against him while he was incarcerated which have made his situation following nearly 18 weeks of “sleeping on a concrete floor” more difficult, both financially and physically.  So as not to jeopardize the work of the police, The Post & Email will refrain from reporting on the incident(s) until the investigation is complete.

In January, Fitzpatrick was evicted without cause from the house he rented while incarcerated in the Monroe County jail.  The landlords delivered a letter to the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, and a deputy took it to Fitzpatrick, who was in solitary confinement in Cell #9.  The landlords cited “uncontrollable circumstance” as the reason for the eviction, which appears to have violated Tennessee state law.  Fitzpatrick’s rent was paid ahead of time, and provisions to pay the electricity bill while he was in jail had been made.  The landlady had previously told The Post & Email that in regard to Fitzpatrick, she “couldn’t ask for a better tenant.”

Conditions in the jail have been reported to state authorities and described as “horrendous.”  The Post & Email was told several weeks ago that the present Monroe County jail will most likely be ordered closed.

Since his release on February 9, Fitzpatrick has been under a doctor’s care for his diabetes, and he has a full physical exam scheduled this week.  He has reported dizzy spells, fatigue, and high stress from his time in the jail, during which he had to physically protect himself from inebriated inmates who were placed in the same cell with him without warning.  He told The Post & Email that he went without his diabetes medication for 30 days while he waited for his veterans’ benefits to cover it following his release.  He stated that the jail nurses had told the jailers to give him five days’ worth of medication to give him time to have a prescription filled but that that that did not occur.

Because Cell #9 has no windows or light coming in, Fitzpatrick said that he lost his sense of night and day while in the jail.  He said he is “running at about 25%” of his normal mental ability and still has pain in his left shoulder after seeing a chiropractor several times.  A “decreased ability to concentrate” is a side effect of high blood sugar.]

Today Fitzpatrick reported:

I learned Saturday that Joe Riley, who was grand jury foreman in McMinn County for many years, is not the grand jury foreman today.  I don’t know who the grand jury foreman is in Monroe County; I’ll find out next Monday if not beforehand.  But there’s a trend here.  In other words, we’ve been right about this foreman thing all along.  Mr. Riley isn’t there, and Mr. Pettway is gone, and Marsha Crabtree is gone in Hamilton County.  I don’t know how much farther this phenomenon extends throughout the state of Tennessee, but we were right, and the government of Tennessee recognized that they’ve been caught.  So this is a very, very big deal.  Mr. Riley is not the grand jury foreman now.  Mr. Pettway is not the foreman because they’ve been caught.

There was a sporting event, a rivalry of some kind, down here in the South within the lats couple of years.  One of the schools – Google “poisoned trees” and “football” and you’ll come across the story – one of the supporters of the other side came to the campus, which had beautiful, huge trees that had been around for 100 years of longer and were a very significant landmark.  This guy poisoned the trees as a message to the other side, a prank of sorts.  Then he bragged about it on the internet.  He is in jail right now.  They went after him.  I don’t remember if it is a state or federal crime or both, but they went after this guy and arrested him for poisoning the trees that he bragged about on the internet.

There is another reason why this came to my observation.  Barton Gellman lied in that TIME Magazine piece (page 2).  I’ve sent you the email that I sent to Pam Sohn, who works for the Chattanooga Times Free Press.  She asked me about the article that was published, and I didn’t know anything about it.  Barton Gellman never came to me or talked to me.  He never interviewed me; he never did anything to vet what he wrote in TIME Magazine, which is an out-and-out lie.  In the same paragraph, he mentioned “Darren Huff and Walter Fitzpatrick” as being the two guys who went in to arrest a legitimate grand jury foreman.  Well, tying these events together, Mr. Riley was not a legitimate grand jury foreman, and he’s not the grand jury foreman this year.  Mr. Pettway wasn’t the foreman, properly installed, as we’ve discussed; Gellman said he was.  Well, Pettway is not the grand jury foreman in 2012, either; his last year was 2010.  What Gellman wrote was a complete lie, which has now been given up by the government, which is to say that they are actually recognizing the fact that these foremen have not been in the positions they’ve been in properly; they’ve been there illegally.

So Gellman lied.  His story was never properly, journalistically researched, and he needs to be held to account for that in whatever way that that happens.  We have one evidence after the next that Mr. Pettway was never properly a foreman; neither was Mr. Riley or Ms. Crabtree.  Who knows who else has been removed from that position because they’ve been caught?

I’m writing a letter to Judge Varlan, who is going to sentence Darren Huff on April 3, to say that Darren is innocent; he didn’t do anything wrong, and there’s no evidence that he did.  And to tie this together with the story about the poisoned trees, the man who is responsible for inciting that response back on April 20, 2010…the guy who poisoned the trees told us what he did.  Mr. Bryan bragged about it on the internet, and instead of going after him, as they did with this guy who poisoned the trees, they left Mr. Bryan untouched so that they can lock up an innocent guy like Darren Huff – all part of Obama’s takeover of our government.  People who are trying to stand up and fight back against Mr. Obama are getting the kind of treatment that I received and that Darren has received.  The reason Darren is locked up now is to disabuse anyone who might be a veteran who would do something to defend the Constitution, because the same thing is going to happen to them as what happened to Huff and Fitzpatrick.

And with that kind of fear instilled in the American people, Mr. Obama, this last Friday or Saturday, signed an executive order that in peacetime, he can take over anything he wants.  Sharon, that’s treason.  The question comes:  “When your government breaks the law, what do you do about it?”  In fact, I’m pulling out a book right now entitled The Ambushed Grand Jury.  I’ve written to the publisher to see if they’re still in business.  On page 11, it says, “What happens when citizens investigate the crimes of their own government?”  Well, you see what is happening now when citizens not only investigate, but come up with results and then try to act upon them lawfully, which is to effect things like a citizen’s arrest to put a stop to it and petition to get in front of a jury – I’ve tried to do that for three years and I’ve been obstructed – this is what happens when citizens take up the issue of crimes in government.

That executive order isn’t getting any news today; it’s on the internet, but it’s not being publicized anywhere else.  I know about it – and I don’t even have a computer.  His signing an executive order like that is treason in pure form.  If I had all my equipment, I could put together a letter saying, “I’m charging you with treason for that…”


Editor’s Note:  The remainder of Fitzpatrick’s interview will be continued in a subsequent article.

The Post & Email has reason to believe that “William L. Bryan” is an alias and that information disseminated about him on the internet is purposely misleading.


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  1. The overriding theme from the fedgov in both the Mr. Fitz and Darren issues seems to be a case of using them as examples to further the fedgov agenda of intimidation. The message is, if you challenge los federales you’ll go to jail, for a long time. The FBI plays on this theme with their incessant “interviews” of citizens who are involved in support of others who challenge the “system”.

    The FBI is playing a covert role in the intimidation process with their assumed support of the judicial corruption in Monroe County. It is a valid assumption that they support the corruption because they have made no effort to stop it, but rather have gone to great lengths to block the efforts of those who do attempt to stop it.

    More of the intimidation tactics of Big Sis using the FBI as her strong arm will be seen in the ongoing “investigation” of the Neighborhood Watch shooter in Sanford, FL. The libtard press in Florida will spin the details such that we will never know exactly what happened but what is happening is that the FBI and DOJ are on the scene and on the job.

    This is a Florida Castle Law issue and does not concern the feds. They are to respect the 2nd Amendment and not to infringe on a citizen’s right to bear arms. But the feds will get involved and make a big issue of “guns”, thereby intimidating citizens who carry weapons. And the bottom line is that only that testimony that demeans the shooter and Florida’s Castle law will be brought forth when the shooter is inevitably brought to trial.

    Note that the feds made a lot of press out of the fact that guns were involved in Darren’s case even though he was well within his rights according to the law to have them. But also note that no testimony was given by the FBI pertaining to any of the interviews they conducted of the “riot” participants in April of 2010. Reason: everyone they interviewed told them there was no riot or potential for one.

    Folks say it is time to make a stand. One of the stands to make is to stop buying into the intimidation b.s. from the feds.