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by Dwight Kehoe, blogging at TPath

(Mar. 19, 2012) — Obama has done some very scary things and made some frightening statements over the past four years as he has moved from relative obscurity into a position where he has begun his promise to fundamentally change America.

The Executive Order, which has been misused and abused by every President from the very beginning, starting with George Washington, but none have done so with the outrageous arrogance and impunity of the present one.

As many of you know, the term Executive Order does not appear in the Constitution.  It has been derived form the term Executive Power.  This was meant to give the relative power of the presidency to write executive orders for the Executive Branch.  Not to give one man, and one third of the government, power over the other two, and with it, the entire population.

Congress and the Supreme Court had better get their heads out of the dark recesses where they have planted them and stop this Executive Branch from making them nothing more than over paid debating societies.

The complicit news media, by refusing to report on anything detrimental to Obama, from eligibility, to forgeries and most importantly his quick and methodical dismantling of our Constitution, if history serves as any indicator,  will be the first group to feel the wrath of a Marxist government.

At this point we need to revisit world history.  In particular,  Socialist, Marxist and Communist governments.  As historians look back at the successes of these regimes, what can be tallied?  Have they made life prosperous or enhanced freedoms for their people?  Everyone, even they, know the answer to that question.

What they are good at and very good at, is controlling their people and staying in power, at any cost. Any cost!  They do this by keeping the people uneducated, uninformed, unarmed and living in fear.

For those that have gone to public schools during the past few decades there is not enough space or time to describe even a small portion of misery and death leftist governments have wrought.

No other form of government has so callously and mercilessly murdered its own citizens.  Hundreds upon hundreds of millions of the world’s people have been exterminated in the vile determination to keep and hold power.  The blood of its people is the lubricant of its power.

Where have we seen this voracious struggle to hold power?  Not only in the larger and more potentially economic areas of the world, like China, Germany and the old Soviet Union, but we have seen it in the smallest and under developed countries in the world from Viet Nam, Laos, Nicaragua, North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba.  The list is long and deadly.

Now, if these leftist, socialist, Marxist and Communist governments have stopped at nothing to hold onto power in these miniscule and relatively unimportant countries, what, may God help us, would they do to keep and maintain control over the largest and most powerful country the world has ever seen?

Will they “Willy Nilly” walk into an election that they know they can’t win and thereby hand back to the people the most coveted prize any leftist government has ever sunk its talons into?

History has the answer and its a resounding NO!

Will they take the chance that cheating, voting by the dead and the illegal or through ballot manipulation, will keep them in power? Another NO!

Since no President has ever been voted out of office during a major conflict, starting a war at the proper time just might be enough, in their view, to be reelected and then have another set of four years to secure its perpetual control.

Then there are these questions:
1. Why has the power grid been placed on the edge of collapse?
2. Why have 100’s of power plants been closed?
3. Why have permits for oil drilling been ceased to almost nothing?
4. Why has oil from Canada been halted?
5. Why has FEMA been building “camps”?
6. Why has the “Patriot Act” been changed to possibly allow the internment of American citizens?
7. Why was this last executive order giving the power to the executive branch to declare “Martial Law” even in peace time?
8. What has Obama been doing to create his “Civilian Security Force”?
9. Why have they worked so hard to get weapons out of the hands of Americans? (Mexican Drug Lords excepted)

A breakdown of the county’s power grid would create havoc, desperation, death and a collapse of social services.  The only answer, we would be told, would be “Peace Time Martial Law” and the temporary cancellation of the Constitution and thereby the November election.

If all this sounds like some  crackpot “black helicopter” or Chicken Little conspiracy theory, you may be right.  But there is just too much history for us to ignore all the pieces that are falling into place.

Congress and the Judicial Branch, why are they not concerned?

News media, you have been given special rights under our Constitution. Will you take on that responsibility before you lose it?

These three groups had better wake up and do their duties to protect the freedom and Democracy of this great Republic.

“We The People” make up a fourth group and they will do what needs to be done.  Let’s pray that need never arrives.

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  1. A Terrific Article Dwight Kehoe… truly SAYS IT LIKE IT IS. Unfortunately most-all of the Media and virtually all of Congress have stopped listening to “We The People” and have become 100% Mindless OBOTS. This in turn allows our schools and universities to become Communist, Marxist, Socialist training camps and our youth to become smash and grab, lethargic, un-employed, un-Godly OBOTS themselves. We are going down an ever steepening path towards our total destruction, which if left to continue – will permanently eliminate any opportunity for escape. To further explore where we are going and how to prevent this tragedy grab a copy of the book advertised top right on this page “Life on Planet Earth”. You will be glad you did !

  2. I implore everyone to be prepared. We still have the 2nd Amendment to protect us. Hopefully we will not need to take full advantage of the 2nd Amendment, but every freedom loving God fearing person in this country needs to put on the armor of God.

  3. ““We The People” make up a fourth group and they will do what needs to be done. Let’s pray that need never arrives.”

    We the People as in: “WE THE PEOPLE of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, . . .” are not the “fourth” group. They are the first group and have the ultimate authority and responsibility to preserve the Union that they formed.

    And furthermore the time to preserve the Union has arrived, or did arrive, and now is the time to do what needs to be done. It isn’t a case of hoping it will never happen. It did!

    The People in their citizens grand juries is the fourth branch of government. Perhaps it is time to revisit this system and resurrect it to serve the Peoples needs. Walt Fitzpatrick has sacrificed his health and fortune in this effort. Perhaps it is time for others to join this effort in their communities?

    When was the last time you confronted your duly elected good man and true representative? Perhaps it is time for us to do some of that and make them an offer while we are there, i.e. perform according to the law of the Constitution or loose your job.

    We live in tyranny but are far from anarchy. It is a matter of good folks standing up for the Constitution. Standing up, being the operative phrase.