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by Todd Sweet, ©2012

Sweet believes that if a person breaks the law, he or she is demeaning the soldiers who have sworn an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution and possibly died defending it

(Mar. 16, 2012) — Editor’s Note:  The following letter was written by Todd Sweet on December 9, 2011 and begins to describe his experiences with prosecutors within the Tenth Judicial District of Tennessee who, working with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department, attempted to use Sweet to “con a man to cover who really killed…” [stated in a subsequent letter to be published in the near future].   Sweet alleges that jury-rigging has been committed by the judges of Monroe County, which has been corroborated by Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III and others who have had dealings with the judiciary there. He mentions Gary Pettway, the grand jury foreman of 27 or more years, who was never properly appointed.

Public corruption and a deeply-ingrained drug culture have been reported in other areas of Tennessee.  Recently the Tennessee General Assembly has been debating altering the Court of the Judiciary, which is tasked with reviewing judicial complaints but composed of a majority of judges and lawyers.  A very small percentage of complaints results in censure or some other disciplinary action.  Fitzpatrick, who met Sweet while in the Monroe County jail, was told by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) that a judge could not be investigated for corruption unless ordered so by the District Attorney General.

Last month, Sweet was moved from the Morgan County Correctional Complex to the South Central Correctional Center in Clifton, TN.  Almost immediately, he and a cellmate expressed fear for their safety due to what they said was a violation of law by the facility’s lack of adequate cameras in the cells.  Sweet described the new facility, which is operated by a private company, as “an absolute war zone.”  The Post & Email had contacted the SCCC about the letters received from both inmates but never received a response.

In an earlier letter, Sweet compared Monroe County, TN to “a town in Cuba.”  He described infectious conditions within the jail as well as Cell #9, used for inmates who are brought in drunk, and where Walter Fitzpatrick was kept for nearly 18 consecutive weeks although not deemed a threat to the community.

Sweet has also accused Monroe County court officials of mail theft and ignoring a report regarding an individual’s possession of explosives, thereby placing the public at great risk.  While an inmate in the Monroe County jail, Sweet was used by a prosecutor and the Sheriff’s Department to elicit information from another inmate, John Edward Dawson.  Sheriff Bill Bivens reportedly said at the time that “he did not see a problem” with the “scheme.”  The detective who instigated the plan, Pat Henry, is mentioned in a letter recently received by The Post & Email in which Sweet wrote, “Mr. Henry gave me voice recorders to bring into the cell among other things to get the confession.”

Sweet told The Post & Email that his goal is “to get this country, starting with Monroe County Tennessee, back to God.”  Here, he maintains that “God always wins.”  His letter reads:

Does it make sense if I told you that the men and women who have served, do serve, and will serve in the military or as law enforcement officers, did, do and will serve to protect the rights given to us in the United States Constitution?  The Declaration of Independance” [sic] The Federal and State law of our land?

Is that not the reason for military personel [sic] and law enforcement agents?

I believe it is.

I broke the laws of three states.  Though I didnt [sic] think of it at the time I was essentially spitting on every grave of every dead U.S. Serviceman or woman in Arlington Cemetary [sic].  Every officer of the law.

I have repented.  God has forgave [sic] me.  I am truly sorry for disrespecting not only the fallen U.S. servicemen and women and law enforcement officers but all the present ones as well.

The laws of our land were made and protected so that justice prevails.  So that we dont [sic] implode ourselves as a nation.

So.  If you, I or anyone violates the laws of the Constitution or any law, we essentially spit on those that protect us Correct? [sic]

I believe so.

Now let me tell you a brief story.

In 2009 I was tried for theft of over 10,000.00 [sic].  After the state and my attorney closed the jury went off to a room to deliberate.  To come to a decision of my guilt or innocense [sic].  After just a very short time the jury sent out a question to Judge Carroll Ross.  The question was simple and had been covered sufficiently during the trial.  Though the answer was just a refresher of facts and had the potential to aid in an aquittal [sic], the Ross [sic] declined to answer the question and said to them…”You must rely on your recollection of the facts @ trial.”

That is a decent answer.  Had the individual jurors taken notes or been paying adequate attention the simple question would not have had to be [sic] asked.  So, no harm done.  Not Ross’s fault but the jurors [sic].  Im [sic] not complaining.


Because, a judge cannot be a party to or influence a jury.  Simple and right.

Now please remember that fact.  “Not a party to or influence of a jury.”  Fact #1

Now.  Let us delve into equal protection for a moment.  Lets [sic] say…womens [sic] rights discrimination.  Would it be fair if I did not allow women to work for me?  Better yet…not allow no women [sic] lawyers in a county.  No women boxers in sports?  No women mechanics?  How about this…

Women are not allowed to vote.

Oh, my bad, this issue has already been addressed hasn’t it? [sic]

The Constitution.  Federal and State laws have undoubtedly been put into place to protect women from discrimination as well as protect men from always haveing [sic] men decide all issues.

Fact #2.  Makes sense right? [sic] Now remember that – along with the fact that my first point is judges cant [sic] “be a party to, or influence a jury.”

You following?  Good.

Now lets [sic] get into some law.  My absolute favorite subject aside from my children and God.  T.C.A. (Tennessee Code Annotated) 22-1-101 as ound @ Westlaw.com

“It is policy of this State that all qualified citizens have an obligation to serve on petit juries or grand juries when summoned by the courts (judges) of this state, unless excused.  Every person eighteen (18) years of age, being a citizen of the United States, and a resident of this state, and of the County in which the person may be summoned for jury service for a period of twelve (12) months next preceding the date of the summons, is legally qualified to act as a grand or petit juror, if not otherwise incompetent under the express provisions of this title.

So.  Suffice it to say that every man or woman the age of 18, no matter what race has the right and is fully expected to be able to serve on any jury for 12 months provided they live in the county and state where the service is ordered (where they vote) and is not otherwise deemed to be incompetent or “not legally disqualified to do so  Fact #3. [sic]

Now, before I get into an “express provision of this Title” let me define “incompetent” as found in the most basic simple dictionary I can find.  Ah.  Her we are…For the record.

Merriam-Webster’s Intermediate Dictionary says…

“in-com-pe-tent\(1) in – ‘käm – pet – ent\adj.

1:  Not legally qualified.

You still follow?

So, for further study We the People must identify an issue that would “dis-qualify” an individual from having the right or expectation of being on a Grand or any jury if we dont [sic] want someone on it or we dont [sic] want to be on it.  So lets [sic] look…

Here we are.  A legal and lawful reason to disqualify or deem a person or self “incompetent under the express provisions of this title.”

Again.  Westlaw.com

T.C.A. §22-2-314 states..”A juror who has completed a jury service term shall not be summoned to serve another jury service term in any court of this state for a period of twenty-four (24) months following the last day of such service, however, the County legislative body of any County may, by majority vote, extend the twenty-four month period.”

Not shorten the 24 months but extend.

So.  Fact #4 in our growing list of facts is simple.  A person is not “legally qualified to act as a Grand or petit juror for more than 12 months.  After 12 months of jury service an individual is deemed “incompetent under the express provisions of this title.”

One individual cannot serve consecutive terms on any Tennessee jury.  Period.  By Tennessee law.

Now lets [sic] go foreward [sic].

Fact #5 is that a judge must appoint, with a legitimate appointing order, a grand jury foreman.

Fact #6 the Grand Jury foreman is to make an oath to act honorably and swear to the truth and this is ‘proofed’ [sic] with the appointing order.

So now in view of the facts that have been laid before you lets look @ another set of facts…

Gary D. Pettway has been standing in as Monroe County grand jury foreman for the last 28 years.

Gary D. Pettway has no appointing order on record proofing [sic] his oath to act honorably and swear to tell the truth.

Gary D. Pettway was put in this position by Monroe County judges.

Gary D. Pettway, by acting or fictitious by acting in as grand jury foreman for 28 years has taken away others [sic] right to serve as grand jury foreperson.  Women or men.

How about we go ahead and let 12 year olds serve as jury forepersons?  How about people outside the County? Country?

Why not?  Because the laws of T.C.A. §22-1-101 say its [sic] not allowed?

Well then [sic] what gives the same person the right to serve more than 12 months as [sic] on any jury let alone as the most important person on that jury?  Its [sic] all in violation of the same law.

And do not forget that a judge is not supposed to implant his 2 cents into the equasion [sic].  But they did.  They let Gary Pettway slide for 28 years.

Wait, theres [sic] more.

How on earth did a Court Clerk allow 28 years of the jury being rigged?  That is an entirely new “can of worms,” for a lack of a more appropriate cliché.

I am vexed @ this injustice – the blatant disregard for the law by the law.

Have I explained this situation clearly enough that common sense allows understanding?  I hope so.

I have accepted full responsibility of and for my actions.  I expect others to do the same.  In essence, a woman could sue Monroe County for discrimination.  Heck, any person that is a registered voter can. And win!  Because by rigging the grand jury foreperson’s spot for 28 years or more, a “competent” and “qualified” citizen could and should have been given the opportunity to be in Pettways [sic] position.  If the judges were following the law — I would have zip-zero to complaint of here.

Now what of the District assistant attorney general Stutts? [sic]

Corrupt in this or not?

Lets [sic] again look to facts.

At the time of my case Stutts was Mayor of Sweetwater, TN.

He also sat on my case with Rush as the D.A.

That doesnt [sic] mean squat huh? [sic]

Now what do you say when I tell you that Stutts, while prosecuteing [sic] me, during the course of my trial, relied on me to help him solve the Troy Green homicide.

Stutts, calling me a piece of garbage one sentence, relies on me to solve his offices [div] homicide mess up [sic].

When I begin to back pedal [sic] – he threatens to bury my co-defendant.

Do I scare?  Nope.  Instead I stand for whats [sic] rights and give the homicide suspect all information needed to reverse his conviction.

And the Appeals court agreed.  Funny things is that Stutts placed blame on the middle men [sic] of the Sheriffs [sic] office when Stutts himself was the corrupt one.

Here Monroe County citizens are saying I deserve to “hang” and “burn @ the stake” yet their D.A. (whom [sic] is paid by citizens [sic] tax dollars) is hireing [sic] me to act as an Agent of the Sherrifs [sic] department and solve a murder.  Stutt’s [sic] doing, not the Sherriffs [sic] department alone.

Attorney General (in this case Bebb) is the Commander.  The judges act below that or equal.  The D.A.’s are “officers” or order givers.  The Cops on the street are their soldiers.

Deniability wont [sic] work in the long run.  Why not?

Because God sees whats up, reads yours and my heart and mind and judges us.  Cant [sic] hide the truth from God can we? [sic]

America began in 1776 with the declaration:  “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”  Within 50 years some states had more slaves than free men.

When the Constitution was framed in 1787 it was allowable to own a slave though it was contrary to the Declaration of Independence.

It took the intervention of God, a Civil war and a Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution to establish freedom for all.

God is going, has begun to intervene now.  Where?  When?

Now.  Your [sic] reading it.  No different than intervention to straighten the drug abuser or the alcoholic, I call for the intervention of the corrupt, power hungry man and woman that is in the position God appointed yet corrupts the laws.  These people are their acts are no less destroying us the people and our society than that of me or the other hundreds of thousands of incarcerated men and women in penal institutions right now.

To make the Pettway issue more easily understood, would you think it okay that one man or women [sic] sat on every single jury that was tried in Monroe County for 28 years?

If a judge came and said to you during your jury selection;

Hey, you have picked your jury and alternate jurors.  Now Im [sic] sending one home and putting my own man in your trial jury

Would it not be unfair, unconstitutional and a blatant travesty of the laws?

Point made.  Point taken?  Clear enough?

Your jury was just rigged.  By a judge.

Every indictment signed by Pettway for 28 years was rigged.

If we allow this — spit on those and those peoples [sic] graves who protect our freedom.  Spit at the law enforcers who do their jobs with right judgement and honor.

People often ask if I hid any money from my alleged scams.

I can only say this in response:  if I did and God allowed me to keep it, I promise each cent will go to the re-birth of Monroe County.

God cant [sic] resurrect someone or some place (anything) that hasnt [sic] died.  That hasnt [sic] surpassed their or its own understanding and willingness to admit its [sic] at rock bottom.  Psalm 51;17.  Monroe County and others are about to begin their resurrection.

For they are at the bottom of the pit.  And my prayers are on them.

My prayers always get Gods [sic] attention.  Always.

So to the ones whom [sic] spit on the laws they are sworn to uphold….

Good luck at holding on to your worldly corrupt hearts and practices.

Because God always wins.

Next time…

God bless you all.

©Dec. 9, 2011 by Todd Joseph Sweet

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