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by Dr. Laurie Roth, Presidential Candidate, ©2012

Do Americans want to devolve into serfs as existed in czarist Russia? Are we there already?

(Mar. 14, 2012) — With Obama, we have seen the United States of America wrenched and yanked into Marxism and fascism. We have seen our moral base, achievements and world leadership viciously assaulted. We are quickly being cut down to size…Obama’s size, which is pathetically small and insignificant.

Our country is tilting on the edge of a Marxist cliff, ready to fall to its death unless some ‘fearless’ ideas and leadership pull it back in the other direction…and quickly.

Dr. Laurie Roth is the ‘outside-of-the-box’ candidate, with visionary plans both domestically and with foreign affairs.   She is devoted to God, family and country and has the guts to do what needs to be done.


The US Government is nearly $16 trillion in debt and the Obama ‘presidency’ is spending significantly more than we take in. Our minimum interest payment is several hundred billion a year and rising.

Our people have been experiencing 15-20% unemployment (real numbers not contrived statistics), staring in horror as their homes are foreclosed. We have seen inflation soar as the economy struggles under the weight of this fraudulent regime.

Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid not secure

Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, are entitlements, whether we like them or not. For decades, millions of our citizens have counted on medical and retirement payments. Having been forced and coerced to pay into Social Security, they now count on its monthly payments to support them. I am for exploring creative solutions for retirement with our younger folks, but we must be faithful to those who have already paid in and are now retired and counting on Social Security as the only source or major part of their income.

Obama is shredding our military–he wants it compromised and small

His stated vision is to lessen our military’s strength to the point where we can only fight a one-front war that is limited; not two fronts when needed.

Recently I talked on air with Van Hipp, the former Deputy Secretary of the Army, who said that he didn’t even know if we could adequately fight a one-front war due to the Obama regime’s assaults and cuts. Obama has decided to cut $1 trillion from the military over the next several years.  He also signed the dangerous and Un-American START treaty with Russia to destroy our nuclear lead and capability.

Our borders are not secure – mystery people and drugs flow in

Our borders are not secure, and we have seen illegal aliens and ‘mystery’ people come across them for decades, while our leaders (Republican and Democrat) look the other way. We have seen schools, prisons, hospitals and towns practically go bankrupt as a result of the sea of manipulated money, benefits and jobs stolen from Americans and given to illegal aliens. We aren’t supposed to notice this. If we do, we are told we ‘hate’ poor people and don’t have ‘family values‘. The cherry on top for America is the $200 billion a year drug trade that loves our porous borders. This is truly a national emergency.

We commit genocide against human life in the womb

Over 55 million murders of babies have been justified with the false beliefs of ‘choice’, ‘states rights’, and ‘Government shall not control my body.’ Life is defined by science as when an egg is fertilized by sperm. The 5th and 14th Amendments, along with the first right listed in our US Declaration of Independence, spell out the protected ‘right to life.’ It is a President’s duty to protect all life as unique and treasured. Instead, we have the most abortion-supporting President in the history of this country. He wants to kill them coming in and kill them going out with abortion for babies and rationed care for our seniors. This is both sick and evil.

Our energy industry is being destroyed

We have a “President” who chronically bypasses Congress and uses the EPA, FCC and other agencies to fulfill his radical destruction-and-control plans from energy to the Internet. He has used the EPA to issue draconian regulations against coal and power plants. Now, dozens of coal plants are being shut down while power plants are forced into regulatory corners that make them raise their rates just to keep their businesses alive. As planned, We-the-People pay higher utility rates and higher gas prices. Obama has said “No” to oil drilling, “No” to the Canadian pipeline and “No” to anything that would actually help our energy and job needs.

Our President supports Islamists and Islamic Caliphate controls

Obama has hired current members of the radical Islamic group, The Muslim Brotherhood. They work for him and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Obama backed the radical Muslim Brotherhood during the Egyptian protests, rather than our long-time ally, Hosni Mubarak. Now, the Muslim Brotherhood, in typical Islamic fashion, has been murdering thousands of Christians and burning churches to the ground in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. Recently there was an Islamist Conference in D.C. where Hillary was a featured speaker. She is supportive of the move to crush our 1st Amendment rights and make it an international crime to speak against or confront Islam. Hillary and Obama were also supportive of the recent Islamic Caliphate conference that took place in Europe. Its goal was the same, to make it an international crime to speak against Islam.

This President stands with Islam, NOT our treasured Judeo/Christian values and traditions.

Our President wants us bowing down to international powers, not our sovereign Constitution and U.S. laws

Just this week, Congress started coming out of their ‘Obama coma` as Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said to Congress (regarding a potential military response to Syria), that we submit first to NATO and the United Nations, not our Congress. That infuriated Constitutionalists and resulted in Impeachment papers being drawn up by Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) against Obama if he dares bypass Congress and puts us into another war. That is precisely what this putative President did with Libya–bypass Congress and listen to the U.N. instead.

It is time for ‘Fearless’ Patriot response to all the above problems thrown in our face.

Dr. Laurie Roth’s VISIONARY AND FEARLESS  plans to fix America

How do we get enough money to run the country and get out of debt without oppressing the people? We do it with a 2% Point-of-purchase tax and eradication of all other Federal Tax. People and businesses need real relief…and that means major tax relief …no reform and no tax increase or decrease. How about TAX LIBERATION – YES!

A visionary solution that will really work for America–2% point of purchase tax–is what is needed.

According to real research, if no groups are exempted and including Wall Street, the 2% point-of-purchase tax will bring in between $10-20 trillion a year WHILE giving the people back their income and letting businesses keep their profits. It is “radical” in its simplicity only to those who are trained and happy to remain a serf.

Think of it. This would be enough to not only liberate people and businesses from tax hell, but it would also bring in enough to aggressively bring down our national debt each year. Within 2-4 years we would have ZERO debt and our credit rating would be the wonder of the world. Why hasn’t any President or Congress led in this before–if it would free people from income tax, get us out of debt and pay our bills??? I asked several lawyers and a Congressional Representative. The answer was the same. Our current government regime wants to control the people, our spending habits and flow of money with the IRS.

My plan would also bring in enough money to finally secure and fund Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. No more would our seniors and disabled be held on a fragile piano wire of disappearing funds.

Our military would get the money it needs to put it back on top again and we could triple border security while using our National Guard to help secure our borders. Drug trade would be greatly reduced and so would the flow of illegal aliens.

There would be funds available for massive, energy infrastructure projects and business grants made available for startup, home-based businesses. This would be allowed for those over 21 years of age.


I would immediately reverse the assaults against our COAL industry, power plants and other energy attacks put forth by the Obama regime. I would meet with all energy Industry heads and work with them to chart a quick plan to create energy infrastructure projects throughout our country, including oil, nuclear, natural gas and alternative energy. Within 4 years my goal would be to disconnect us from OPEC.

Danger of Radical Islam and push for Caliphate

I would personally call the heads of all Muslim countries and tell them the cost of ever again effecting a 9/11-type attack on America. That price would be the “glassification” of Mecca and Medina. Islam only understands force and power. Let’s let them know the cost of another attack in advance.

Sharia law and talk in Mosques or Islamic centers of violent Jihad against Americas would not be allowed as free speech. Instead, it would be considered what it is–an act of war against us. Deportations, fines and arrests would occur where appropriate.

Regarding abortion

No more on-demand abortions would be allowed in America. I would protect ALL life in America from the womb on, since babies in the womb also have 5th and 14th Amendment rights to life and the right to life is protected in the Declaration of Independence.

Regarding international submissions

America is a sovereign nation with her own laws and Constitution. We submit first and only to our laws, our Judeo-Christian values and Constitution. We do not submit to the U.N., NATO or other International bodies! We will take notice of international opinions, but we do what is good for America, not for International agendas, greed and control plots.

These times call for fearless and visionary measures by the next President, not business as usual, or conservative poses.

I call my ideas for America ‘common sense and gutsy’. I don’t care what anyone calls me; I just want my country back and on top–achieving again and free. Let us get it done together.  To get on board and help this happen go to:  www.laurieroth2012.com  Listen in each day at:  www.therothshow.com

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