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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet, Presidential Candidate

The Bolshevik Revolution in Russian in 1917 led to the installation of communism and the formation of the USSR in 1922

(Mar. 13, 2012)  — “Discard Freedom! We want a Dictatorship!” is a cry revolutionaries have never uttered. Revolutions have never been fought for more government intrusion, for an increase in taxes, and never for less freedom. However, addressing the root causes does not necessarily guarantee a successful conclusion.  The Bolshevik Revolution is a case in point, but for every revolution that at first ends badly, eventually they succeed; it’s just a matter of time. Revolutions are inevitable if conditions of deceit and hardship persist, something that rulers forget, since history is strewn with the corpses of them.

America, circa 2012, is a textbook example of the planets and stars aligning to goad a large percentage of the populace into not only contemplating, but planning on taking their country back from the goons and crooks who have, thus far, sent America on a collision course with Totalitarianism, aka Sharia Law, with the aiding and abetting of the Federal Reserve Bank. Looking back on previous revolutions, it is quite evident that the signs were there for all to see and the situation could have been avoided had the dictators and their supporters paid attention to the warning signs. Had King George heeded the pleas of the Colonists, England’s colony would still be under a Monarchy.

Unfortunately, good advice has always been in short supply to despots, probably since they, and those riding on their coattails, all seem to suffer under “Delusions of Paranoia,” a disease that inflicts the mentally unbalanced, the less intelligent and gullible members of the species, Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge followers being prime examples.

Another telltale sign of impending doom to illegal and unpopular rulers is the shared ability to believe in their own lies, claiming powers beyond their intended scope. Castro of Cuba is a good case in point. “Fundamentally change America” is yet another case, since only an enemy of Freedom would want to change the core value (read: Constitution) of America. Obama’s followers come in two categories: being paid off directly, such as government employees and “stimulus” beneficiaries; or Obots, people who actively support the overthrow of the Constitution, but are unable to articulate any logical and meaningful defense, such as referring to those who refuse to accept a fake birth certificate as “Birthers.”

Your great-grandfather borrowed money in 1871, and for every year your relatives, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, neighbors and their relatives have been paying off the loan that your long-lost relative borrowed. And now it’s your turn, and soon your children and grandchildren will also get to join the ranks to pay, but never pay off, the National Debt, which is really a National Fleece. The Obots are satisfied with paying a debt that has been paid in full before their parents were even born, but not the rest of us. There is no debt, not now, not ever in our lifetime. The IRS  and other tax (theft) gathering revenue government agencies steal our money. Obama is satisfied with that arrangement; I am not. Abolish the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS and kiss our National Fleece goodbye forever. Simple to do, especially since an Executive Order was already signed, in 1963, by none other than John F. Kennedy.

And, yes, the first rule of a crime is to “follow the money,” not always, but enough to pay attention to.  A crime has been committed and we can’t expect law enforcement to uphold the law. The real ONE-PERCENTERS are honest cops who are outnumbered by cops who tell people to “turn off the camera,” who have bosses that fail to reprimand or fire incompetent employees. It’s a mess. Three and a half years and Obama is still there, appointing traitors — Panetta, Holder, Napolitano, and others — to dismantle whatever is left of the Constitution, while the FBI and Secret Service stand idly by, looking the other way, afraid of their own shadows. If they’re afraid to put their jobs on the line, what are the chances of their putting their lives on the line defending their Oath and the Constitution?

It’s time for our troops, our men and women of the Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, and Air Force, to take sides: do you follow your Oath to protect and defend the Constitution OF the United States, or are you going to act as TSA and police goons who fear the camera, hide from the truth, and slink away from honor? What’s it to be:  follow illegal orders from Obama or stand tall?





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  1. Thank you, OPOVV! You never cease to amaze me with your editorials.

    You asked, “What’s it to be: follow illegal orders from Obama or stand tall?”

    I know of one man striving to do just that. Marine Sgt. Gary Stein has a Facebook page called Armed Forces Tea Party Patriots. Now, of course the military is involved in reviewing his posts.

    “Just because I‘m a Marine doesn’t mean I don‘t have free speech or can’t say my personal opinion about the president or other public official just like anybody else,”

    Stein said. “The Constitution trumps everything else.”

    God Bless and protect you, Marine Sgt. Stein! We need more just like you.

  2. When I tried to inform family members of the usurpation of our country’s governments by the Corporate system, nobody wanted to hear it. And, certainly nobody wanted to actually do what it would take to either “opt-out” OR correct the situation. NOBODY wanted to BELIEVE it. Most of them STILL don’t believe it.

    People are AFRAID of change. They are afraid of life without the known system. They are afraid of being responsible for their own lives AND livelihood, in a world without the “perceived” guarantees of government.

    It is a hard thing to know that those we love and care about are so entrenched in the familiar and the “known” world that they would willingly give up the freedoms and liberty that our Constitution provides.

    So, what can we do? Those of us who DO know can only prepare as best we can and hope that one day enough people will wake up and refuse to continue on in the system we now have. We can hope and pray that one day enough people will wake up and decide that freedom and liberty are WORTH the price that has to be paid.

    Because as long as our numbers are few, the “majority” WILL override anything we try to do. The majority will succumb to the indoctrination that has been provided them for over a century and they WILL resent and then prevent any changes to disrupt their lives. As long as they have just enough to get by, they will endure.

    In short, they are NOT HUNGRY enough… YET.

  3. The “Answer” is Not Simple~”Love of Country” is a lost pharase, blurred and obscured by Citizens who believe that “The Trough will never run out of Freebies”, and as Progressives and Liberals they will forever be “Cared For” by their Government! A Truly Senseless thought process as “The Money” has to come from some place, and just because the Illegal, Progressive created FED has the power to “Print Money” that the situation is Eternal?! Wrong!, the Piper must be paid and @ Trillions, it cannot be so.
    Citizens cannot comprehend the 1871 Illegal, De Facto U.S. CORP. CABAL that is “RULING” and “RUINING” the Republic, and all for Which She Stands, they do not understand the Gravity of the Illegal, NEVER Ratified, NEVER Singed by the President~14th Amendment, the Infamous “Commerce Clause” and all of the Amendments, and Legislation that followed that Usurped power from the “Soverign States” and robbed the Citizens of their “Soveriengty and made us into Indebted, Indentured “Corporate Strawmen”!!
    Instead of Reading and understanding the Constitution, the Declaration and the Federalist’s Papers and understanding the Duties and Responsibilities for “Preserving, Protecting and Defending the Constitution from ALL Enemies both Foreign and Domestic!”, we worry about our Pick-em-up Trucks, our, Beer, the Desparate Housewives and Survivors on their 60in. TV’s
    Well, those things are also part of “Freedoms, Liberties and Pursuits of Happiness, guaranteed to U.S. by the Constitution!
    We are Rapidly loosing those Freedoms and witnessing the “Shredding of our Constitution”, soon, they will also be just “Fond Memories!”
    Velcomen, Commrade, to “‘DA United SOCIALIST States oV AmeriKa!”