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March 12, 2012

The above flag of Georgia was used for only two years, from 2001 to 2003, then changed to its current red, white and blue design

Union County Grand Jury Foreman

214 Hospital Circle

Blairsville, Georgia

Mr. (Redacted):

I request that you make a “diligent inquiry” of the following matter which I am bringing “to your knowledge” pursuant to the duties of your “present service”.  (Grand Jury Oath of Foreman, O.C.G.A. 15-12-67(b)).  Should your inquiry affirm that the Law has been broken I ask that you make a Special Presentment to the District Attorney from which he will bring charges.  (Grand Jury Handbook, Glossary, p. 4)

I allege that Secretary of State Kemp has committed an unlawful act by placing candidate Barack Obama on the Georgia ballot.  My rationale follows:

O.C.G.A. 21-2-5(a) requires, “Every candidate for federal . . . office . . . who files a notice of candidacy shall meet the Constitutional . . . qualifications for holding the office being sought.”

O.C.G.A. 21-2-5(c) states, “The Secretary of State shall determine if the candidate is qualified to seek and hold the public office for which such candidate is offering.”

Secretary Kemp did not!  Secretary Kemp has committed an unlawful act.  His transgression is against the codes (laws) of Georgia and as such is criminal in nature.  This is not a civil matter.

My open records request, pursuant to Georgia’s Title 50 codes, dated November 28, 2011, enclosed and Secretary Kemp’s Deputy General Counsel Cam-Anh Le’s responses dated December 19, 2011, enclosed with attachments; show that Secretary Kemp had no bona fides with which to make his determination of candidate Obama’s qualifications.  The conclusions of a recent investigation by the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office conclude that no credible qualifications for president of the United States exist for candidate Obama (report summary enclosed).  Secretary Kemp committed the unlawful act of placing Obama on the Georgia and Union County ballot without qualifying him.  Note that the (two) documents provide by Attorney Le are irrelevant to U. S. Constitution Article II qualifications.

It is important to address the issue of “standing” before proceeding to the greater issue of interest, i.e. “jurisdiction”.

I have standing to approach the (citizens) grand jury of Union County because I am a citizen, registered voter, and property owner in Union County.  My injuries come from the fact that an unqualified candidate has been placed on the ballot for consideration by the electorate of Union County, thus putting those who have been duly qualified at a disadvantage.  The electoral process that our Founders put in place for my eventual use is skewed to my disadvantage and detriment.  I have sustained lasting injury through frustration from having all my efforts thwarted in complying with the Oath I swore before God to defend the Constitution.  All veterans in Union County and those on active duty who have not been blown to bits on God forsaken sand dunes are offended and hurt by the transgressions taken by those elected officials with the Law and the Constitution.

The Union County Grand Jury has standing because Secretary Kemp has caused an unqualified candidate to be placed on the ballot in Union County.  The Grand Jury that you lead sits to protect the Rights and well being of the citizens of Union County.

The issue of jurisdiction must now be addressed.

This is not a “federal matter”.  Secretary Kemp is a duly elected official in the State of Georgia.  You now need to understand why Union County should be involved in a “state matter”.  Quite simply; because the state is not and will not.  The ultimate venue for redress of grievances is through the citizen’s grand jury.  Read the following to see who is responsible for redress of these issues on the state level, but will not act or respond.

My letter dated December 12, 2011, enclosed, to Secretary Kemp’s elections director goes unanswered.  However Investigator Harvey from that office is on the case but said not to “expect any different results”.  Attorney Le for Kemp says, quote: “The Secretary does not qualify candidates” and “The parties qualify candidates for president and vice president”.  I only ask that Obama is removed from the ballot until he is qualified, as required by Law.

My letter to Governor Deal, dated January 10, 2012, enclosed, requested an O.C.G.A. Title 45 investigation by Attorney General Olens, went unanswered but one of the Governors aides found a note relating to the letter and informed me that, “he isn’t going to do that”.

Judge Barrett informed me, correctly, so, that Union County is not authorized to seat a Special Grand Jury due to population constraints.  However, this is no caveat in the Constitution that governs grand juries based on population.

Judge Malahi did not address the issue of Secretary Kemp’s unlawful acts in his OSAH (mis)trial in January, Judge Wright did not consider Kemp’s transgressions in her dismissal of the case in Superior Court, nor will the Georgia Supremes when they make their inevitable end run on the Constitution.

So county government still has sovereignty, temporarily, and can act on its own behalf.  The state in or with all its agencies has not acted, and will not act, obviously.  The state, therefore, has abdicated its jurisdiction.  Jurisdiction in this matter now rests with the counties.  An unlawful act has been committed; it is now the responsibility of the counties to address it.

This is clear in our Founding principles, the U. S. Constitution, the Georgia Constitution, and Georgia codes written pursuant thereof.  Judicial directives, policies, procedures, letters, etc. are not law and do not take precedent over the law that flows down from our Constitutions to the Official Codes of Georgia Annotated.  Directives do not trump law; law comes from Congress, not from “the bench”.

If you find merit in my accusations, I ask that you include two issues in your Special Presentment:

Secretary Kemp must remove Obama from future ballots until the Secretary sees and approves Obama’s qualifications and,

Secretary Kemp must be directed to answer for his unlawful criminal act of placing Obama on the ballot in the first place.

I am always available to address any questions and furnish any additional documents that you or your jury may require.  I may be contacted at: (Redacted).

For the Republic,

_____________________                                                         Witness my hand and seal:

M. J. Blanchard

_____________________  _______

NOTARY PUBLIC                    DATE (seal)

My commission expires:__________




grassroots leaders

Notarized final page of letter to Union County, GA Grand Jury Foreman


Editor’s Note:  The author of the above letter, Millard Blanchard, told The Post & Email that “the attached document with notary page and 23 pages of supporting documents was submitted to the Union County, GA Grand Jury foreman today at 1130 hrs. A 15 minute presentation was made when the document was submitted.  The foreman understood the complaint and stated that he would present it to the jury and read it into their proceedings.  The jury sits next on April 5th.

The local DA had told me previously not to do this, however the state has abdicated its responsibilities by failure to act, so it was necessary to bring the complaint to the local grand jury.  The foreman understands that it is his call whether to go forward with the complaint and he said he would.”



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  1. The citizen grand jury is one last bastion of hope to preserve the remnants of our Republic. The next step is restoration of the foundational rule of law in the Constitution.

    The county sheriff is another strong fortress of investigative enforcement that can be expanded country wide (providing the integrity at that level is intact).

    The fraud/commie/liar-in-chief will be exposed. The network of journalists that will report the truth is brave and not intimidated by the thugocracy of barryville. Notice Ayers is getting involved with rebuttal of now deceased Andrew Breitbart. Mark this- ALL forgeries, record tampering, fraudulent back dated documents will be traced to Ayers, eventually. If hackers are so good to get into emails of governments, financial firms, military communications they can easily hack the communications of Ayers, Dorn, Gibbs, Axelrod, Rahm Emmanuel, barry’s phone, Jarrett, Bauer, etc.

    Anonymous should go for the juggler of hackerville the entire staff of barry soetero and his handlers.

    1. A TRULY EXCELLENT IDEA and Suggestion to “Allow the Hounds of Baskerville” to be loosed against that which they Despise the Most~GOVERNMENT!!
      I have personal Reservation about such Tactics, but as there is NO NON-Corrupt Judicial and evidentally, with FEW Exceptions in Law Enforcement, Military or “Soverign State” Governmental Entities~”ALL Becomes FAIR in Love and WAR!!”