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by Neil Sankey, ©2012

Karl Marx opposed capitalism and believed it should be replaced with socialism

(Mar. 8, 2012) — Really!

I could not possibly stay home on  election day, nor will I, but I do clearly see the point being made by many  bloggers who understand that we are likely getting “more of the same” thrust  at us by the Establishment. THEY are again telling us who to  elect!

Be Careful. The same “THEY” may be part of the real  problem. A Marxist/Communist takeover of the free world.

Yes, I, too am ashamed at what I see. The open COWARDICE of Authorities who should be protecting “We the People” and arresting the  perpetrators of this horrendous crime. It is offensive to my nature and, I  would have thought, to any red-blooded American out there who still holds this Country and its Constitution dear and worth protecting.

Look, folks, the “Birther” thing is of minor importance in the overall picture. It  has, and does play a very important part, and we have come a long way, but  there is still too much unknown for sure. And, too few people determined to  find out. We DO know that there has been FRAUD.

We have all been defrauded, cheated, lied to, conned, whatever you want to call it. The main point, whoever you believe as to the real nativity story, this IS a Marxist/Communist takeover attempt of this Country. Because of the lethargy of  the populace, it will likely succeed. If it does not fully succeed, it will  partially succeed and come back again, until there is enough anger, fire and outright disgust at what has been happening to us to get out there and  extinguish the foul flame PERMANENTLY.

As many have said, WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?? Where is the Tea Party? I know they are there, but are they  READY?? This is the real fight, starting now!

Remember, there are at least 60 or 70 Marxist conspirators in government allowing this to happen by their sins of omission. There are countless others out there in  local and State government blindly carrying forward the aims and objectives of Alinsky, Castro and Marx.

And remember the so-called “Mainstream Press and Media,” whose crimes against the Nation are as sick and evil as any out there.

Andrew Breitbart, God rest his soul, was no friend of the Birthers, but he was still RIGHT. The material now being released has to be evaluated and properly understood in the full context of the overall  picture. I heard people of note playing down what we saw last night on Hannity.  For those who know the people and players involved, we saw complete vindication of our stance that this is MARXISM taking over, and here was how.

For those of you who have been following Martha Trowbridge’s blog, I say to you, don’t get lost, don’t put it down, persevere, you will see a picture emerge from which will come an amazing truth which will stun the Nation and probably the whole world. I encourage you all, read some more, research the Internet; it has never been easier. Find out about the origins and peculiar brand of Marxism associated with Frederick Delano Newman. Find out about the “IF….THEN” beginnings, leading to the “Centers for Change,” then the origins of the SDS, Weather Underground and the NAP.

You will see a lot you recognize in today’s chaos, amazingly similar points of view. Coincidence?  You decide!

I think NOT.

I have studied this concept for nearly 40 years and I can tell you that it is not a figment of anyone’s imagination. It is TRUTH. This truth MUST be dealt with in the time- honored fashion; we must stand up and  destroy all vestiges of the scourge and punish everyone involved in this sick conspiracy. OR IT WILL DEVOUR US ALL!

Yes, CONSPIRACY.  Let us not be afraid to use the correct words:   MARXIST CONSPIRACY.  That is what it IS; that is what we have to defeat.

Let the Alinsky-ites giggle and laugh; their sickness is apparent, and we shall come for them in due course.  They will look pretty in Sheriff Joe’s pink underwear, and I shall be there to laugh.  Will you?

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  1. Just a comment first, Sotomeyer was also a student of Newman, coincidence?? YOU decide.
    As far as Occidental is concerned I am far from convinced he ever went there either. Certainly, if one looks closely at the published photo’s most are forged or altered.It really is amazing how little we know of this man, or his origins. We should be very afraid, or FIX IT!

  2. I can generally sympathize with those voters who shrug their shoulders and say, “Well, it’s liberal versus liberal-lite. What’s the difference? Why bother voting?” But, as Dinesh D’Souza has stated, “Obama is not an ordinary Democrat. Ordinary Democrats want to redistribute income in America. Obama wants to realign America in the world. That’s a very different agenda.”

    There is pure evil in the Obama administration, from Kathleen “no fetus left alive” Sebelius to Valerie “slumlord” Jarrett to Obama himself. They will destroy the nation if the thug-in-chief gets a second term. To every reluctant, uninspired voter out there we must keep saying, “Do not give Obama four more years and a chance to put another Sotomayor or Kagan on the Supreme Court. Once he owns the Supreme Court, we are doomed to accept whatever he forces down our throats.”

    As bad as Obama has been while worrying about reelection, just consider how bad he will be when he no longer has to be concerned about answering to anyone.

  3. Dr. Manning did a complete study on Obama at Columbia at atlah.org. Obama never attended Columbia, Manning is a graduate of Columbia. It has all been a decoy to keep us off the track to prosecute.

  4. One puzzling aspect that begs an explanation- if Martha Trowbridge knows the whole story and the mother of bari is alive and Martha won’t reveal the identity whats the point of going into the elections with an illegal candidate (again)?

    Where are all the fellow students of barry soetero at Occidental? Not one remembers processing his student status? the foreign status?