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March 2, 2012

Article II of the U.S. Constitution states that the president and commander-in-chief must be a "natural born Citizen"

Representative Graves, by FAX:

A Sheriff’s “posse” in Maricopa County, Arizona, under the direction of Sheriff Arpaio has completed a preliminary investigation of president Obama’s credentials.  The posse was comprised of three retired criminal investigators and two prosecuting attorneys.  Their conclusion was that Obama’s long form birth certificate was a probable fraud and forgery.  Their investigation will continue in an effort to identify the perpetrator.

Leo Donofrio, a constitutional attorney from New Jersey, has done extensive research on Obama’s credentials, as well.  Mr. Donofrio filed a 209 page amicus brief in support of the recent ballot challenge before an administrative court in Georgia.  Mr. Donofrio’s research on the genesis of Article II, natural born citizen, seems to have started with the Magna Carta or, perhaps before!

However, the meaning and intent of the Article II provisions are quite clear in the Federalist Papers, in the SCOTUS decision in Minor, and S.R.511.  A natural born citizen comes from citizen parents; Obama by his admission, does not.

So here is the dichotomy, followed by the questions:

I have sent numerous letters, with meticulous documentation, to you, asking that you bring charges of treason against Obama for crimes against the Constitution; to include waging war against the Arabian peninsula without congressional approval, taking hits out on American citizens without due process, making recess appointments of vacancies that did not occur during a recess, usurping the office of President of the United States under false pretenses, etc.  You have done nothing except express “concern”.

Five citizens of Georgia have registered complaints through and against the Secretary of State challenging Obama’s qualifications to be placed on the ballot.  These complaints have now progressed to the Governor and the Georgia Supreme Court.

Two hundred and fifty citizens of Maricopa County, Arizona petitioned their Sheriff to conduct an investigation of Obama’s bona fides.  He did, and found the credentials wanting and Obama’s origins a mystery, essentially.

So here is the dichotomy: You were duly elected to represent the citizens, but have demonstrably failed, here, and in many other areas.  Your abysmal ratings testify to this failure and as a result the citizens have had to take up the initiative in your place.  To do so is the citizen’s Constitutional right and obligation, however.

But this begs the question of why have you not done your sworn duty?  And will you do your sworn duty?  If not, one can only assume that you condone what is going on in America with the trashing of our Constitution.  And where do you think the citizens will stop in their efforts to correct this Constitutional crises in America?  And last but not least, do you not find yourselves complicit in the treasonous acts of the POTUS by virtue of the fact that you condone what he does?

I would very much appreciate hearing your position and plan of action on rectifying the issues that I have addressed.

For the Republic,

M. J. Blanchard


GOP 9th District,



Representatives Broun, Gingrey, Scott, Woodall




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  1. Just as “Mother Bear”, protects her young, this particular Gentleman?? that you Query, 535 “Peoples Representatives”-(term used very loosly)-Hundreds of Federal Judiciary, Military, Law Enforcement, and State officials??-(again, loosly)-simply DO NOT WANT TO UPSET the GRAVY-TRAIN and/or fear the meaning of COMPLICIT!!
    USC-Code 18.4 deals with those that “Knowing Allow Misprison of Treason”, under penality of Fine, Imprisonment. or both!!
    Just DO the Math!!
    The Depth and Bredth of the Corruption, Colusion, Deceit and Damage done to America and her Citizens by this 1871 Illegal, De Facto, U.S. Corp. CABAL that is Ruling and Ruining America is NOT Indescribably Delicious!!
    WAKE UP, America!!