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by Neil Turner

Do "We the People" still hold the power?

(Feb. 29, 2012) — Rush and Hannity have both been promoting the Constitution, and the free course on the Constitution offered online by Hillsdale College.

If Hillsdale was really teaching the Constitution, then by the time they got to Article II, Sections 1 (No person except a natural born Citizen, … shall be eligible to the Office of President;), everyone that took the course, and talked to their friends and neighbors, would know that the putative POTUS is an ineligible entity more akin to a ghost, who has usurped the Office of President and Commander in Chief.

The only things that we do know about this ‘ghost’ in the Office of President is:

  • He is proven to be not of good moral character, and therefore, by committing ‘high Crimes’, he is Constitutionally INELIGIBLE to hold ‘High Office’:
  1. He has presented blatantly forged documents (Certifications and Certificates of Live Birth) to masquerade as a legitimate candidate for the Office of President (the proof thereof is on the record in a Court of Law in GA);
  2. He has forged his Selective Service Registration form, 28 years too late, in order to maintain employment with the U.S. Government (the proof thereof is on the record in a Court of Law in GA);
  3. He conducts his daily affairs (and receives his $400,000 per year salary as ‘pResident’) using a stolen Social Security number (the proof thereof is on the record in a Court of Law in GA);
  4. He is not ‘eVerifiable’ as being legitimate for employment within the United States (the proof thereof is on the record in a Court of Law in GA);
  • He is not (according to the U.S. Supreme Court) a ‘natural born Citizen’ of the United States, and therefore INELIGIBLE to the Office of President (the proof thereof is on the record in a Court of Law in GA).

We should all let Rush and Hannity know that their promotion of the Hillsdale College course on the Constitution should cease and desist – lest they be charged with promoting a failed institution of higher learning – and are themselves complicit in the cover-up of the greatest violation of the Constitution since its inception over 200 years ago.

Knowing these facts and details of the ongoing act of treason by the Executive being knowingly covered-up by the Legislature, the Judiciary, and the Media, you might then wish to consider asking anyone running for office in 2012, whether for President or for Sheriff or for City Council, or for Dog Catcher, the following question:

Since you cannot be ignorant of the fact that Article II and Amendment 12 require that the President and Vice President be natural born Citizens; and you cannot be ignorant of the fact that that sworn expert evidence has been entered into the record in a Court of Law in Georgia on January 26, 2012, proving that Obama is:

  • Using a stolen Social Security number;
  • Using forged Certificates of Live Birth and Selective Service Registration, and;
  • Born with dual allegiances – and is therefore not a natural born Citizen;

My question for you is:

a)    Why should any patriotic American vote for you when you continue to accept and legitimize the treason of Obama usurping the Office of President, and;

b)    Now that your continued acceptance of this treason has been publicly exposed, what are you willing to do about it to redeem yourself – and earn our vote?

May I suggest that you copy and paste this question (or something similar) into a separate document that you can print out and carry with you whenever you attend a campaign rally, include it in your correspondence with candidates soliciting your vote, and forward it to everyone on your email list.

Remember, without the Constitution, there can be no Federal Government. Their violation of the terms of their contract with us (the Constitution) obsoletes or eliminates their jobs, – and we will then reinstate that contract with a new set of public service part-time employees we can trust.

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