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by Dr. Laurie Roth, Presidential Candidate, ©2012

Dr. Laurie Roth is running for president as an independent constitutionalist.

(Feb. 27, 2012) — The push for a total Islamic takeover is now being seen everywhere,  especially supported by Obama and Hillary Clinton.  Beat the women; execute the gays; stone the rape victims without enough witnesses;  execute those who dare to convert to another faith;  define your women as a field to be plowed.  Most importantly,  as the beatings, threats and murders continue,  make sure there are plenty of international Caliphate Conferences and U.N. schemes to make it an international crime to open our mouth about this.  We have Islamaphobia.  We hate and persecute Islam and if Obama has his way,  we will be committing international crimes even mentioning the truth about Islam,  its behavior and teaching.

Freedom of Speech as we know it in America is under tyrannical assault by Obama,  the U.N. and Islam.  Islamic and Sharia inspiration is overwhelming.  If I was only suicidal,  I would sign up.

This week I was stunned to find out just how much the push for Islamic world control has grown.  Commentator  and investigative journalist Sher Zieve recently covered the Islamic takeover plans in her riveting article reminding us of an Islamist conference held on December 2011 in Washington, D.C. where Hillary Clinton spoke in favor of stopping free speech against Islam.  Apparently,  according to Obama and Hillary we aren’t supposed to notice the endless abuse,  beatings and blood letting controls of Islam here and abroad.  That is hateful of us.  It’s a good thing Obama has the NDAA Bill and FEMA camps activated if we get out of hand.

The latest Conference from on high over in Austria,  ‘The Caliphate Conference 2012’  coming up March 10, seeks to push hard to make it an international crime for us to speak our mind on Islam. Obama and Hillary are most supportive of this upcoming conference as they were with the one in D.C. December 2011 exposed by WND.com and with Sher Zieve’s article.

The insanity and betrayals aren’t just with Obama, Hillary and radical Caliphate Conferences.  It is in our Court system as well.  You must have lost your mind as I did when you heard the unbelievable, that a US Judge ruled Muslims have the right to actually assault people who offend them.  John Hayward pointed out in his recent article about a Muslim physically attacking another guy in a Halloween parade.  Everyone was in costume.  There was a Zombie Pope and a Zombie Muhammad but that wasn’t to be allowed without violence.   The defendant admitted to the crime but he felt he had the right to do it to show his 9 year old son he was willing to fight for Muhammad.  Aren’t you shocked to learn that the ruling for the assailant was by Muslim judge, Mark Martin.

All we have to do these days to offend a Muslim is to dare quote from their own Koran,  Hadith or Sharia Law.  Gee,  let’s have a Koran study over coffee of Chapter 9 in the Koran.  You know,  the part that says we are commanded to convert to Islam,  submit to their tax or be killed.   Read for yourself.   Before you have your speech and mouth silenced,  read just some of the thousands of forced conversions made under duress and violence.  Certainly,  no humor or quip aimed anywhere near Allah or Mohamed is allowed.  Never mind insulting or desecrating Jesus of the Holy Bible.  We  are to just take it;  the burnings of the Holy Bibles,  the burning of Christian churches to the ground and the beatings and murders of countless Christians and Jews.  That is proper and normal according to the Koran and Islam.

No non Muslim has to render a single opinion but merely mention the known truth about Islam’s endless abuse, mistreatment and beatings given to millions of Muslim women to render a threat or attack.  If Hillary, Obama and the U.N. have their way it will be an international crime to even notice these daily assaults against women.  Then there are the crimes against everyone else who dares to exercise freedom of speech who notices the evil at the heart and ‘acting out’ core of this ‘political religion.’

Other Muslim-Caliphate insanity in our own country,  is the ruling by the Federal Judge against the people of Oklahoma who had voted overwhelmingly to ban Sharia law in their courts.  Then, there was the shameful betrayal and insult to the victims of the Islamic jihad terrorism at F. Hood and Little Rock Recruitment Center.  Al Garza, former head of the Minute Men reminded me of this madness and my blood pressure still is not down.  Under the leadership of Obama,  our Defense Department is defining these acts as ‘criminal’ acts and ‘workplace violence’  not acts of war.  Islam,  enemy combatants and Jihad wasn’t involved so none of the brave soldiers who were murdered by radical Islamic Jihadists are eligible for the Purple Heart.   With this regime in the White House we see the attacks,  insults and killings continuing even after the soldiers and victims are dead.

Just as I have said in other articles that it is time to take a stand and draw lines in the sand,  it is time regarding the push by Obama,  Hillary and the UN with an Islamic Caliphate.  If they have their way,  our precious freedom of speech daring to mention the vicious and real dangers of Islam in our own country will be crushed.

No to NDAA and its enforcement;  No to forced RFID chips in our body and No to Islamic Caliphate and Sharia law anywhere near our country, courts and lives.   FINALLY,  A DOUBLE DAMN  NO TO FORCING AMERICANS TO SUBMIT TO ANY INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE,  TREATY OR U.N. SCHEME.

We live in the United States of America,  are a sovereign nation based on Judeo-Christian values and honor our Constitution and Declaration of Independence not a UN charter or Koran mandate.

I am running for President as a patriot and outsider who can get elected if ‘the people get behind me, get signatures to get me on the ballot in your state and donate to my campaign  www.laurieroth2012.com.  I can assure you there will be no more Mosques built in America or abroad with our tax dollars if I am elected and I will  appoint zero Islamic Judges and zero Islamics to my cabinet.

Make that a hate crime,  go ahead.  I am American and I am a Christian.  I love and support freedom for all but refuse to let my country be taken over from within or without.

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  1. US Sovereign Immunity has already been compromised with every FTA signed since NAFTA. Chapter 11. look it up. It gives over total control to FTA tribunals. These tribunals even supercede the Supreme Court. As a country we have been sold out by both the Republicans and the Democrats. The country was under attack with the signing of NAFTA and has proceeded from there.

    You have been sold out so that the Constitutional Republic can be substituted with a Plutarchy.

    How Sharia law fits in is only clear when you understand who is a member of the Plutarchy. Think about it. The global elite. The one world order.

    Look to the middle east.

    This isn’t just about the rich getting richer, this is about a complete theocratic take over. Those who will be most surprised in the end are the wealthy how thought they had bought a place at the table.

    It will be a sad sorry end, when they realize they were merely useful as a means towards an end.

    The only country standing in the way of total take over is the US and the only document preventing the implementation of Sharia is the Constitution. No wonder global citizens or loyalty compromised families like the Bush’s are shoved into power.

    They are all complicit in a coordinated effort to destroy this country from the inside.

    All that is required of you is to stop thinking critically.