A Nation at the Point of No Return


by Patra Minocha, ©2012, Brave Hill Productions

The moral demise of America,

economic collapse, social decay.

Catastrophic crime, chaos, corruption,

It’s time for the people to pray.


A narcissistic and Godless society,

increasingly vile, vulgar and profane.

Muslims and Atheists alike,

are incensed by the sound of Christ’s name.


The Marxists are master strategists,

destroying our culture, values and faith.

Strongholds in schools, media and entertainment,

are signs that it might be too late.


Obama’s the master of illusion,

The sorcerer of deceit and lies.

He cleverly cons the American people,

into believing he’s a really nice guy.


The Socialists’ propaganda machine,

generously greased by George Soros billions,

propagates lies for the Leftist’s agenda,

as national debt exceeds 15 trillion.


Our country’s divided down the middle,

The far left and the far right up in arms.

The Constitution’s been destroyed, riddled,

endangering our citizens, causing great harm.


To defeat this maniacal enemy,

A menacing threat to a God-fearing life,

We must stand on God’s word and His promises,

Persevere through the peril and strife.


A nation at the point of no return,

Time for the people to pray.




One Response to "A Nation at the Point of No Return"

  1. thelittlebrother   Monday, February 27, 2012 at 6:43 PM

    PRAY, & FAST…because the devil is terrified of this 2punch knockout.
    Many of us are fasting on bread & water every Friday for the rescue of
    America by the Hand of God Almighty.

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