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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Dr. Laurie Roth has a daily radio show which airs from 3:00-6:00 p.m. PT and a new weekend show on American Christian Network (www.acn.cc)

(Feb. 25, 2012) — It is the never-ending story America hears over and over again.  There is never enough money to pay our national bills.  Our politicians continue to spend,  spend and spend.  Whether we like it or not, we have expensive entitlement programs such as Social Security started back in 1935 and Medicare, started in 1965.

We spent $929 billion in 2011 alone on military if you count the Department of Homeland Security,  Veterans expenses and Military in general.   When you add up the line items  including our 6% interest payment each year,  we are talking nearly $4 trillion dollars in a budget.  We haven’t even talked about our $16 trillion in debt yet.

The truth is we have a dramatic increase in those using Social Security and Medicare.  Demographic trends show the number of workers is declining relative to those receiving benefits.  In 1960 the number of workers per retiree was 5.1.  In 2010 it had dropped to 3.0.  Experts say it will drop in 2030 to 2.2.

Along with the big entitlements of military,  Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid, there are non-defense discretionary expenses for various departments: transportation,  energy,  education, etc…..

For purposes of talking basic math,  let’s assume our national budget is around $4 trillion and our debt is around $16 trillion now.  We must find a way to not only pay our important bills but cut our debt down. Naturally there need to be audits in all government departments and accountability throughout.  Some departments should simply be closed that are wasting money or duplicating what can and should be done at the State level.

The Department of Energy is simply a waste of time and money and should be shut down.    If they had been doing their job and serving America we should have been energy independent by now,  not shutting down coal plants and using extreme regulations as a weapon.

Much can and should be cut, but not the medical care for our most needy and elderly or our military.  I think it is important to explore creative solutions to privatize retirement plans with the younger people.  However,  we must honor and care for our elderly who have paid into Social Security in good faith all these years.  We also need to make sure Medicare and Medicaid have enough to give the best care to our needy and infirm,  not ‘cost-effective,’ ‘rationed’ and pathetic care.   Our parents deserve better then long lines and rationed care!

We need the type of flow of money that will do this while not oppressing and controlling the people with huge taxation.

I’m excited to be running on a 2% point of purchase tax and eradication of all federal tax, including income tax.  This idea will be radical to some but I believe liberating to most.  On the federal level,  if the only tax was paid when you purchase something,  like a stock package,  car or watermelon,  we would bring in between $10-20 trillion in tax revenue a year.   According to international renowned Edgar Feige, Professor of Economic Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Madison,  Bureau of Economic Analysis and according to our own Federal Reserve Payments Study, Government transactions bring in over $900 trillion a year.  That is why I boldly can say that a  2% point of purchase tax and no other would bring in more than enough money to do everything our country needed,  get us completely out of debt and liberate businesses and the people from tax oppression at the same time.

The only reason something this simple,  real and liberating has not been done before is simple government  control.  Our government wants to control your money and behavior.  We have been trained over decades to be good little serfs. Government knows best and wealth is to be gathered (stolen) and redistributed.  That is wrong,  stupid and unconstitutional.  I will stop it if elected, liberate the people and get us out of debt very quickly.

We will have to open our minds and get used to freedom thinking again.  Some have asked me what about charities and churches.  What about them?  A nation and people spending money and keeping their income and profits are going to give more to their church and charities for the right reasons.  Giving and receiving donation help won’t be about tax manipulation and benefit.  It will be about fulfilling a need.

This tax system would make every group, business and person special,  not just some.  The illegal aliens would pay;  the Gambino crime family would pay;  the good, bad and the ugly would pay.  The guy who bought a $10-million-dollar yacht would pay.

Business types would no longer have to scheme to go to a fancy island to hide their money.  What would the CPAs and accountants do?  Perhaps find a new job.

Once the 2% point of purchase tax was law and we knew what our national wallet was,  the following are my priorities and wants if elected:

  • $4 trillion for Military,  Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid,  non-defense discretionary and interest.
  • $50 billion  – set aside for REAL border security
  • $200 billion – set aside for $250,000 business grants for any citizen,  including seniors who want to fill out a basic business proposal and send it for a startup grant:
  • $300 billion – set aside  Federal Aid for energy infrastructure projects and development.

The rest of the funds above these I would propose are for reducing our debt.

The 2% point of purchase tax is so simple and real it is radical.  We are indeed trained to be serfs,  think we have no other option so we keep acting as controlled widgets and don’t think.

Why can’t we liberate people and business from tax controls and hell,  while making sure all worthy projects are indeed funded AND our debt is paid off???

There is no reason other than oppression and control.  If this makes sense to you for our country, get behind me and help me get elected.  www.laurieroth2012.com   www.therothshow.com.

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