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by Martha Trowbridge, ©2012, blogging at Martha Trowbridge Terrible Truth

(Feb. 19, 2012) — America, if you’ve felt assaulted every time you seek the Truth about the personal history of “Barack Obama II”, you haven’t been over-reacting.

You have been assaulted.

Assaulted by the greatest Psychological Assault Weapon ever levied against Americans.

Its name?

The “Obama Conspiracy Theory” Psychological Assault Weapon.

Its purpose?

To personally demolish you – thereby dis-engaging you from discourse about Obama’s personal history – so that whatever “Obama” Truth you’re on to, gets obliterated!

The “Obama Conspiracy Theory” Psychological Assault Weapon [OCTPAW] was designed by The Obama Campaign to utterly destroy those who question the “Official Obama Narrative”. Since its initial deployment in 2007, this weapon of words has been extremely effective – with ridicule, mocking, shaming, scolding, lying, accusation, word-twisting, confusion creation, threatening and intimidation embedded in its warhead.

It’s precision-designed to knock us, full force, back on our heels.

Without our quite knowing what hit us. What was that massive assault on our thoughts, our beliefs, our principles, our feelings? On our very Integrity? Why oh why are we feeling so awful, just for seeking Truth?  Do we really want to put ourselves ‘out there’ again, only to get painfully struck down once more?

Oh, what a weapon!

Like its co-inventors – “Uncle Fred” Newman and The Prince Of Lies – the “Obama Conspiracy Theory” Psychological Assault Weapon is sneaky. It’s invisible. In perfect keeping with everything about the “Barack Obama II” synthetic identity, it’s thoroughly deceptive.

Designed to facilitate evil, it stinks of righteousness. Crafted to effect subversion of Truth, it claims moral integrity. Dedicated to effect our destruction, it purports to love America and its founding principles.

Why, there’s even a website, ready and ever-vigilant, that immediately shoots down on the web any talk of Truth about “Obama”. Via posts by “Dr. Conspiracy”, and a vigorous, nasty horde of attacker commenter ‘identities’, Obama Conspiracy Theories thrashes and trashes any person who seeks or states Truth about Obama’s personal history.  http://www.obamaconspiracy.org

Notwithstanding the skilled guidance of “Dr. Conspiracy”,  OCTPAW was The 2008 Obama Campaign’s most highly prized weapon.

It’s how they managed to defraud America.

It’s how they attacked and destroyed all who reasonably questioned the personal history of “Barack Obama II”, as presented by him, and his Campaign.

It’s how they managed to get him elected, get him ‘certified’, get him sworn in, keep him in office, and to [thus far] keep him propped up, to secure his re-election.

In one brief sentence, here’s how OCTPAW works:

You ask for Truth about the personal history of “Obama”,

and immediately,

from multiple sources, simultaneously,

you’re assaulted with humiliating accusations

and threats.

In a flash, multiple vicious invisible voices swarm about you, sniping, smacking, tearing at you, accusing you of racism, foolishness, and mental instability, while twisting and distorting your thoughts and words to make them seem preposterous.

You’re caught in a vortex of ruthless attack, that spins you round and round, as you try to respond. Spins you so fast, so furiously, you’re dizzy.

And totally spent.

Read the rest here.

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  1. If you want a clear cut example of this, go to Amazon.com and look up Miki Booth’s book, and then take a gander at the reviews. It is as polarized as any I have ever seen. There is no middle ground. And when you read those reviews that are negative concerning the book, you will find every one of the tactics listed above. It is a cook book attack.

    Remember, Miki’s book is one woman’s take on current history. It is her dissent on the current manipulation of history concerning Obama. The best they can come up with are attacks on her personally and on anyone who has anything positive to say about her view of politics.

    It is very eye opening.