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by Ron Ewart, ©2012

(Feb. 19, 2012) — “A bully not confronted and taken down is a bully empowered to continue on his path of devastation and destruction, of lives and livelihoods, especially those self righteous bullies who bully others under the false flag of compassion.”  —  Ron Ewart

Don’t you just love it when the good guys stick it to the bullies?  The bullies have been running the playground for a hundreds years now, but finally, the other kids are drumming up the courage to push back against the bully and his minions and mindless, bought-off groupies.

Americans are showing up at town hall meetings like never before and they are angry and loaded for bear.  They’re packing city and county halls with people who have finally woken up to the sly, covert intrusion of social justice, communism, socialism, radical environmentalism and the one-world-government, into our local, state and federal institutions.  More frequently you will find these patriots at legislative hearings crying foul over special interest legislation and overt, blatant attacks on the constitution or the natural order.  You will find them at budget hearings where every line item in a government’s budget is scrutinized and then made public for all to see, including all of the crony handouts and give-aways to their favorite voters, or donors.

School board meetings are becoming a lot more lively these days over what our kids are being taught.  The parents of kids in a school southeast of Seattle, WA found out that the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, requested that a special class be taught to the kids on Muslim tolerance, by representatives of an organization that has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.   The school board backed up when the parents descended on a town hall meeting and let ’em have it.  KOMO TV NEWS was there.  The question is, why did the school board think that it was a good idea in the first place, or why did they think they could get away with it?  Now that IS troubling!  The word “bully” comes to mind.

Tea party groups, freedom organizations, property rights associations and even militias are popping up all over the place.  It’s as if there has been a grand awakening, even though the vanguards have been warning everyone what was happening for years.   It’s funny how people can suddenly see the light after removing their head from the sand.

Now the Catholic Church has taken up the banner of religious freedom, as they came down hard on Obama Care’s infringement on their First Amendment rights in recent days.  Unfortunately, the Catholic Church has tried to have it both ways for a long time in their righteous indignation of attacks on their religious conscience, but all the while pushing for government-enforced social justice, wealth redistribution and taxing the rich in the name of charity, or providing sanctuary to illegal aliens.  No matter what the church’s motives are or were, they have succeeded in exposing another fatal flaw in government-run health care, to the critical eyes and ears of a slowly wising-up electorate.  Obama responded in his usual “talks-out-of-both-sides-of-his-mouth” demeanor and changed the name of the thorny First Amendment issue to deflect growing criticism.   Many Americans have seen through Obama’s subterfuge and labeled it for what it is, just more lies, hype and propaganda, out of the mouth of a pathological liar.

After years of warnings by the likes of Tom DeWeese (American Policy Center) Henry Lamb and Michael Coffman (Sovereignty International and Freedom 21) and Michael Shaw (Freedom Advocates), the damage being done to freedom, property rights and American sovereignty by the United Nations’ Agenda 21 policies of smart growth and sustainable development is slowly filtering into the minds of urban and rural property owners.  They are responding by strongly urging cities and counties to cancel their contracts with United Nations agencies like the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives, or ICLEI.  One county in Idaho (Bonner) has established a property rights council.  Good for them!  Success comes slow, but it is coming, city-by-city and county-by-county.  The bullies are beginning to weaken under the rising onslaught of angry citizens.

In another positive development, just recently the Republican National Committee (RNC) signed a resolution against Agenda 21.

Since Rick Santelli uttered his famous Tea Party fighting words on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on February 19, 2009, a resistance movement of patriots has exploded across the fruited plains and from sea to shining sea, in defiance of Obama and his socialist, anti-American agenda.  A true grass roots tea party was born and when they finally opened their eyes, they didn’t like what they saw.

In August of that same year, town hall meetings took place between politicians (the bullies) and their constituents about the proposed new “Nationalization of American Health Care” act.  As if a volcano had erupted, the bullies got an earful and some even cancelled their town hall meetings in fear for their safety.  Once again, the American sleeping giant had awakened and he was hungry, angry and furious with the dolts that had awakened him from his long slumber.  It now appears that his anger will be avenged, one way or another.   The bully is being forced to go on the defensive.

Undeterred by the angry outpouring of their constituents, the bullies shoved Obama Care down the throats of Americans while thumbing their collective noses at those they serve.  This made most of the Tea Partiers and town hall attendants even angrier and the battle over Obama Care is far from over.  We can only hope that by this coming June, the U. S. Supreme Court will finally answer this unconstitutional assault on American freedom once and for all and it will be repealed.

An uninformed reader might ask, “… what’s all the fuss about?”  What’s making these tea party people so upset?  What are they fighting?”  Let’s see, where should we start?  Let’s start with illegal immigration and Americans having to pay for the subsistence of people who come here illegally ….. by the millions.  Why aren’t they being deported in large numbers?  Why isn’t government enforcing immigration law?  Why isn’t the government closing the giant holes in our borders?   These are very relevant questions and the answers from government border on stupidity, gross negligence and outright arrogance, if not treason.

How about the cost of massive cradle-to-grave government-run entitlement programs that working and productive Americans have to fund?  What about foreign aid to dictators, despots and re-building Islamic mosques that working and productive Americans also have to fund?  And our foreign policy is nothing but driveling appeasement.  Will America ever project its “walk softly but carry a big stick” countenance again, or have we become wimps so the rest of the world will “like” us?  Obama’s appeasement policy is more dangerous to national security than all the terrorists combined.  It makes us look weak and our enemies will aggressively exploit our perceived weakness; in fact, they already have.  Now Obama wants to weaken us even more by reducing our stockpile of nuclear weapons and negligently gutting our defense budget in the name of deficit and debt reduction.  Is this smart fiscal and defense policy, or is it outright treason?

What about endless laws, local, state and federal, being passed that erode our freedom and liberty.  How about the top-down social, multi-cultural and political correct brainwashing that is being force-fed to our kids in our public schools and colleges?  And what about this con game of radical environmentalism, green energy and so-called man-caused global warming that are nothing more than grand wealth redistribution schemes that working and productive Americans are being forced to fund?

What about UN biospheres and the re-wilding of America plan that rural landowners are being forced to bear, while city folk get off scot-free?  What about the government bailing out failing banks and financial institutions on the backs of working and productive Americans?

Then there is the mainstream media that parrots everything the bullies in Washington, DC and elsewhere are dishing out.  The mainstream media was supposed to be the fourth estate that exposed corruption and double dealing in government.  What happened to that role and what happened to journalistic ethics?   They apparently have gone the way of the Do-Do bird.  With the recent expose’ by the Daily Caller on Media Matters, the mouthpiece and witch-hunt specialist and paid-for-bully for George Soros, it is clear that very powerful special interests are controlling the news media and those media outlets that try to be fair and balanced are “fair” game for attack.

We won’t go into the government spending America into bankruptcy and making us subservient to the moneychangers (think our Federal Reserve and other international central banks), not to mention hostile foreign lenders, like China.  This list doesn’t even begin to cover our government’s traitorous energy policy.  We could go on and on, but if you don’t get the point, you never will.  These reasons and more are why free Americans are rising up against the bullies.

Now in contrast, why should the 47% who pay no taxes care about all these issues?  They have no dog in the hunt, just so long as hard working and producing Americans are footing the bill.  Oh, and do we dare mention that these 47% get to vote and by their vote they can ENSLAVE the remaining 53% who are working and paying taxes to support the 47%?  So much for equal protection under the law!

But wait, something strange is happening!  The bullies are growing nervous.  In response to the ever-rising resistance to regional planning by the Tea Party and others, the American Planning Association is teaching its government and environmental followers of Agenda 21 a new language to use in order to dupe the general public and demean those that are resisting.  And the wise ones know that the environmentalists purposely changed the name of “man-caused global warming” to “climate change”, because “climate change” doesn’t have a stigma attached to it ….. yet.  There is no lie or subterfuge that the bullies won’t tell or use, to fool or rob the public.

This sudden uprising by a large segment of taxpaying Americans that are demanding returning to the principles of freedom and the reduction of the size of government has got the bullies on the edge.  They haven’t had to fight like this before.  It all came so easy to them in the past because most Americans were either bought off, looking the other way, or rolling over and capitulating to the bully’s every whim.  But now things are different.  The bullies may have to really turn up the heat if they want to remain in power and you can bet, turn up the heat they will.

In fact, the blow back against this growing, grass roots resistance to the bullies has been and will continue to be massive, dirty and brutal.  Cries of racism by the bullies will be never-ending.  Accusations of starving children and depriving seniors will pour out of the mainstream media like water over Niagara Falls, in support of the bullies.  Massive advertising campaigns will appear, damning the protesters to the status quo for wanting dirty air and polluted water.  Propaganda, lies and distortions about the sour motives of those heartless miscreants with no compassion that oppose them, will fill the air waves, the print media and the Internet, as never before.  To give you an idea of what lies are being told by your benevolent government, read this from the The Burning Platform, entitled “A Bad Week For Freedom.”  It will blow your mind.

There are two major issues at stake for the bullies.  The first is votes and the second is maintaining power with those votes.  Without the votes, their power erodes rapidly and it can happen virtually overnight.  It might just happen in November of 2012.  “The Parallax Prophecies” predicts that the bullies will spend whatever amount of money it takes and will tell lie after lie to preserve the status quo and their political power.  There are thousands of national and international special interests that will fund the bullies with billions of dollars, including all those voters who vote to live, instead of working to live.  Are the bully’s days of getting everything they want numbered?  That will be up to the rest of Americans who are opposing the bullies.  If there are not enough of them who are willing to “stick it in the face of the bullies“, the bullies will win again ….. and maybe forever!

And one more thing:  we who are opposing the growth in government and peacefully calling for the return of a Constitutional Republic ARE NOT the so-called fringe “sovereign citizens” that the FBI is so worried about and who believe they are above the law.  We are law-abiding citizens that respect the law, just so long as the law and the government respect and protect our unalienable individual, constitutional, God-given rights.  If the government does not respect and protect our individual rights, then the government has unilaterally decided it is above and not subject to the law.  Such a government can no longer be respected or trusted and must be brought before and harshly judged by the people and corrective changes applied to bring the government back into compliance, or final subjugation to the bullies will be inevitable.

Let’s see:  is it possible that “bully” is synonymous with ….. ?  You decide.

AS A SIDE NOTE: Science has always been one of our major focuses during our entire lifetime and we have read many science books on a wide array of disciplines and written extensively on science and related subjects.  To that end we have created a new website largely devoted to science.  For those of you who have an interest in science, you can log onto our new website at: http://www.thescienceuniverse.com.  We welcome your constructive comments and there is a provision to comment on most of the pages.

Ron Ewart, President


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