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by Dr. Laurie Roth, ©2012, Presidential Candidate

Dr. Laurie Roth is a an independent candidate for President

(Feb. 16, 2012) — The Coliseum is turning on the lights.  Attendants have their popcorn and sodas ready.  The stands are packed with distracted and thrilled onlookers awaiting ‘the battle of Gods.’  The watchers know this will be a bloodbath and a gooey entertainment fest like never before.  Who are the players who will delight the crowd?  First we have  ‘Christians and Jews’  and those dangerous ‘Constitutionalists’  on one side.  Look, they are behaving just like King Obama said –  holding their Bibles and being ‘bitter clingers.’  On the other side  are the leaders of Islam, Sharia law and global elitism.  These are headed by their savior, King Obama.

In special, heated box seats I see the UN and Muslim leadership from the 57 Muslim countries.  In another box next door, painted in streaks of bright colors, are all the unemployed movie stars and wanna-be terrorists such as William Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who obsessively stand with Palestine and anyone attacking Israel.  Next to them by the pop machine are the traitorous sellout media and leftist political leaders who routinely sell out America and march her toward the new Holocaust – the control and eradication of Christians who support the Constitution and Jews who just won’t go away.

The stage has been set for our demise.  72 FEMA camps have been activated.  The NDAA Bill has been voted into law,  launched by Marxist posers – John McCain and Carl Levin.  We all know this by now, but this gives Obama the power to seize any American using our military at any time.  He can grab us without charges,  without a trial and hold us indefinitely on anything he can dream up.

None of this is new.  The pattern established by Hitler is simply being copied by Obama and his thugs.  Remember, Obama is the teleprompter King.  He copies his heroes, Saul Alinsky,  Hitler and other dictators. He also obeys what his handlers tell him,  global elitists and Islamic leaders.

Adolph Hitler wrenched democracy and freedom from Germany’s hands with  ‘Hitler’s Enabling Act,’ voted legally into law on March 23, 1933.  It was also called ‘Law for Removing the Distress of the People and the Reich.’  You may recall that Hitler had the Nazis burn down the Reichstag German Government building so they could create enough panic to get the votes for Hitler’s Enabling Act.  He blamed the Communists for the deed and people believed him.  That was the end of democracy and freedom in Germany.

In a similar fashion we have seen  the NDAA law slaughter our Constitution and rights.  It has given the putative president total power over the people and the legal ability to use military force to assault and detain us for a trumped-up reason.  Responding to the signing of the NDAA Bill,  Obama stated he would never abuse the power.  GOP frontrunner Mitt Romney, also a supporter of this bill, said he would never abuse the power due to his character.

Listen to the words of another famous person,  Adolph Hitler.  Right before the vote for his Enabling Act,  Hitler made a speech to the Reichstag where he pledged restraint and use of power.  “The government will make use of these powers only insofar as they are essential for carrying out vitally necessary measures….The number of cases in which an internal necessity exists for having recourse to such a law is in itself a limited one.”  These were the actual words of Hitler to the Reichstag.

Hitler promised a ton of lies before the vote.  He promised an end to unemployment and said he would promote peace with France, Great Britain and  the Soviet Union.  Hitler and the Nazis were part of the ‘Green’ environmental agenda and supportive of national health care as Obama is.

We have a usurper as President whose world view is one also of transforming America into a Marxist/Communist regime.  From the beginning the signs were everywhere that we had a tyrant for a President.  Don’t forget that Obama and Michelle were supportive of and at flag burning events and stated publicly before Obama was elected how they hated America.  In fact Michelle said she only started to love America after Obama was elected.  Obama constantly has surrounded himself with Communists,  anti-American and anti-Jewish colleagues and employees.  His actions from day one have been against Jews,  Christians, conservatives,  our Constitution and against God Himself.

Obama will not willfully give up his power.  He has more to finish here and abroad.  I predict,  as the months unfold toward Election Day 2012 that Internet, conservative journals and speech will be greatly diminished.  This will be a financial attack, regulation attack and set of contrived legal attacks.  Talk radio and conservative commentators will also be attacked and silenced.

Watch for contrived and invented threats to attack parts of America,  while the Russians are blamed……oh, yeah,  that was Hitler.  I mean, while the American Christians and conservatives are blamed.  George Soros has predicted riots in the streets in America.  The Occupy Wall street groups did plenty of damage but it wasn’t quite the ace of destruction Obama needed to start falsely identifying dangerous people and groups.  Watch out for bold attacks aimed at national Tea Party groups and leaders;  Watch out for Pastors to be arrested for preaching from The Holy Bible and not editing their speech;  eventually, as in the days of ancient  Rome,  Christians will be considered the enemy of the Government since we won’t submit to falsely turning people in,  abandoning freedom of religion and speech.  These assaults and threats are already happening and unfolding.

We are seeing Obama war with the Catholic Church and Christian faith.  His healthcare mandate intends to force churches and religious organizations to provide abortion drugs and supportive products.  They and insurance plans will also have to provide surgical sterilization.  There is no place in our Constitution where insurance companies and religious groups can be forced to pay for abortion services and products.  Yet,  this de facto president,  who hates the Constitution, just continues to ignore it as he takes bold leaps forward into his beloved new and improved Fascist America.  We have a President who is demanding the nation pay for abortions regardless of our beliefs.  If we let him,  he will start forcing assisted suicide to all who are disabled,  medically too expensive or just too old to contribute anymore.  Remember,  this was already done in one of the most civilized countries on earth, Germany.  We are watching it unfold right before our eyes in America.  History MUST NOT repeat itself.

Those of you who love our Constitution,  freedoms,  Judeo-Christian values and heritage,  understand that you are on a growing enemy list.  ‘Bitter clingers’ that you are…..buy more guns,  Bibles and ammo now.  Don’t ever agree to give your guns or neighbors up.  Pray hard for your country and get behind Patriot Conservatives everywhere.  Boot the sold-out establishment out, whether Democrat or Republican.  Don’t ever submit to forced health care and controls of the IRS anywhere near your health,  life and accounts.  Don’t ever submit to authorities arresting you in the middle of the night.  Demand the repeal of NDAA and everything else Obama has touched and voted into law.

Join me on my show each day  www.therothshow.com.  Let your thoughts be heard, chat and blog at www.rothrevolution.ning.com.

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  1. I, for one, think this candidate is the best on the horizon.
    How anyone could not think so, is beyond me.

    The problem is that she is not being publicized, and I
    don’t understand that strategy.

    The same with OPOV, who also is a candidate, I believe.

    Either one of these normal citizens would bring us not only
    back to our glory days but above and beyond those days,
    which in retrospect could have been much improved.

    Just my not -so-humble observation.

    So, Dr. Roth, if you are reading these posts,
    please make yourself known to the world.
    No one can vote for someone who is not
    a public figure.