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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Is America's decline toward socialism and tyranny a foregone conclusion?

(Feb. 14, 2012) — Ever watch something self-destruct? Parents of teenagers balance their hopes and dreams on their offspring’s moral fortitude to resist political correctness. All we can do is the best that we can, but sometimes even the best and most well-intentioned parents get it wrong, and it may be no fault of their own.  After all, our kids are bombarded with very strong and outside stimulus, 24-7, and Sundays are just like any other day of the week now.

About the time I signed up for Business 101, the drinking establishment that I patronized was sold. One of the requirements of the class was to submit a weekly paper describing a witnessed business situation, and the timing couldn’t have been any better for me. The lounge/restaurant that was sold was fantastically successful: it was as packed at lunch as it was for the evening meal. The décor was Old English, which the new owners changed from Old English to “Modern Day Denny’s.”  The unique dining experience was wiped out, resulting in yet another 10% decrease in customers. The menu was changed, and the lunch crowd was affected the most, for what was a quick lunch became an hour affair to the point that the lunch crowd was completely wiped out.   It went from a packed house to desolation in two quick months.

Waitresses bailed first, from not being around for the non-existent lunch crowd, to the mediocre turnout at dinner. Bus boys left; cooks were let go. The menu was changed yet again, the head chef left, and it was all over.  The only bright spot was my weekly business class reports.  The new owners hung on as long as they could, but the writing was on the wall.  The first 10% loss expanded to 50%, and the once-successful enterprise was sold.

Reminds you of America today, does it not? The new owners (Obama and his gang of incompetents) implementing changes that result in catastrophe, and rather than admitting mistakes, they plow on and care not for the consequences. Turning a blind eye to illegal immigrants and the growing Muslim population.  Here’s a formula for you: Muslims = Islam; Islam = Sharia Law; Sharia Law = the total destruction of the country wherever Muslims immigrated to.

That restaurant could have been saved, but through incompetence and failure to note the obvious, the new owners failed, resulting in unemployment, foreclosures and divorces. Guess what? America can be saved, but as long as people fail to note the obvious (unemployment, foreclosures, divorces) we’ll end up just as the restaurant did: a failed enterprise.

There are plenty of examples that are germane to our situation: reference the political situation in Europe in the first half of the 20th century, but it won’t mean a hill of beans if people fail to even realize there is a major problem in America today. Failure to acknowledge the problem in America is our worst problem, for how can you fix something if you don’t even see the problem? And that’s what’s wrong with America today: failure to see that we’re going down the road to chaos with the destruction of our Constitution, for we are surely traveling that path, to the detriment of us all.


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  1. In America the people are the owner. The composition of the owner continually changes due to natural causes. During the past 150 years the wannabe owner from across the Atlantic has used cunning to gain control of our government, our money and out children’s education so that through smoke and mirrors they enslave us. Of course, the wannabe owners are too big and powerful to subdue.

    Our mission, if we are to survive as a nation, is to unleash the grip of the wannabe owner tentacles where ever they are encountered. An arduous task, unless you consider that we are 310 million to their what, 30,000 or less? Each county can and must do for itself by using its most knowledgable people on history and law to establish an independent common law jurisdiction for the county to expose and unleash those tentacles, break the mirrors and dissipate the smoke, until their county becomes rid of the beast. A lot of work, yes, but the price is worth it, and the results are permanent. Freedom is not free.

  2. NO, America CANNOT nor Will Not be saved~There are NO Warriors “Heeding the Clarion’s Call!” Turning the Deaf-Ear to Destruction of the Republic and Not caring for the Demise of Freedom that is ALL-Absorbed by Apathetic, Self-Centered Me First Mentality will only serve to Insure the Destruction of “Freedoms, Liberties and Pursuits of Happiness” provided by our Constitution!! As the Constitution has been deemed Irrevelant and “Subject to Change” to Serve only those that would Destroy it~America as “WE the People” know it, will most assuradly CEASE to EXIST!!

  3. You, OPPVV, being of sound mind and common-sense, hit the nail squarely on its head: Muslims = Islam = Sharia Law = Infilltrate and Take Over Non-Muslim countries. Wake the F up America!

    Another Pissed-Off Vietnam Veteran