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February 10, 2012

Is Barack Obama the 44th President or an impostor?

James E. Howell, Business Director

The Washington Times, N.W.E.


Dear Mr. Howell,

I have received your “Last Chance” mailing concerning the lapse of the many year subscription to your National Weekly Edition. As you have obviously been left “out of the loop” I will take this opportunity to explain myself:

Over the past four years I have written to your “Letters to the Editor” column and one WAS printed, but NONE of the one’s concerning the questioning of the lack of eligibility of Mr. Barack Hussein Obama II / Barry Sortoro / Barry Soebarkah / Harrison J. Bounel / ? to be president of the United States. IN one edition you DID print three letters addressing this issue, but that was an isolated instance. Your paper DID see fit to take paid advertising concerning this question and for this I remain thankful. I realize that you DO have the right to pick and choose what letters to run and I can only assume these are picked with regard to the amount of interest shown by readers.

On several occasions, over many, many months, I wrote asking why your paper did not give news coverage to the increasing interest in the putative President. A man who promised “transparency” in his regime, only to provide us with “invisibility” instead. Needless to say, all of these letters were ignored. Then a few months back, you ran a “How Are We Doing” campaign soliciting comments. I took this opportunity to respond, only to discover that the email address printed was not a valid one and my email was refused. I therefore resorted to what I considered your “formula” for email addresses and sent off another one. As that did NOT come back, I can only assume it was delivered (or possibly floating eternally in the Ethernet?). When that drew no response and a couple of weeks later I saw the ad repeated , still with the “improper” email address I tried yet again only this time I used your “improper” address along with the improvised one as a “cc”. Once again, the “improper” one was returned. When I saw that ad a third time, I tried again. Still no response. I might add that during this time I had emailed several of your staffers whose email addresses appeared as “by-lines”. The upshot ? Zilch!, Zip, Nada!

I was not trying to set your editorial content, I was just trying to determine WHY you failed to REPORT on the greatest crisis facing our nation in my 81 years and I think even bigger than the War Between the States; for at least when Lincoln savaged the Constitution he had the backing of Congress. This putative “president” does it with an end run AROUND that compliant body! I even tried getting an answer from the poor girls stuck with handling the subscriptions (as for years I have also sent gift subscriptions) but when they were no help as well, I had to make the decision that with limited resources I would choose to support those news agencies who WOULD REPORT THE TRUTH! Fortunately a FEW people like those at World Net Daily and The Post & Email are not only journalists, but Patriots as well.

Thus, Mr. Howell, you will understand why I am unable to avail myself of a renewal at this time.


Richard H. Irish

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  1. Here, here!

    A GOOD example for all who subscribe to rags that willfully deceive by only publishing their particular brand of ideology!

    That goes for both left & right leaning “news” resources! The News should be the News, NOT partisan but Just The Facts, Jack!