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February 10, 2012

With a purported foreign father, is Obama a "natural born Citizen?"


It has now been over three years since I last wrote you begging for the good of the Country the Court take on the Presidential Eligibility issue which continues to cause division and angry discourse among the Citizens. The opportunity has been before you multiple times and still you deny the American people a hearing on the Merits. Justice Thomas in a House subcommittee last year appears to have confirmed that the Court is intentionally “evading” this issue which indeed seems to be the case. If this is the case to what good end do you see this avoidance? I do not desire to cast aspersions but I am perplexed at the workings of the court seeming to hear and decide cases which, in the weight of importance, pale in comparison. I shake my head in disbelief. Rest assured I would not raise such questions as these and those I am about to if I had not heard Justice Thomas indicate you had taken a course of evasion.

I know as an experienced Physician an early diagnosis and treatment improves outcomes. Do you not think the same principle applies to the healing of our Nation? We are now headed rapidly into another general election with the question of the Framers intent relevant to Mr. Obama regarding the “Natural Born Citizen” clause hanging over us. To add significant weight to the situation we now have several Republican candidates for President being vetted with a parent born overseas.

We are divided on the issue and in need of resolution. I am now hearing  my fellow Citizens who support Mr. Obama begin to cry foul that those on the Right who challenge him on the eligibility issue “hunker down in silence” when it comes to the “Darlings of the Grand Ole Republican party”. Take for instance Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio who some have touted as excellent choices for Vice President or perhaps President in the future. I am convinced that NEITHER Mr. Rubio or Mr. Jindal meets the requirements under the definition of a Natural Born Citizen. I am NOT saying that either of them would NOT be a good President. This is NOT about political views as it is NOT with Mr. Obama. This is NOT about race as Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum whose fathers are foreign born are also not immune. I am saying that the “cult of personality” or the partisan desire for power does not trump the rule of law for if it does we are NOT a Nation of laws but rather of men.

Those who accuse the Right of hypocrisy are absolutely justified to do so! They were right in 2008 when they questioned the eligibility of Senator John McCain only to have their concerns ignored and then “fixed” by Senate resolution 511 (interestingly supported by Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama himself ) declaring McCain eligible. Is this how our system is intended to work? Issues of Constitutional import get “fixed” by Congressional Resolution? I think not. While Rome is burning it appears the system of “Good Ole Boy” and to not leave out the ladies “Good Ole Girl” cronyism has no problem reaching across the aisle when it comes to helping themselves. No wonder John McCain dared not broach the Obama eligibility issue as he was already beholding to Mr. Obama. No wonder the “Established Republicans” sit on their hands mute like guilty children paying penitence and do NOTHING but to ignore pleas from their own constituents to support the Constitution.  Shame on all of them; they are a National disgrace. How can they wonder why the public holds them in such low esteem? But I digress.

I am certain the court must be aware of the recent ballot challenge in Georgia in which the defendant Mr. Obama chose willfully to ignore the Court and not produce any documentation to support his claim that he is eligible to be on the ballot. It is obvious that the decision by Judge Malihi in favor of the defendant is fatally flawed as the defendant produced no documents, no sworn testimony and in fact the defendant produced absolutely nothing in defiance of a court order even though the burden of proof according to Georgia law resided with the defendant in the affirmative. This decision and Secretary of State Brian Kemps decision to uphold the ruling no doubt are going to appeal and there are other cases pending.  Does the court not think it wise to settle this issue urgently? Certainly the Court recognizes that the preservation of the integrity of the free election process we are approaching hangs in the balance. To this effect there are pressing questions that deserve immediate answers.

·         Is it your intent to continue “evading”, as Justice Thomas has implied, and deny application to hear this case leaving us divided with no clear answers going forward into the general election and beyond?

·          If you do plan to hear this before the general election exactly when do you intend to do so?

·         What if Mr. Obama indeed fails the eligibility test? Is it not reasoned the longer you wait the less chance the Democratic Party would have in fielding and vetting a qualified candidate? Would a delay into late spring or summer tip the balance and even decide the election for the Republicans? Can you imagine the outrage and rightful indignation of the Democrats should this occur? What about the Republican candidates? Permit me to suggest that it may be wise and prudent to settle this issue so that the Parties and the States can verify the Candidates on both sides meet the eligibility requirements without anymore delay.

·         Do you not consider this as an important issue?  Are you content to let the Constitution die a slow death by a thousand small cuts? Have you rendered yourselves irrelevant other than to determine the pace at which we dispose of it?

·         Do we still have a Constitutional Republic or is it an illusion? If it is lost do you not have a moral and ethical duty to inform the Soldiers who are dying in an effort to defend it?  The questions can go on and on ad infinitum.

In spite of the questions, I am not willing to accept that all we have fought for is gone. This for me is to think the unthinkable! So, perhaps the truth of why you are evading the issue is more straightforward. Might I be so bold as to state the obvious: your actions suggest that you are evading hearing this issue because you ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER and you are afraid of the social and political consequences of that decision. This has all the appearances that through the deliberate actions of some and the inaction of others, we have created in essence a colossal mess; a constitutional crisis of immense proportion that must be addressed before we have yet another botched election process.

I ask the court to forgive my lack of decorum if my letter is perceived as deficient for I am certain it is but I trust that you will accept that my intentions are honorable and I mean no disrespect to the Court; but I cannot hide my own frustration and fears and I wish to convey a sense of urgency and a desire to see that our Constitution is upheld. My argument to the Court is simple; the time to settle this case is NOW.  It goes without saying that any officers of the court that have a vested interest in this case should recluse  themselves; in particular those whose appointments would  become null and void should Mr. Obama be proven to NOT be eligible and thus lack the legal authority to appoint them. The American People are watching. The World is watching. We the People deserve and demand answers.

This issue is not going away. A YouGov poll in January of 2012 shows a full 41% of Americans doubt the Obama birth narrative in spite of his releasing a “long form birth certificate”. What question before the court this very moment is more important than the determination the person holding the Office of President of the United States has the LEGAL AUTHORITY to hold that office? Certainly not Health Care for if Mr. Obama did not have the legal authority to sign it in the first place the law is VOID and your deliberations on the merits are worthless. In Minor V. Happersett did the court not determine the  citizenship status of Virginia Minor before moving forward and that she being born of parents who themselves are US citizens and being born in the United States was a “Natural Born Citizen”?  Given the myriad questions surrounding Mr. Obama and the doubts of the citizens Mr. Obama was even born here, should you not first establish as FACT that he has the authority to sign the Health Care Bill? What have you seen as tangible evidence that he does? A Birth Certificate on the Web or what he presented to the Georgia Court…absolutely NOTHING? Millions of people see the Emperor has no clothes; I trust you would not wish to put the court in such a humiliating position as the Emperor.

What I saw occur in Georgia this past few weeks is absolutely frightening and I myself am afraid. You must understand the concerns among the Citizens that we no longer have the rule of law are not completely unfounded. Who among us can willfully disregard a court order, not pay a penalty and then prevail in a Court of Law? If allowed to stand what precedent does this set? Is he really above the law? I saw Mr. Obama at the State of the Union address of 27 Jan. 2010 show a flagrant contempt for the Judiciary. What makes you so confident that he would even abide by your decision should you find him not eligible and willingly step down?  I have seen nothing to suggest he would. I hope I am wrong.

Our Constitution is precious. To me the words written on that parchment are more than just the ramblings of old men whose ideas have run their course. The words are a sacred promise, purchased with the precious blood and treasure of those who have come before, between the Government and the Citizens that we will NOT HAVE OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS INFRINGED UPON OR TAKEN FROM US EVER AGAIN. This promise, the covenant crafted from the laws of God and Nature requires for its survival an independent Judiciary, committed to the elucidation of truth, armed by the conviction of the human spirit humbled before our Creator, unafraid and undaunted to stand on the side of Justice regardless of the price.  If the Supreme Court “evades” our concerns who are we the citizens to look to for relief? The nature of man is corruptible and MUST be restrained by the rule of law. Our right to have a President that respects the law, does not hold himself above it , fulfills the Constitutional requirements to hold the office and who defends the Constitution is implicit. As I did in January of 2009, I again plead with you to settle this issue of concern for the challenges we face as a Nation are many, the time is short and we must not fail.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dr. David Earl-Graef LtCol USAFR MC

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  1. A president that can be blackmailed is one that cannot be trusted with the responsibility of national security…or anything else for that matter.

    1. A president who wouldn’t pass an FBI background investigation for even the lowest national security clearance cannot be trusted with anything.

  2. The time is long past for trying to solicit proper action from these people with humble
    respect. They have shown themselves to be without honor and deserve nothing but
    the most vile contempt. It would be more appropriate to express there is no doubt
    as to the definition of Natural Born Citizen, that we know the truth, and their lies and
    deceit are crimes that merit the most extreme of penalties.

  3. The message Georgia Secretary of State Kemp has sent to all the other states is…if you threaten to expose the usurper you can pretty much name your price.

  4. When the system of checks and balances are removed, and the three branches of Government are working in collusion with each other, there is no platform for ordinary citizens to address their grievances. The “establishment” in Washington, D.C. have elevated their status from representatives of the people, to “rulers” of the serfs. The Constitution and rule of Law no longer applies. Their only concern is maintaining power and enriching themselves by doing the bidding of the “puppet-masters” who pull their strings. We all need to pray for some Divine intervention, without which we will continue to witness the deliberate destruction of this Country.

  5. Another point. The Chief Justice has been sitting on a petition with 325,000 signatures since 3/09 requesting verification of eligibility. The results to date are no action taken.

    Is this the grounds for impeachment?

    1. I do not know what it would take to impeach a Supreme Court Justice but until Harry Reid no longer controls the US Senate this will not occur. I am hopeful that Chief Justice Roberts will see the danger in continuing to evade taking action for ALL Americans not just those who think Obama is an USURPER but those who have supported him and helped to keep this issue buried. We need everyone who sees the importance of this issue to get in touch with the election officials in their respective States and let them know we are not going to stand for ANY candiate that does not fulfil the Article II requirements to be President.

  6. You pose the essential question .. is our country lost? I choose hope over despair and as long as there is one person like you who sees the truth and then takes a stand there is hope. It must always by nature start somewhere so count yourself among the few who in the face of tyranny stand up and say NEVER AGAIN!!

    Lt Col David Earl-Graef

  7. Let’s not forget that when POTUS-elect Obama met in private with the SCOTUS justices there was at least one Obama-eligibility case awaiting consideration from the SCOTUS.

    1. Thank you for reading my “lengthy article”. The rebirth of our nation takes Patriots like you. I am aware of the challenges before us but I often draw my inspiritation from Washington who on bended knee prayed in the snow at Valley Forge, and I ask myself if he had simply mounted his horse and ridden away where would we be?

      Lt Col David Earl-Graef

      1. Col.
        First off, thank you for your heartfelt letter to Justice Roberts.
        Sadly, it appears, based on both the SCOTUS contempt for both the American people and the Constitution, or their fear of leftist agitated black insurrection if Obama, the true hero to the African American community, was to be exposed as a charlatan & the fraud that he appears to be, they refuse to act has been and remains their traitorous response to possibly the most important unanswered question in all American history.
        It appears to me, based on my own experiences with the utter and total feckless NC General Assembly of my state, to the Congress and the RINOS party, that the chances of you ever finding an ‘honest’ Patriot’ either on the court or anywhere in a position of power as not slim, only none!
        Those in power either don’t care or can’t conceive of their sworn duty is a real responsibility, nor do they foresee that by their own actions or refusal thereof, that they are now actively involved in treason to the very country whose oaths they took to uphold.
        That they refuse to act, to speak out, to condemn, to educate, to instruct or to cry for the justice that they are sworn to uphold is all the evidence that reasonable Americans need to see that we are dealing with an embedded oligarchy that is as corrupt and evil as Syrias Assad.
        In their fear of racial explosion or in their corrupt arrogance they refuse to see that their oligarchic, tyrannical dream of lies as justice may indeed bring civil insurrection not by the blacks, but armed revolution by Americans sickened by their perfidy to the rule of law and contempt for both it and the American people.
        Sadly, I see no possibility of justice from a SCOTUS that is as feckless as this one. One whose atheist associate has just gone to Egypt and trashed the very Constitution that she is sworn to uphold.
        The sickness that IS secular fundamentalism, one that has permeated to the SCOTUS itself, and whose malignant tentacles have spread throughout all branches of government and whose treasonous actions are invisible to the Fifth column now known as the MSM, including Faux News.
        In short Sir, my retired officers eyes see not justice but their continued complicity in the coup d’état known as Obama and the collapse of our nation as this evil spreads it’s cancer ever deeper throughout the few healthy remaining organs of the American body politic.
        There is a growing recognition that only by insurrection, not by the rule of law, which has been usurped and perverted to evil ends by the ‘Ruling Class’, one encompassing EVERY governmental body, including the one Roberts leads, is the only viable course of action in order to stop the transformation of America that is Obamas and the Marxist/Muslim revolution that he leads can ever be stopped and America be saved and that possibility is in itself, iffy. Otherwise, our country and it’s future are a road to financial ruin and collapse.
        LCDR Thomas Lawson , (USN- ret)’ Ph.D.

  8. Between the November 2008 election and the swearing in by Roberts in January, Obama requested and was granted a PRIVATE meeting with the Supreme court justices. What was that about????? What????

    And Chief Justice Roberts then allows Obama to swear to uphold and defend the constitution! I can’t decide which mask to choose for that scenario, comedy or tragedy. it looks like citizens can expect no redress of the violation against our country from the likes of Roberts.

    BTW, are you as outraged as I am listening to people like Limbaugh, Levin, Hannity, Beck all wailing about the Obamaite unconstitutional acts re religious freedom granted in the 1st amendment? Guess they like to pick and choose which part of the constitution deserves their support. Where are their voices concerning a usurper in the WH? Zippered.