Political Establishments and the Culture of Dependency


by Lawrence Sellin, ©2012

(Feb. 7, 2012) — We have elections, but we no longer have representative government.

National elections are not about Washington, D.C. responding to the will of the American people; they are about the distribution of power between the two political establishments.

Members of the political establishments parlay that power into influence, privilege and affluence by redistributing the wealth generated by ordinary Americans into their own pockets and those of their friends.

The Democrat establishment is composed of the Democratic Party, liberal financiers, unions and the mainstream media.

The Republican establishment includes big government Republicans, their financiers and pundits masquerading as conservative media.

The objective of both establishments is the same; to maintain a corrupt political status quo unconstrained by the Constitution and the rule of law.

The means by which both establishments maintain the status quo is the same; fostering a culture of dependency.

The Democrat establishment creates a culture of dependency by expanding government control and entitlements fed by tribal politics, which divides America into a collection of minority groups where the only thing that we have in common is our differences.

National Democratic Party Chairwoman, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Shultz (D-FL), admitted as much when she recently proclaimed the Democratic Party as the “natural home” for minorities. Yeah, just like the plantation and the ghetto.

The Republican establishment produces a culture of dependency by limiting choice.

They want to remain the sole alternative to the Democrats. When grass root movements like the Tea Party arise or independent thinkers speak out, they are co-opted or crushed by the Republican establishment.

They also limit choice by pre-selecting candidates. I believe as do many Americans that Mitt Romney is the candidate who has been anointed by the Republican establishment.

In a private conversation a Republican state chairman stated that Romney was selected as the nominee of the Republican establishment over a year ago.

There is no better evidence of the Romney pre-selection process than the reaction of the Republican establishment after former Speaker Newt Gingrich’s victory in the South Carolina primary.

The Republican establishment did not want just to defeat Gingrich in the Florida primary, they wanted to drive him of the Presidential race.

Conservative Americans comprise about forty percent of the Republican electorate. The Republican establishment is now in the process of blackmailing conservatives.

The pre-selected Romney mantra proclaims the defeat of Barack Obama as the critical issue of the 2012 election, that he is the best candidate to do so and those conservatives should rally behind him to achieve that glorious goal.

That assertion is Republican establishment nonsense.  From their standpoint the 2012 election is about nothing more than gaining more power in Washington, D.C.  They are less concerned about Romney beating Obama than winning back the Senate and holding the House to get a tight grip on the financial resources of hard-working Americans.

The fact is that Barack Obama could be brought down today, if his history was properly vetted. The Republican establishment cannot do that because, out of fear and political correctness, they did not perform their due diligence in 2008 and, since then, they have become complicit in a conspiracy of silence. Exposing Obama would also entail exposing their involvement in the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on the American people.

In reality, the 2012 election will be a contest between a left-of-center Republican establishment candidate and a far-left-of-center Democrat establishment candidate to win the right to maintain their own version of the corrupt status quo.

Either way the decline of America will proceed. Our choice will be between a slow or a quick death.

As a citizen who believes in the Constitution, honest government and a genuinely representative republic, there is no major political party in the United States that embodies those interests.

For me there is no one left for whom to vote.

To those Americans, who believe as I do, that Barack Obama is a Constitutionally illegal President who has committed felonies both before and after achieving office, it is also a time of choice.

The Democrat and Republican establishments and the main stream media including conservative media have agreed to bury the issue of Obama’s illegal actions – forever. They are stalling for time with the expectation that those issues will be overtaken by events.

Under normal circumstances, traditional methods like informing law enforcement and petitioning the courts or elected officials would be the appropriate courses of action, but these are not normal times. Time and the concerted opposition argue against such an approach.

In a military engagement you always hit the enemy where he is most vulnerable. In this situation it is the Republican establishment.

If you really believe these issues are important, then there must be a united effort to tell the Republican establishment now that we will not vote for any Republicans in November 2012 unless they first properly vet Obama.

Expose Obama and there will be a real opportunity for restoration of the Constitution and genuine representative government.

If you believe the Republican establishment’s political blackmail that by threatening to withhold your vote would contribute to Obama’s re-election, then, you should drop the ineligibility and felony issues, join the Republican establishment’s conspiracy of silence and work with them to beat Obama in November.

At this point I anticipate an Obama-Romney contest which I expect Obama to win. Either way, the issues of Obama’s ineligibility for the Presidency and his crimes will never see the light of day in any meaningful way. An Obama victory will crush all opposition and a Romney win will render the issue moot.  The Republicans will never investigate because they are now complicit in a cover-up.

In either case, the result is the same. With a dead Constitution there will be no republic left to save.


Lawrence Sellin, Ph.D. is a retired colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve and a veteran of Afghanistanand Iraq. He receives email at lawrence.sellin@gmail.com

4 Responses to "Political Establishments and the Culture of Dependency"

  1. GunnyG   Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 10:56 PM

    Semper Watching, Col Sellin…

    Dick G
    aka: Gunny G

  2. Georgiaboy61   Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 5:30 PM

    Re: “Dig in. It only gets harder from here, however, be mindful that with every ruling the Plutarchy is exposed in greater detail.” Rule of Law, you are onto something here… our goal in challenging Obama and the other usurpers of the constitution should be to defeat them, but in the event that does not prove immediately possible, it should also be to compel them to show themselves for who and what they are. Those who would enslave us survive and thrive because they remain hidden behind the facade of the respect and legitimacy accorded judges and politicians. Our task is to pull back the curtain, exposing who they are for all to see. Then and only then, will enough Americans awaken to the crimes happening in front of them, to demand action.

  3. DOTK   Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 2:38 PM

    For sure Romney is the pre-selected candidate that we are being propagandized to rally around. If you have listened carefully to Romney, a time period of “ten years ago” repeatedly issues from his lips to our ears. 10 years ago his wealth went into… a blind trust… and he had many new conservative *epiphanies* beginning around that time period. Ten years ago this goal was hatched to elevate himself to POTUS. Romney didn’t suceed in 2008 and why is he trying again so frantically? Why does he want to be POTUS so badly and why do the RINOS hope he is the ONE?? He was no great governor!!

    Romney thinks we all will get behind him and unite *should* he squeak out the nomination. The truth is we will not. I will do a write-in and so will many others! People say that will give Obama the win, perhaps, perhaps not. Romney is not clearly distinct enough from Obama or passionate enough about the constitution or conservative ideas that it would result in any significant change in DC, so does it matter if it comes down to those 2? Romney proves he is not really conversant with the principles of conservatism, ie, his suggestion the minimum wage be tied to inflation! Really???!!! Some businessman he is !! Romney also shares Obama’s strange obsession with the folks who earn $200,000 as if they are pariahs.

    Yes, I fear the consitution and the country as it was founded to be are but memories now. Every week brings new contempt for the founding documents…and the very people that have ignored the Article II ineligible usurper and have not uttered a peep, are shocked, shocked I tell you by the presidential over- reach ( not shocked enough though by usurpation).

    What happened in the Georgia court tells us something. Lady Justice happens to wear a blindfold so that decisions are based on evidence and not on the importance or unimportance of those coming to the scales for weighing. In this case the judge blindfolded himself and did not even read the evidence! Maybe I speak too harshly…maybe he did read the historical evidence but couldn’t understand it. Either way, put a fork in us, we are done.

  4. Rule of Law   Tuesday, February 7, 2012 at 2:13 PM

    No one should assume any SOS is actually doing their job and protecting the voter franchise. The challenge to keep Obama off the Primary Ballots is simply a first step and should be dispensed with as quickly as possible. No one in the Judiciary should be given respect or honor as they have all declared war on the US Constitution and the People. It is time to state up front in all the challenges that the judge and lawyers are assumed to be hostile to the Constitutional Republic. What happened in Georgia will backfire on Obama and his handlers. It will backfire on the Judiciary as they expose themselves as being completely corrupt. The decision in Georgia was a mirage, and orchestrated to try and downplay the complaint that the case had never been heard on the merits. Now they will say it has been and it has been struck down. These people are only fooling themselves and exposing the reality of the shift in our Government, from a Constitutional Republic to a Plutarchy.

    Dig in. It only gets harder from here, however, be mindful that with every ruling the Plutarchy is exposed in greater detail.

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