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by Dr. Laurie Roth, Presidential Candidate 

Does Dr. Laurie Roth have what it takes to be President of the United States?

(Jan. 25, 2012) — Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine an outsider like me would dare to run for the office of the President,  but I am. Nor did I ever imagine a real patriot,  Mom and non-millionaire would have a chance at winning,  but I do.  Our Constitution,  Judeo-Christian values and freedom are precious jewels to treasure and protect.  We currently have a putative President who is systematically destroying these everywhere you look.  If you aren’t in a rage over this,  you must be dead.  Gee,  if you are dead maybe you can vote in the next election in several states.  Bad…..I know.

The Dr. Laurie Roth candidacy  flies in the face of reason,  practical thinking and history’s  boxes of ‘shoulds and oughts.’  The notion that a real person like me, just with God’s calling (which I have),  vision, guts and great ideas (which I have) for my country sounds insane to many.  “You don’t get elected on ideas and callings…..you get elected with money and media.”  “What about the global elitists and money people in control that rig the elections?” “Belief in God is nice, Laurie, but He will not change the difficult and expensive landscape of a Presidential election, especially with Obama who has close to a billion dollars already.”  Really…..does God serve Obama?

I have heard all the doubts and lectures in the world since I declared in November.  I’m bored already.  Here is what I know and have to say to all who doubt the possibility of a real patriot like me getting elected: Stop doubting God.  He will do whatever He wants and plans to do and He does respond to the prayers of His people.  

Am I tin helmet in my faith?   I serve the God of the Holy Bible who breathes out trillions of planets, billions in our galaxy alone, and made the human body with trillions of cells that interlock and work perfectly.  In fact,  in this body, all physical systems are held together by the protein molecule called Laminin,which is shaped like a cross.  Google it and see for yourself.  I also find it most amazing that in the last few years our Hubbell space telescope discovered a black hole in the middle of our galaxy which amazingly is shaped like a cross.  Is Jesus trying to tell us something?  Think what you will.  God designs and engineers down to the protein molecule and trillions of planets, which make the earth look like a Nat or golf ball in comparison.  Do you think God is capable of orchestrating HIS will in any election?

Some say I sound demented or hugely arrogant.  Perhaps I have another brain injury that has emerged.  The truth  is that I am passionate about my country,  passionate about my God and passionate about my family.  AND,  I will be damned if I will just stand by and watch the greatest country on earth be destroyed along with her people and freedom!  I KNOW I have the guts,  courage and moxie to boldly right the wrongs of the Obama and leftist machine and put us back on top. I WILL if God and ‘the people’ give me that chance. 

Why am I a plaintiff in the Georgia case against Obama?

Just as I never thought I would run for President, I never dreamed I would be suing our de facto President.  It sounds rather unreal and movie-like, doesn’t it?  The Mom from the hills of Washington with no money is suing the President with a billion dollars.  Where are the cameras?

What is behind my joining such a lawsuit under the courageous leadership and representation of Orly Taitz?  First of all, I must get this off my chest.  I am not running for President as a gimmick to simply get myself the standing to be able to sue Obama.  Long before this suit was ever heard of, I was called to run and started charting my course from the outside.  Only recently was I added as a plaintiff to the Georgia suit and I am proud to be included in it.

Why is this suit important?

There are plenty of legal maneuvers and stall games that can be played by Obama.  This week on my national radio show I talked with Attorney Steve Eichler about the various responses and legal options Obama might explore.  We only have to wait until tomorrow to see just what Obama might pull.

God knows what Obama will do but he will try something,  perhaps a legal stall…”I’m too busy”  “I’m sick”  “I lost it”  or,  he might show up since he has received a subpoena and show his ‘long-form birth certificate’ so he can get on the ballot in Georgia.  Finally,  Eichler said he just may decide not to show anything, perhaps show up and say he doesn’t have it and not get on the Georgia ballot.  Remember,  we are talking about a man who already showed  a proven forgery and fraud of a long-form birth certificate on April 27, 2011 to the country.  That was a crime and NO ONE HAD A THING TO SAY ABOUT IT IN MAINSTREAM MEDIA OR POLITICAL CIRCLES.  SHAME ON ALL WHO IGNORED THIS.  I DIDN’T. 

With this arrogant flip-off Obama already gave the US,  I would be surprised at nothing.  He may waltz in Thursday and try and get away with another forgery,  which would now be a forgery presented to a state judge.  Orly Taitz would then have to present her case to the judge as to why it was a forgery, and the judge would have to decide on both sides.  This case will take some time.  Thursday is simply another stage in the battle.

Why would I even bother? 

It is critical that we protect every part of our constitution, law and the truth.  That is why I am a plaintiff.  It is not because I hate black people,  Democrats or want attention!   It is clear that our Constitution says you cannot run for President if you are not natural born.  If Obama was natural born,  after years of controversy and endless lawsuits attempting to simply see a real birth certificate, why hasn’t he released a REAL ONE?  Instead, he has spent over $2 million to hide all his college records,  passport records and long-form birth certificate. 

More than a few investigative journalists and attorneys,  such as Phil Berg,  Orly Taitz and Dr. Jerry Corsi have discovered all kinds of evidence that is more than troubling.  Orly has discovered that Obama used many social security numbers and has used many names.  Berg represents many affidavits of folks attesting to Obama being born in Kenya,  while Tim Adams, a former top election official in Hawaii, signed an affidavit saying that there was no long-form birth certificate for Barack Obama in Hawaii. 

Obviously Obama is hiding a whole lot of somethings.  Is it foreign money behind his college days he doesn’t want us to see?  Is it that he never changed his name back or citizenship back from Indonesia?  Did he even go to the colleges he states he did?  No one has come forward ever seeing him attend classes?  Who is this man in the White House?

America must never again be put in the position of having a mystery man or woman running for President.  If they are a mystery,  they should be nowhere near the White House!

Info about Dr. Laurie Roth as a Presidential Candidate

I was born in The Dalles, Oregon, on July 29, 1960.   Both my parents are citizens.

I received my B.A. from George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon. 

I received my Master’s degree in Agency Counseling from Portland State University.

I received my Ph.D. in Counseling – emphasis:  Alcohol and Drugs, from Oregon State University.

I have never used drugs, nor taken any drug to my mouth.

I have no arrests of any kind.

I went bankrupt in 1995 when I was a victim of crime in the music business.

I was nearly killed in August 2005 in a motorcycle accident and started again.

I have been married to the same man, Richard, for nearly 12 years.

Rich and I have two adopted children,  Wayne,  now in 3rd grade,  and Monica, now a 9th grader.

I am not owned by handlers,  part of the Trilateral Commission,  global elitists or manipulated by any group.

Pray that the truth comes out about Obama and join my team to the White House so we can get to fixing this country and put it quickly back on track.  We can do this if patriot and conservative groups and individuals will sign up and volunteer to help me get the signatures needed to get on the ballot in all 50 states.  I need your organizational help.  Contact me directly at:  drljroth@aol.com  There is plenty of time to make history.  I believe The Lord will help us as we all walk forward in faith, prayer and boldness.  www.laurieroth2012.com   www.therothshow.com. 

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