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by Dr. Laurie Roth, Presidential Candidate

Dr. Laurie Roth is running for President as an Independent

(Jan. 19, 2012) — Do you all realize yet just how much your freedoms have been betrayed by the signing of the NDAA Bill?  Do you get it yet that this arrogant destruction is at the hands of Republicans, ‘pretend Conservatives’ and Democrats,  ‘redistribution of wealth specialists?’  It is time to stop protecting ‘labels’ and ‘political parties’ like they are God’s anointed football teams.  Any politician, including Obama is on the side of treason and treachery who signed this into law.

Under many names, including conservatism and liberalism, GOP and Democrat, our Constitution and freedoms are being crushed.  Remember it was former Presidential Candidate and Republican Senator John McCain along with Senator Carl Levin (D) who sponsored the NDAA Bill,  knowing full well that it was a complete violation of our Miranda rights, Constitution, Posse Comitatus and freedoms. It sets American patriots and conservatives up to disappear.

Drama queen Obama was promising all the way along to Veto this bill, as if anyone with a brain actually believed he was sincere with that threat.  The truth was that according to Senator Levin,  Obama wouldn’t agree to sign it if the part about focusing potential arrests for terror suspicions weren’t aimed at U.S. citizens. So,  as cancerous leadership goes these days,  the Senate gave into heir Obama.  If they had been real servants and leaders they would have stonewalled it and kept it from going forward when Obama made his threats and ultimatum.  Instead they were cowards and sell out fascists.

Now, our military can legally grab you any time out of your home without charges and whisk you off to Gitmo or any place in the world.  That is indefinitely, without charges,  no trial,  and no phone call to your honey or anything.  You would be gone.

Of course Heir Obama gave us a warm fuzzy the other day that he wouldn’t use his power against U.S. citizens.  Isn’t that comforting,  especially since Homeland Security, under Obama leaked the MIAC report in 2008 describing just about everyone as potential domestic terrorists?  That included, pro life,  pro 2nd amendment,  pro state and federal sovereignty, those uncomfortable with Communist regimes and returning vets. That pretty much defines most of America as terrorists already.

Then we saw the activation of the FEMA camps,  at least 72 of them peppered all across the country.  Gee,  its almost as if Heir Obama is planning or expecting a revolt or contrived national disaster.  Ready for a move you loud mouth freedom lovers?

As unconstitutional as this bill is, Romney (Obama light) said he supported the NDAA Bill when asked about it in the last debate.  How could any real American support such a Bill that literally shreds our rights and gives Dictatorial powers to the President and military.   Romney wants to be my President while carrying the Constitutional betrayals forward.

I intend to fight with all that is in me to get elected President in 2012.  My first week on the job will be very busy.  Not only will I stop abortions,  but I will use every ounce of power I have to destroy and repeal the NDAA law,  Obamacare bill,  stop the destruction of Coal and power plants victimized by idiot regulations, build our military back up to where it must be, restore the Canadian Pipeline and much more.

People say you can’t lead if you don’t have political experience.  I say you can’t lead if you don’t love God, your country and have some guts to do the right thing.

The signing of the NDAA Bill is treasonous.  McCain,  Levin and ALL who signed this should be impeached and run out of political office.  I could care less about the good of their career or party.  Too stinking bad.  I’m running as an Independent conservative and frankly I’m the only authentic Christian Conservative who is running.  I intend to win with the help of God and the American people, then I will restore America to greatness, liberate the people and kick more than a few butts.

Join me on this quest to get back America.  Sign up to volunteer or donate at:  www.laurieroth2012.com  Listen in each day at:   www.therothshow.com.

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