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by Steven Wayne Pattison, ©2012, All Rights Reserved

Have U.S. currency and therefore the economy been purposely manipulated to bankrupt America?

(Jan. 15, 2012) — It is our ‘Choice,’ not our so-called elected officials’ ‘Choice,’ because they all know and continue the status quo.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” – Thomas Jefferson

Please read the following before going to any of the videos. The video collection provided could take you days to consume.

The Most IMPORTANT Video You’ll Ever See (Part 1 of 8) Part 2; Part 3; Part 4; Part 5; Part 6; Part 7; Part 8  or the FULL LECTURE – 1 hour and 13 minutes

The above video explains the rule of 70 but there are also the rule of 72 and the rule of 69, which are methods for estimating the doubling time of what the inflation rates are really doing to all of us. The rule number is divided by the interest percentage per period to obtain the approximate number of periods (usually years) required for doubling. Although scientific calculators and spreadsheet programs have functions to find the accurate doubling time, the rules are useful for mental calculations and when only a basic calculator is available. If you want more information on the higher accuracy, click here to fully understand the math.

This was the reason for my first webpage I posted titled “I Want my Country Back.” A timeline starts in the year 1900 and reports facts that were never before made public for all to see, ending in 2007, which reported a TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO THOUSAND, SIX HUNDRED FIVE (232,605%) PERCENT INCREASE IN OUR NATIONAL DEBT since 1913. Also provided on the webpage was a ‘COST OF LIVING CALCULATOR’ webpage which is no longer available. Why would something that simple just disappear? Now there are over 5,000,000 sites to choose from in this Internet search, and none of the first three provides what is reported in the above videos. This is just one more example of someone wanting to keep the truth from all of us.

The above video series has a lot to do with the following documented reports which most don’t want to believe, but you will come to realize that they are all true. The solution is not going to be simple, but knowing the facts will surely be helpful if we are ever going to have a solution for eternity. We need a collective effort with everyone knowing the whole truth so that we could collectively act responsibly. There is a lot of documentation about what has happened so far as having been a planned event which relates to the series of videos above. Facts are facts, and this was the reason, as a math major, computer programmer and financial planner, that I first used the rule of 72 to program a spreadsheet related to the same rule reported in the videos above which proved to me in the early 1970s that everyone was going systematically broke. Without this spreadsheet, I might never have known the conspiracy of money.

The results of going systematically broke cause the rich to become part of the middle class, while more of the middle class become part of the poor. One day we will all be in or close to poor, working hard all of our lives and never being able to pass on to our children any wealth because the System we have does not create real wealth.

You can no longer hide from what is going to happen in this decade unless the solution is started soon. The solution starts with knowing the problem and how it is being carried out. At some point you are going to want to join the force of millions of people who are already doing something to solve our problems, for the problems are truly everyone’s, including the very wealthy.

After watching all the evidence presented, you will need to go to this posting:  I Want My Country Back! Don’t You? which is the short story of “DON’T LET DEBTS DRENCH THE EARTH WITH BLOOD!” and you can read all of my postings by reading from the bottom up on this search.

The issues listed below and presented on this webpage are overwhelming, but please note one more time that this could take you days to watch and absorb all the evidence.  The following is just a list, so you should go to the website that has much more information:

***** 1st Issue of 7 *****

[Election Fraud & Vote Fraud “PROOF”]
Educational Video library – Playlist (There are several videos)

***** 2nd Issue of 7 *****

We have 35 Terrorist Training camps on American Soil –Yes – “Proof exists on video”

***** 3rd Issue of 7 *****

Our National Debt threatens to enslave our entire society!

***** 4th Issue of 7 *****

What do you know about Privatization of Water? It’s already in America!

***** 5th Issue of 7 *****

Massive Political Corruption within our government.
Quote from Jim DeMint: Over 90% of Bills Passed Secretly With No Debate, No Vote

***** 6th Issue of 7 *****

Mind Blowing History Lesson – A speech by Robert Welch in 1958 predicting Insiders plans to destroy America.

***** 7th Issue of 7 *****

With the national debt growing almost 8,000% in 29 years, what can we do to stop this exponential growth?

Written documentation is presented on the postings provided here.

I want to personally thank ‘Patriot CAJeffO Blog’ for making all this information available on the web page.

Also I want to personally thank Susan Lindauer, a CIA Asset, for the following:  Can Now Speaks 10 years after 2001-9-11. This video should go viral, so please do what all great Americans should do:  view and then share it.

Also I want to personally thank Dr. John Coleman for speaking out about the information in his book, The Committee of 300. Dr. Coleman states in the FOREWORD of his book posted here:

“In my career as a professional intelligence officer, I had many occasions to access highly classified documents, but during service as a political science officer in the field in Angola, West Africa, I had the opportunity to view a series of top secret classified documents which were unusually explicit. What I saw filled me with anger and resentment and launched me on a course from which I have not deviated, namely to uncover what power it is that controls and manages the British and United States governments.”

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