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by Bob Russell, blogging at Conservative Daily News, ©2012

(Jan. 14, 2012) — Sen. Inhofe, Sen. Coburn, Rep. Boren:

I am writing concerning several issues that show a total contempt for the Constitution and We the People of the United States of America by Barack Obama, and more frightening, the Congress of the United States of America. I have just been made aware of S. 1698 which seeks to strip citizenship from citizens “engaged in war against the United States”. I realize the wording is vague and leans towards double-talk on purpose, and that is what I take issue with. It seems members of Congress are systematically stripping We the People of any right to protest, or fight against the tyranny being foisted upon us by our own government, and parsing words to accomplish their sinister task.

This is supposedly aimed at “homegrown terrorists” but we all know the definition of that term today. The only parameter of the Homeland Security profile I don’t fit is that I still have all of my fingers. Their definition of “homegrown terrorist” seems to be aimed at patriotic American citizens not the true terror threats, Islamic radicals. As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen Islamic radicals on their list of dangerous people, so-called “potential terrorists”. I fit the profile but Muslim males 18-35 don’t. Oops, sorry, can’t profile Muslim males 18-35, that is racist. This all seems a bit odd to me since we have been attacked by these nuts several times, and can expect even more attacks, including the possibility of a nuclear attack on one or more of our cities.

This comes on the heels of S. 1867/HR 1540, a bill which blatantly broadens the ability of the president to order the indefinite detention of any citizen without charges, at locations within or outside of the United States. I know it has been said that this does not refer to We the People, but Sen. Lindsey Graham, Sen. John McCain, and Barack Obama have publicly disputed that notion. Sections 1021 and 1022 are in direct conflict with each other as to the meaning of the wording, which lends a great deal of lee-way towards tyranny if one should be inclined and I tend to think one would be inclined based on the actions I see coming from Washington, D. C. every day.

The NDAA also provides for the staffing of the FEMA camps, the ones that have been denied to exist. When I wrote about those camps a couple of years ago I was told they are for victims of natural disasters. No one answered my concerns about the design of the camps to resemble the Nazi concentration camps of World War II. I don’t understand the need for 12 ft. high fences topped with razor wire and barbed wire, just to provide temporary homes for flood, hurricane, or tornado victims. Why are they suddenly being staffed by the NDAA, with bids going to Halliburton recently? Are we expecting an unforcasted natural disaster to crop up any time soon or is it in preparation for the imposition of martial law and the suspension of the Constitution as requested by North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr, Rep. Maxine Waters, and others in Congress?

Pile all of this on top of S. 679, legislation that takes any away oversight by Congress in presidential appointments and we have the end game of a dictatorship, ala Venezuela. I see Congress deliberately abrogating their responsibilities under the Constitution and giving this, or any, president the right to do as he wishes regardless of the law. When we have United States Senators saying a president should be allowed to appoint anyone he wants regardless of their intentions regarding upholding the Constitution We the People have every right to be concerned. The extension of the “Patriot Act” wasn’t blatant enough so we have to go with even more. That law alone is so unConstitutional that it takes away the very basis of our Republic.

Today, the 10th Circuit upheld the ruling by Judge Vicki Miles-LeGrange that State Question 755, the anti Sharia and International Law bill, as being unConstitutional. This passed with 70% of We the People voting for it. This is more tyranny based on the whining of CAIR, claiming it is unConstitutional because it bars using Sharia Law in Oklahoma. Any idiot should be able to see Sharia Law goes against the Constitution and is therefore not applicable in America. SQ 755 has nothing to do with religious freedom. I fail to see how this can be ruled unConstitutional in the first place, much less upheld on appeal.

Members of Congress, as do federal judges, swear to uphold and defend the Constitution but I don’t see that happening in Congress or the courts much these days. I see bill after bill, judicial ruling after judicial ruling, coming through that denigrates my freedom and no one up there seems to give it a thought. I know bills don’t get read because of the surprise on the faces and in the words of members of Congress when the provisions come out. The two biggest backers of the NDAA, Graham and McCain, didn’t know about the removal of sodomy and bestiality rules for our military. Is that to accommodate Muslims? After all, they are known for their affection for animals. After it was passed and signed, they feign surprise with, “I didn’t know that was in there”. What else did they, or you, not know is in there?

Gentlemen, WE the People are fed up. We are only going to take so much before your rules are going to fall on deaf ears and we will run our nation without you. You are employees of We the People, not monarchs. We decide what is Constitutional and what is not. Government has grown too big for its britches and needs to take a good look at how our nation was designed. When patriotic citizens of this nation are called terrorists and the real terrorists are called victims of bigotry something is very wrong. Our nation is on the verge of collapse and Congress has its foot on the accelerator running us off a cliff.

It is time for you to stand up and publicly call for the resignations of John Boehner and Mitch McConnell. It is time for you to stand up and demand the arrest of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Kenneth Melson over Operation Fast & Furious. They should be arrested and held without bond for murder in the death of border patrol Agent Brian Terry, conspiracy to commit murder, conspiracy to violate gun laws, and treason for conspiracy to subvert the 2nd Amendment by their involvement in Operation Fast & Furious.

They should not be allowed to flaunt any law that I am expected to abide by. What do you think would be my fate if I violated the same laws blatantly violated by them? If you are not willing to do this then you have no right to expect me or any other American citizen to obey any law anywhere. You certainly do not have the right to expect us to honor your legislation if you cannot honor the Constitution. Do your duty, your sworn duty, to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and stop playing word games with We the People.

I submit this in the name of the Most Holy Trinity, in faith, with the responsibility given to me by Almighty God to honor His work and not let it die from neglect.
In God We Trust,

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  1. John et al, we don’t have time to try “to fix the problem in November”. All the pieces are in place for a coup d’etat by TPTB before then, via a false flag op ‘incident’ triggering a declared ‘state of national emergency’ and hence the coup de grace of the declaration of Martial Law, and thereby the end of the American Republic – almost. TPTB have yet to see what the response will be, from The People.

    I know what that response should be. The People should pre-empt these best-laid plans by staging a March on Washington – of true Tea Partiers and true Occupiers and true Oathkeepers and general Citizens, shoulder to shoulder in THIS battle – closing down the federal government until the man currently occupying the office of the American presidency either admits that he is not a bona fide Natural Born Citizen (or show evidence that he is; in which case he is proven guilty of having been a liar) and thus quits the office voluntarily, or is removed – without violence, but with People Power – forthwith; with Congress recalled, for not having exercised its constitutional duty and responsibility in this egregious matter, and an Officer of The People put in place temporarily, who will call for elections within a time certain (say 90 days), and will clean out the Augean stables of the executive branch of government while the country engages in sending replacement Representatives to properly represent them in the halls of their federal government; where many of the current lot have been engaged in treasonous acts, and will have to appear before an honest court of law to argue their case – which is far more than they are currently providing the citizenry, in their malodorous and so-called National Defense Authorization Act. And let America regain her honor as a leading light in the role of nation states – NOT as a mere regional player in TPTB’s desired New World Order, of a police state permanently stamping its boot in the face of Everyman.

    It’s time to turn the tables on our erstwhile masters. And the nation, and the world, and Justice, don’t have the luxury of waiting until November for that setting to rights to happen.

  2. Congress and the politician you (all of us) sent to Washington have declared war on the American people and are now seeking the right to throw any American citizen in jail for any or no reason at all. McCain shows that the American people were correct NOT to give him the Presidency. Levin should be stripped of his citizenship. Anyone associated with this latest bill needs to be in jail for treason. How many unconstitutional actions will the people of this country tolerate before it is declared enough is enough. Merely changing parties in control is not enough since these efforts are bipartisan. The Republicans are just as much at war with the American People as the Democrats are.

    As for Obama, he is still in office in violation of his Oath and the Constitution and YOUR politician continues to tolerate that.

    It is time to FIRE THEM ALL.

  3. “It seems members of Congress are systematically stripping We the People of any right to protest, or fight against the tyranny being foisted upon us by our own government, and parsing words to accomplish their sinister task.”

    The federal government no longer belongs to, nor is it the servant of, the states or the American people. We now live amidst an enemy Marxist totalitarian regime, determined to destroy the last facets of the American system of law and the American culture. We have been conquered from within as the communists have forecast for decades.

    The question now remains as to whether or not we can 1) return the federal government to a lawful federal republic form of government, 2) disband this government and start over again, or 3) accept the fact we are all doomed to slavery to the world’s power elites.

    I vote for trying to fix the problem in November, 2012, and if that fails, go on to step 2. There is no such thing as a happy slave.