Is Tennessee Governor’s Office Responding to the Case of Walter Fitzpatrick?


January 12, 2012

What action will Gov. Bill Haslam take, if any?

Hey Everyone,

I’m writing today to ask everyone to take a few minutes to come to the aid of Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick and our country.  There are much larger reasons to demand his immediate release than his personal health…but that should be enough to garner everyone’s attention and effort.

Please call Governor Haslam’s office today.  Don’t put it off.  I spoke with Nathan who seemed not only genuinely concerned; but promised to spend some time with the Governor on this issue.  We need a lot of calls and a lot of ‘gentle’ pressure to hit them all at once and to continue unabated.  I plan to call every day or so asking why he is still there and in imminent danger.   The phone number is:  615-253-6913.  We can talk about it and email and post comments OR we can call the Governor every day until he does the right thing.  We are not asking his office to check into it…we are demanding the Governor personally releases him NOW.  And then conduct the proper investigation and removal of corrupt officials after Walt is safely free of their grasp and control.

Focus on Walt’s service to this country, the corruption in Monroe County and the fact that we cannot trust them to do the right thing, the fact that everyone and every agency up to and including the Governor’s office have been derelict in their duty and oath thus far and continue to shift the responsibility instead of doing what they have the authority to do, the bogus charges and harassment, the physical danger and declining health he is currently suffering and the fact that we should not be sent from pillar to post dealing with people who either do not have the authority or interest or who have something to hide.  This has gone on for months and we no longer; Walt no longer, has the time to wade through the bureaucracies and waste more time.  Explain that we have talked to the TCI and don’t intend to waste our time with that any further.  Monroe County officials have broken the law and cannot be trusted.

Focus on the Constitution, the violation of his civil rights and denial of Habeas Corpus.  Mention the fact that they are violating a citizen in deference to and protection of public servants who have violated our laws and their duties.  We are all in this ship together and we either sink or float together and we must make them hear us on this.

Impress upon them that the Governor has the authority and should intervene swiftly and directly to RELEASE WALTER IMMEDIATELY.  He should personally go to the jail, see the conditions and Walt’s condition for himself and walk him out of there under his protection.  Nothing less is good enough at this point nor acceptable.

Walter’s damage, health and ‘blood’ is on their hands and the responsibility for damage to us and our Constitution is laid at their feet.  Every violation of Walt is a violation of each of us…including the Governor and his family.

Tell them the world is watching…we are all watching and we are not asking…we are demanding as citizens/their employers, immediate release and cessation of harassment and charges against Walt.

Thank them for listening and tell them you are praying for them that they have the courage to do the right thing.  That you are praying for our country and all who put themselves at risk to defend us.

Follow up with calls asking why he has not been released until Walter walks out a free man.  Don’t accept the excuse that they have separation of powers, yada yada…the Governor has the authority.  If a Governor (Haley Barbour..for instance…) can pardon 200 criminals on his way out the door, including convicted murderers, and if a Governor can pardon a convicted man on death row, Haslam can intervene on behalf of Walt and get him out of harm’s way. 

Impress upon him that he cannot say he did not know…or did not see the evidence which they seem to be avoiding…that failure comprises everything from Treason, to complicity, to Misprision of Felony and more.

They have the information and they know what is going on.  Nathan confirmed they have received a number of calls.  I told him that direct information from people who have been witness to events and to Walt’s current situation is all I need and all they need to intervene.  He is being treated in a subhuman manner and being held in conditions that put America to shame.

Forgive me for all the repetition; but I spoke with someone last night who is working very materially for Walt’s release and other dire issues and he agreed this needs to be done by all of us…without delay.

Debbie Warren

One Response to "Is Tennessee Governor’s Office Responding to the Case of Walter Fitzpatrick?"

  1. "Zeb"   Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 7:20 PM

    Some more talking points for the governor’s staff:
    He can form a special task force as they did in Manchester, KY made up of representatives from the three branches of his government. They had the same problem there as folks in Monroe County have. The effort in KY was documented in the movie Appalachian Dawn.
    The legal process for the Commander has been pursued all the way up to and including the TN supreme court. There has been no response.
    Walt’s only recourse now is through the federal courts system. It would be better for the governor to initiate a corrections process now, by first releasing Walt, should the federal judiciary system decide to get involved.
    The state of TN holds national records for corruption. A federal investigation would surely not help that.

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