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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Janet Napolitano was appointed Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. She has referred to Christians, returning service veterans, and gun owners as "right-wing extremists"

(Jan. 6, 2012) — While the rest of the country is high-fiving the Georgia’s court decision to eventually see actual proof of Obama’s eligibility, the rest of us are keeping our eye on the ball. If you go to any of Republican candidates’ websites, you’ll be induced to take a nap after reading the boring platforms that they expound, after, of course, navigating by the donation page. “The economy!” “Jobs!” and not a word about deporting illegal immigrants and silence regarding the totally out of control Department of Homeland Security, which purports to target terrorists but really is targeting regular law-abiding Americans, a colossal waste of resources, unless, of course, the goal is to induce fear into the populace.

I really mean “fear and loathing.” The Department of Homeland Security has no basis of existence: at best, it’s a redundant, wasteful organization, and its employees, as they have demonstrated time and time again, are willing to follow illegal orders by violating citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights. And yet our politicians are completely silent about this Goon Squad running amok within our borders, not raiding mosques for arms caches, nor Islamvilles for automatic weapon and PRG violations, but getting in the face of us private and law-abiding citizens.

The latest out-of-control act by the Department of Homeland Security was conducted on January 3, 2012, in Leesburg, FL, at the Social Security office.  They said that was routine, yet in my 66 years in America, I’ve never seen anything remotely like their “routine” display of what they called a “training exercise.”

Look, we know what they’re doing: their seeing how far they can push us. Many Americans continued to fly even after the TSA made a usually exciting adventure something to be dreaded by the Goon Squad. And now they’re at it again, same M.O.

We, as a country, can’t afford to continue to allow our law enforcement to not do the job of enforcing the laws which they were hired to do. Fire them all and hire people willing and able to uphold the laws of our Nation. And if they can’t do their job, or won’t, put ’em in jail where they can’t continue to do us (society) any more harm than they already have.

There’s a simple truth here: we, meaning us law-abiding citizens, outnumber those who are attempting to destroy the Constitution, and when the Constitution goes down the drain, so to does America.

The solution? Abolish the Department of Homeland Security. Stock up on water and means to defend yourself.  And stay tuned to what’s really happening before they close down the internet for some asinine made-up reason, just as asinine as “No standing.”


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  1. Thank you, OPOVV for providing the links in your article. I, too, was shocked and appalled by what the DHS did in FL…..the old “fear factor.”

    Here’s another one. This woman was called a terrortists because she’s a “Constitutionalist!” Do a search on what happened to Stacy Lynne of Fort Collins, Co exposing Agenda 21- the UN.

  2. It seems to me that a simple conformance to the strict meaning of the Constitution for the United States would solve the problem with all of the errant federal agencies. If it ain’t stated in the Constitution, don’t do it. That seems pretty simple to me.

    1. Two Important things: #1~Nobody in the GESTAPO can Read or Understand, ENGLISH!!
      #2~”Keep It Simple, STUPID-or KISS~Does NOT Apply to Bureaucrats, Politicians and Unbelievalby, the American Citizen, they all think it is a “Rock Band!!”