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January 3, 2011

Could courthouses across the country actually uphold the Constitution again?

To:  Liberty Legal Foundation, Atty. Van Irion

From:  Lloyd Carter

Congratulations! May God be on America’s side once again.  I pray for the success of your efforts in Georgia on January 26th and all others who are fighting this fight in the various courts where the judges will not give standing to any citizen across this country.  I noticed that you are located in Tennessee and this prompts me to ask if you are aware of the Judicial & Legal system corruption in your State.  Specifically, in Monroe County that has been faithfully reported by the online newspaper The Post Email.  If you have not may I suggest you contact the editor for all on the terrible details that not even the TBI or FBI or your State Governor, Mr. Bill Haslam has taken the time to address.  While many citizens are not even afforded protection from a court that seems so corrupt they imprison a honorable veteran who has served his country, charged from a illegal Grand Jury and tried by a judge who would not even respect this Cmdr’s fifth amendment rights.  I am speaking of Lt. Cmdr. Walter Fitzpatrick who is currently incarcerated in the Monroe County jail without the basics to sustain his life let alone his comfort.  I, and many others, have written to the officials in Tennessee including the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, the TBI and FBI, but no one seems to care or is willing to take on the lawyers turned judges in that State.  I personally wrote to Amnesty International who told me they would look into the subhuman conditions of the jails and the incarceration of political prisoners, as reported by Walter Fitzpatrick and published by editor of The Post Email Sharon Rondeau.  I am not aware of anything AI has done as of today. Can you imagine; political prisoners in of all places, America?  Who’ld a thunk it?

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