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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Has the United States surrendered its sovereignty and Constitution to the United Nations?

(Dec. 30, 2011) —It’s like talking to my cat.

That’s right, my cat. Time after time I’ve written about “Those that control the money, well, end of story.” Meaning the Fed, as in the Federal Reserve Bank, has to go. I used to write about not renewing its charter in December 2013, but, if it were up to me, the first nano-second after I was sworn in, I’d ABOLISH the Fed and arrest all of its officers, past and present, on grounds of Grand Larceny.

There’s No National Debt; there is, however, The National Fleece

During the second nano-second, I’d wipe the slate clean and, guess what? Presto! No National Debt, as in “Zero Point Zero-zero.” This is how it works: the Fed charged us interest on our money, and it wasn’t their money; it’s OUR money, which used to represented wealth but today represents nothing but hot air, an empty promise.  And, I can hear it now, “But we have to pay the debt”.. Oh, really? They steal your money, then allow you to use your very own money, with a fee attached, of course. Well, if it makes you feel better to pay a thief, give it to charity instead.

Guess What Again? We Don’t Owe China Diddly

Say what? Listen, ever since he pointed his finger at the camera and then lobbied for Favored Nation Trade status for China, ex-president “Let the atomic bomb Chinese spy get away,” Clinton has been financially rewarded for his despicable behavior to us and was paid off by the Chinese.  Since China hasn’t paid any tariffs for the junk they’ve dumped on our shores for the past twelve years, well, we’ll just have to call it even-steven in nano-second three.

The Only Thing the State Department Gives Out is M&M’s, No Cash

Oh my, oh my, I can hear the whines. What, you think paying protection is an acceptable long-term goal? Do you think you can buy friendship?  Well, you can’t, and you sure as heck don’t gain any respect for acting stupid, as in “In order to save the village, we had to destroy it.”Let’s call the elimination of the USD as a foreign aid tool extinct in nano-second four.

The Elimination of United Nations Dues, Because We Just Quit

Five nano-seconds later, we’re out of the “Don’t badmouth Islam Society” and the United Nations is just a footnote of what could have been an equitable institution but was rendered impotent due to the incompetence of past presidents of the United States and ineffective UN ambassadors who have been hamstrung by a totally ineffective foreign policy of the US, going back to the days of the Vietnam War.

Welfare Payment Predicated on Speakee English

English is the official language of the United States. No English, too bad. English classes available to everyone, paid for by generous taxpayers. Obviously, all undesirables expelled from our land, and those marginal individuals left will be required to do public service in order to collect a welfare check, while at the same time learning English and a marketable skill, like rolling out of bed in the morning and showing up on time. Policy implemented by nano-second six.

Hey, cat got your tongue? You’re supposed to be saying “Right on, Brother! Let’s do it and get it done!” And why not? I like the “Let us” part of the equation. Let’s do it, together: we’ve GOT to get a handle on our money, no two ways about it. And I’m offended that all the above hasn’t already been done.


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  1. OK!! I will Meow, seems nobody else will!! This article and Wainright’s article should have 1000 comments, bu Alas, so goes the Apathy and Ignorance of our Citizens?-(I use the term, Loosely)-there is the “Atmosphere of a Funeral”, Unfortunately the FUNERAL is for AMERICA!! 150 years of Apathy, Ignorance, NON-Caring about “Who or What” is running this Illegal, DeFacto 1871 U.S. Corp. “Shadow Cabal” is very close to turning our Republic into a Progressive, Socialist, Communist Gulag~AND~Nobody gives a ****! This is Pathetic beyond belief, there have been evidences Posted, Published and made avaliable~Trouble IS:( American can’t READ!!)- of the Congressional Responsibilities and those of ALL of the 544 Parasites that are Infesting the “People’s House and “The District of Criminals”, and the Citizens?? are TOO busy with: “I Want That, ME first, Everything Else, Later, Somebody Else Will DO It, IF it DON’t Hurt ME, Who Cares Blasaie’ attitudes!!
    May you all enjoy your STUPIDITY!!