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by Dr. Laurie Roth, Presidential Candidate

America has been known as a "melting pot" because of our welcoming of immigrants from all nations

(Dec. 27, 2011) — As a Candidate for President of the United States I proudly say and believe with all my heart that I live in the best country on earth.  We have been miraculously formed and established by men and women of vision,  courage and Christian faith who gave their very fortunes, blood and lives to be free.

Empowered by vivid memories of oppressive taxation and controls,  our founders stood in the face of hell and the sheer power and might of the British Army.  Many died but as I revisit our unique history,  you can’t help but notice God’s hand upon our nation and miracle after miracle as our rag tag few stood against the British Goliath again and again….and won.

It is most clear God’s hand was on the very formation and inspiration of the United States of America.  The world stands in awe and can’t even come close to reproducing our power packed Constitution, Declaration of Independence and other liberating and guiding founding documents.  Where does everyone want to come to?  Do millions try and come across our borders or do millions of us try and go over other borders?  I think we know the answer to that one.

As our country has evolved and blossomed,  countless nationalities have seeded our shores and  made the US the most fabulous colored  deck of crayons the world has ever seen.  We have become a virtual melting pot that millions wanting freedom jump into from all over the world.  Black,  white, brown,  red,  you name it, they are here and make us richer for it.  As the masses assimilate in the US,  they bring their unique background and integrate into the tapestry of our language and culture.  That does not minimize them or cause them to lose their uniqueness….. it enhances them.

What is this American melting pot the masses jump into?

The skeletal structure and core of America is most clear and established.  We are based on Judeo Christian values,  built from the wisdom and strength of the Holy Bible, not the Koran or any other Religious book. We are a nation of laws reflecting the rights and worth of each unique person,  our sovereignty and  collective security are based on these treasured and spiritual values.

There is zero room for other political structures that assault capitalism and religious views at our political and cultural core.  This especially includes Islam and Sharia law, reflected throughout 57 Muslim countries.

Why do I say NO to Sharia or Muslims in leadership in America?

Read the Koran and study Sharia sometime and see for yourself.  The Koran calls all outside of Islam, infidels and in Chapter nine says we basically have 3 options.  A) convert to Islam B) pay a special tax for non believers, or C) be killed.  Frankly,  that makes our battles with the British look like a cake walk.  I don’t know about you,  but being forced to convert to Islam,  pay a tax or be killed aren’t the options I would pick.  I have said it before and I will say it again.  How about option number 4)  Line up and kiss my American grits.  Apparently Obama thinks this is ok since he employs many current members of The Muslim Brotherhood in his staff and stands behind the Muslim Brotherhood taking over through out the Middle East uprisings.

Some are trying to change the American pot they are jumping into.

The power and literal miracle of this country is our historical love for God, freedom and people.  Although freedom reigns and people of other faiths and lifestyles can live in peace here,  there are  many who try through legal,  educational and political strategies to assault and change our very core, this includes Obama and the progressive left.

Battles that threaten America at her core

Illegal immigration

For many decades we have looked the other way,  ignored laws on our books,  certainly observed them in an inconsistent manner and allowed 20-40 million illegal aliens to establish all over the United States.  Looking the other way on this critical issue with President after President has allowed 1/3rd of our prison population to be filled with illegal aliens and a drug trade turn to a 200 billion a year business.

I reckon that a whole lot of people at top levels are being paid in Mexico and the US.  Home invasions are hitting record numbers in some states and other crimes such as identity theft,  robbery and rape are soaring.  This isn’t just ‘mystery people’ taking our jobs,  but violation of our economy, public safety  and a national security nightmare.

We are called all manner of racist names if we mention the desperate need for border security and the need to stop the illegal alien flow and drug trade.  “We hate poor people.”  “We hate Mexican people.”  “We have family values.”  Along with all the name calling from leftist politicians, sadly some GOP leaders and liberal media,  activist and racist groups like MEChA and La Raza scheme to take back the southern part of the US.  Though we paid for the land and won a war with Mexico,  they demand to rewrite history,  like so many in the world.  America must submit and go into Frankenstein’s laboratory.  US body parts must be ripped off and international, foreign body parts sewn on.

Hispanic-American Hero who has served his country and speaks the truth – Al Garza

This week on my national radio show I talked with the  former Executive Director of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps,  Al Garza.    Al is also a Marine Corp. combat veteran from Viet Nam and retired private investigator of 32 years in Southern California.

Up until 2009 he boldly led the Minutemen and who were instrumental in saving over 400 lives and turning over 1000s of illegal aliens to the border patrol without a single incident of violence.   Garza pointed out on my show the Saul Alinsky strategy Obama continues to use creating and breeding racism.

We talked of Eric Holder looking the other way when Black Panthers were at voting locations threatening voters with billy clubs, this was even though convicted and the crimes known.  Holder also led in the Fast and Furious scandal, where he and his minions trafficked dangerous guns to drug cartels in Mexico that were traced to many attacks and murders of Border Patrol and countless others.  That investigation continues.

Garza talked about Obama’s plan to turn the races on each other,  creating distrust and wars among various ethnic groups,  while ingratiating various minority groups to appear like the messiah and deliverer….really just trying to manipulate votes to get re elected.   Garza has even himself been called a traitor to his own race for daring to stand for America,  the borders and rule of law.  In truth,  he said he is most proud to be of Hispanic decent but his identity is American.

I am humbled and honored that Al Garza has given me his official endorsement, this week for my run for President.  We talked on my show about the liberals masquerading as conservatives in the GOP pie that are rising to the top and that voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil.

Back to name calling and creating racism

Obama has given a wink and a nod to radical Occupy Wall street groups, committing crimes all across the country,  while demonizing, capitalism, the Tea Party groups and calling them endless names.  This is in hopes that America will turn on them and blame the Tea Party for endless racism and crimes charges,  when in truth they reflect quite the opposite.  They reflect the best of America,  fiscal responsibility,  Judeo Christian values,  freedom and national security.  The real racism and crime charges belong with the Occupy Wall Street groups that Obama and Soros are behind and manipulating.

The real enemies of Obama are the Tea Party,  because he can’t control them and they stand for freedom.  Other enemies include the groups of people who won’t stand for Obama’s systematic destruction and transformation of America, conservatives,  Christians and our military.

Other battles that must be dealt with by the next President:

Stand strong against Islamic radicalism and the growth of Sharia law.

Stand for the Right to life of the unborn,  per the Declaration of Independence and the Holy Bible.

Restore our relationship and friendship with Israel and stand against Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas,  Hezbollah,  and all other Islamic groups that preach and teach violent Jihad and death to the Jews and infidels.

Liberate people from endless and unconstitutional tax oppression and control.  Bring in more money through the establishment of a 2% point of purchase tax and eradication of all other federal taxes including income tax.

Get us completely out of debt as a country within 4 years.

Make us the number one exporter of energy in the world within 4 years and create 10-20 million jobs doing so.

As the next President, if elected, I will stop talking about securing the borders and get it done, utilizing 20-50,000 National Guard troops on our borders supporting our border patrol.   I will also use virtual and real fences where appropriate,  satellite fly overs and all known methods to stop all drugs,  illegal aliens and other mystery people from coming across.  Once the borders are actually secured I will explore with REAL leaders who love our country,  law and people of all races,  (like Al Garza,  Former Executive Director of the Minute Men, Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minute Men and Steve  Eichler, executive director  of www.teaparty.org) compassionate and legal responses to deal with the millions of illegals who are here.  It is ridiculous to probe and establish all the compassionate and legal possibilities of those here until we have actually stopped the hemorrhaging of the patient.

I will be a leader who is excited about America and who will pull all groups of Americans together,  through the unique American filter,  not around, under or over it.  Americans are unique but also must assimilate,  learn our language and respect American values.  It is silly to be a hyphen – American.  Just be an American and be proud.

Join my battle to make America a shining light on a hill again.  Speak your mind at www.rothrevolution.ning.com  and listen to my show and learn more at www.therothshow.com

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