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by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Are there proverbial snakes hiding under every rock?

(Dec. 25, 2011) — I was a little kid when a friend of my grandparents showed me the real desert. We drove out to the Superstition Mountains; he was going to teach me all about the different rocks and how to prospect for gold. He’d see an interesting rock that he wanted to tell me about.  He either picked it up or kicked it with his cowboy boot until he kicked a rock, which dislodged a yet bigger rock, and, you guessed it, there was a snake.

It was not just any snake; this was the biggest, worst, and meanest ole rattler in the whole state of Arizona, and it was mad. Well, the old prospector took one look and yelled “Run!” and that’s what he did, full speed back to the pickup truck. He made it back before I did and had the passenger door open for me to dive through, which is exactly what I did, and that snake was right behind me and gaining ground. After we were safely in the truck, we watched as the snake slowly backtracked, and that snake was as thick as a fire hose and as long as the pickup truck.

From that exciting outing I came away with a newfound respect for the art of sprinting.  Years later, when I was in a race at a track meet, I’d always managed to never finish last; if I found myself lagging, I’d just think of that mean ole snake. Another thing I learned was that where’s there’s gold, there’s always quartz, but where there’s quartz, there may not be gold. And I also learned that some very dangerous things can lurk under rocks.

Adolf Hitler’s administration had its fair share of lowlife thugs, goons, and basically undesirable people such as Reinhard Heydrich, Heinrich Himmler, and Joseph Goebbles, people who we never would have heard of if it weren’t for positions needed to be filled-in by scum of the earth by an administration that was hell-bent on destroying the very country they were sworn to protect. Remind anyone of anything, maybe current events?

I’ve written before about the astonishing similarities between the takeover of Germany by the Nazi Party and the takeover of America by the Anti-Constitution Party and, as I’ve also written, since the takeover in Germany was successful, the same blueprint is being used in America today. Our Constitution has been trashed, and yet I believe the supporters of Obama would vote him in a second term if the election were held today.  The extent of the hate of freedom and liberty, of free choice, knows no limits within the confines of the United States. We are paying for an educational system that failed dismally in educating but succeeded astoundingly in indoctrinating citizens on the evils of setting goals, hard work, thrift, honesty, integrity, and pride, creating a whole class of people who believe that they are “owed,” yet have performed no work, except to continually vote for their own enslavement by electing politicians who promise a welfare check over an opportunity of gainful employment.

Yesterday the Department of Justice applauded and assisted Sheriff Joe Arpaio, but today the Department is investigating the good Sheriff because he is looking into the fraud that is Obama. The head of the DOJ, Eric Holder, slithered out from under the rock in which he hides from the light of truth, and declared the Sheriff violated imagined rights that illegal immigrants would have if only they were honest and honorable, which fits, since Holder has no conception what “honest and honorable” means, and that goes for everyone else working in the DOJ.

So where’s this rock that Holder and Napolitano lurk under, living as trolls to pounce on a truth-seeker? My gut feeling it’s in Washington, D.C., and maybe in the Oval Office.


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  1. We should not expect any better from the obama administration. The fraud committed against the American people by the democrats and by obama is unmeasurable and is huge. Part of the problem with the crime of fraud is the fraudster always tries to hide the evidence of his crime, and the worst part of these particular criminal actions is that the federal cops (e.g. FBI) are run by, and controlled by, the fraudster himself.

    So who’s left to assure that justice is carried out? Only the sovereign states and the county sheriffs. Our answers for these crimes against the people will come from local forces, not from federal forces which have shown us they will not self-regulate.

    Support your local sheriff (but make certain he is clean himself).

  2. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s cold case posse looking into the fraud that is Obama is making the Obots and puppet-masters of the fake “president” very worried.

    They are looking for a way to discredit Joe so badly the results of the cold case posse will be, they hope, nullified.

    Look for the entire race deck to be thrown at Joe over the next few weeks.