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by Ron Ewart, ©2011

(Dec. 18, 2011) — NOTE:  We know it is a little lengthy, but sometimes truth and reality take longer to explain.

“If you are standing and look at the ground, your perspective and your field of view are quite limited.  If however, you are standing on the top of a mountain and look straight ahead, your horizons broaden exponentially.”    Ron Ewart

Anachronism“person or a thing that is chronologically out of place; especially: one from a former age that is incongruous in the present.”


Come on, people, admit it, you’ve been beaten.  Give it up!  The international moneychangers, power brokers and politicians have colluded to enslave the masses through manipulating fiat money, the implementation of social justice and environmental protection on a global scale and have so entangled commerce, trade, money and debt between nations that individual nation sovereignty has all but been dissolved. 

As an example of what the international community is doing to take down America, the United Nations (UN) has just drafted a new treaty at a conference in Durban, South Africa that would have the power to control the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) output of all nations by an arm of the UN called the “International Climate Court of Justice“.  This so-called climate court would dictate how much CO2 could be released by any one nation and offset the release of too much CO2 with mandatory penalties paid to those nations who were at or below some pre-determined CO2 level.  We have dubbed this 160-plus-page stealth attempt by the UN and other powers to steal America’s wealth, resources and our sovereignty the “Dissolve America” treaty.  The treaty, if ratified, would be the largest redistribution of wealth in the history of mankind to solve a non-existent problem, invented by the “ruling class” to control the masses on a planet-wide scale.   It would make America’s Cap and Trade legislation look like a flea on the surface of the ocean.  And guess who loses with this new Treaty?  That’s right, all of the Western nations but especially America?  If America signs off on this treaty, there will be nothing left of American sovereignty.  Americans will just be third-class “citizens” of the world government, going downhill by the minute.  (And by the way, Canada just withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol because they found out how much it was going to cost them.)   [See http://news.discovery.com/earth/canada-quits-kyoto-111213.html]

But what’s worse than this proposed UN treaty is that American politicians quit preserving, protecting and defending the U. S. Constitution 100 years ago and have been signing onto international treaties that are in direct conflict with our laws and our sovereignty.  Socialism, UN style, has been institutionalized throughout the land.  Education, controlled by the U. S. Department of Education, has become nothing but a method to brainwash and indoctrinate generations of children to be obedient, compliant and non-thinking robots.   Our liberal colleges just complete the job and solidify the indoctrination.  Obama, in his recent Teddy Roosevelt speech in Kansas, wants more Federal control of education and further stated that the American experiment with freedom, free choice and capitalism has failed.  Indeed!

The federal government has failed to secure our border and allows hordes of uneducated peasants, along with drugs, guns and anchor babies, to pour into America like a biblical flood, taking jobs and taking advantage of America’s liberal safety net benefits, as well as increasing America’s education and health care costs.  Then the FEDS sue those states which are trying to control the illegal immigration within their own states.  Now, the problem is too big to send them all home and no one knows what to do with millions of these law-breakers that bring crime, drugs and disease into America.

Through easy credit and our own human weaknesses to get something for nothing, the government has made debtor slaves out of almost the entire population and indebted future generations with an obligation so large and growing that it can never be repaid but will be held over the heads of future generations in perpetuity.   This is indentured servitude by any other name, created by negligent and criminal acts of government.

Let’s face it, America is bankrupt and the moneychangers, power brokers and politicians own us.  Why fight it?  You’ve been drawn, quartered, separated from your property and your money by laws and taxes and put to bed wet.  Even though you are many, they have all the money and the “big” guns.  They control the land, the money, the food, the water, the energy and your health care and you let them do it.

What have you got?  A huge debt and a bunch of rifles and pop pistols against a highly-trained army, M1 tanks, the most powerful navy and air force on the planet, F-22 fighter aircraft, laser-guided block-buster bombs, remote-controlled drone aircraft and nuclear-tipped missiles that can reach your neighborhood or your own home, not to mention local SWAT teams that routinely violate the 4th Amendment.  How are you going to fight that kind of power and expect to win?   What’s more, how are you going to undo all the laws that have been passed and court decisions adjudicated over the last 100 years and all those laws being passed or rules being promulgated right now that government uses to enslave you and the businesses you work for even more?

If you think the Constitution is going to help you, think again.  It’s already been bastardized and government doesn’t look at the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land any more.  If you think the courts are going to help you, think again; they are corrupt.  If you think you can elect politicians who believe as you do and will restore this Republic to its original glory, think again.  They are also hopelessly corrupt and the old guard corrupts the new ones after they get there.  If you think you can vote in a bunch of so-called conservative Republicans that will be different than the Democrats, think again.  (Just in the last few days over 90 U. S. Senators, including Republicans, voted to pass the “National Defense Appropriations Act which allows the U. S. military to pick up U. S. citizens on American soil without cause and throw them in jail, or make them disappear, without benefit of habeas corpus or constitutional due process.)

If you think the Tea Party is the panacea to save America, think again.  If you think that your God is going to help restore America to a Constitutional Republic ….. once more, think again.  You are delusional if you think any of these actions or divine intervention will save America from itself.  Only tens of millions of UNITED, willing, committed and determined Americans, who are of one mind, can save America.

Ladies and gentlemen, America, as it was once constituted, is an anachronism.  It’s outdated, an old song, an overripe banana not fit to eat.    It’s garbage in the garbage can that is headed for the garbage dump and it was we who kept the food out of the refrigerator so that it could spoil.  The Constitution and the intent of the Founders who drafted it have faded into a brief entry in some history book, replaced by socialism, collectivism, multi-culturalism, radical environmentalism, globalism and the one-world order.   The fact is you’ve been had, but you just don’t know it yet!  How are you going to breathe life back into that?  How are you going to turn stale garbage into edible food?  Do you call the way you are living now freedom?  Is a free America an anachronism, or isn’t it?

If we are being too blunt for your delicate sensitivities, well, tough!  Someone has to tell it like it is!  If not us, then who?

“What’s that,” you say?  “You have hope!”  That’s right.  “Hope” and $3.00 will buy you a Latte’ at Starbucks, but not much else.  And then you go on to say, “But you don’t want to give in to the ruling class and you want to fight?”  So allow us to be even more blunt!

If the foundation of freedom and liberty is to be restored, you aren’t going to get anywhere by being nice or just participating in an election every two years!   Get real!

Is the other side being nice?  Are Obama and the Democrats going to be nice in their bid for Obama’s re-election in 2012?  Are you kidding?   Because the Democrats see the handwriting on the wall due to the paradigm shift in the electorate as evidenced by the 2010 election, this election season is going to get really nasty.  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!   The candidates will be so ripped apart that you won’t have a clue on how to vote.


Either millions of Americans get in the trenches and fight back, or they become just more global slaves to the global elite who have now taken control of every aspect of your lives while you sit on the couch living in a dream world, watching Dancing with the Stars or World Wide Wrestling.  The only thing that will save America is some dirty, dangerous, hard work and maybe even a little spilled blood, by millions of Americans determined and committed to preserving their liberty, no matter what the cost.  Anything less won’t work!

Do you not see the clear and present danger to your freedom?  Does freedom for your children and grandchildren mean so little to you that you would stand by and do nothing?  Are all of the sacrifices of those who lost their lives to preserve freedom and American sovereignty these last 235 years of so little consequence?  Are we to let our liberties fade away without a fight?

We don’t have to regulate ourselves to death and choke off the lifeblood of our economy and our wealth ….. small businesses, entrepreneurs, energy and our natural resources ….. just to be good global (or green) citizens.  We don’t have to subjugate our constitutional and individual rights and our freedom to protect the environment.  We don’t have to become a socialist nation to redistribute our wealth in order to give the poor, disabled, or underprivileged a leg up,or a chance at a better life.  America’s poor and underprivileged already live far better than the poor in any other nation on earth.  But that’s not good enough for the do-gooders, or the politicians looking for votes, or the communists in this country looking to take America down by fomenting an uprising of the poor and the so-called working class, aka “Occupy Wall Street,” Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” style.

Yes, we live in a world economy but that doesn’t mean we have to give up our freedom and our sovereignty in order to make the rest of the world like us or give into the moneychangers and power brokers.  We don’t have to appease our enemies because it is the Christian thing to be nice and forgiving.  Praying never stopped a bully intent on separating you from your property or your money, or worse, your head from your body!  Praying never stopped a bullet from hitting its target, or a bomb going off ….. or a government intent on subjugating the people by whatever means.

YES!  A free America can be resurrected, but “The Parallax Prophecies” predicts that if free Americans don’t begin to rip apart, piece-by-piece, the corrupt system that has been built up around and in violation of our Constitution, a free America WILL become an anachronism by default.  Being “nice” just doesn’t cut it!  To win a battle you need determined warriors, and in the ranks of warriors there have to be some heroes who will lead the charge.

Again you lament, “…. what can we do to start the ripping?”  We have already told you how to do it in previous columns.  But since there are no leaders who have the courage to take up the “pen” or the “sword,” the job of unraveling the corruption, complexity and entanglements that have been institutionalized at all levels of government has yet to be started, except on a very limited, ineffectual scale.  You do not have the power to take on the Federal Government ….. yet!  You may not even have the power to take on state government.  But you do have the power to take on the county and city government to start the ripping process.  Once you start winning at the local level, you will be empowered to take on the state and then the FEDS…..in time.  Consider taking on local government as your training ground to become seasoned warriors for the big fight ahead, and there is a BIG fight ahead.

Form serious groups in your local area who will take on government.  Get the group to take part in your city or county council meetings and stand up for what you know is right.  Be aggressive but professional.  Start opposing or resisting what they are doing because there is a good chance that what they are doing violates some principle of liberty and most likely, some law.  Check out their annual budgets because their budgets are bloated with wish lists for lobbyists.  The lobbyists are always at those meetings and lobbying the politicians for their pet projects.  They don’t care about constitutional principles.  They want your “Money” or some service that will cost you your “Money,” and they will leave no stone unturned to get it.  We know; we’ve been there.  The reason we are losing is that we aren’t being represented, and we aren’t being represented because we are not there!

Go to your school board meetings and start finding out what these socialist clowns are teaching your kids.  Read their textbooks and if you find something you don’t like, stand up at a school board meeting and let them know you don’t like it.  There is a good chance that other people at the meeting won’t like it either and will join you in protesting it.   Knowledge is power.  Exposing the bad guys increases your power.  All it takes is one person to “charge” and the others will follow.  Be that one person.

Remember, folks, we are the fools and have been the fools for a very long time.  The smart ones in government are just “playing” and exploiting us.  It is high time we became the smart ones and forced the government into being the fools ….. don’t you think?

The hard truth is, ladies and gentlemen, if we don’t start now to reclaim our natural, God-given rights, it may already be too late.  Whether a free America is going to be an anachronism is up to you.  Your children and future generations are counting on you to get it right.

But, hey!  These are just words, and words that aren’t followed up by action will have all the impact of blowing into the East wind.  Who among you will take the first step to start the “ripping?”  Time’s a wastin’!

NOTE:  Regarding our last column entitled “Entanglement – The Death of Independence and Liberty,” only one person took us to task over what we said and then later recanted her opposition.  However, most other responses were quite positive, like this one from Nancy:

Hi Ron,

You really have your finger on the people’s pulse to know and be able to express all you’ve written here. Each time I think you cannot improve, your astute observations surpass your best every time…fortunately for US!   Thanks for persevering to motivate us into DOING something to help ourselves and keep digging people’s feet out of the Mississippi mud they’re stuck in.   Time is running out, but with Gods help and those like you who continue to rattle our slave chains, we CAN turn this around and take back our country.   Thanks again Ron….you’re a National Treasure! 

Well the “National Treasure” part is a bit of a stretch, but it is gratifying to know that not only are people reading our column, they are also taking to heart some of our messages.  Each release of our weekly column brings new folks who want to be on our e-mail list.  We must be doing something right.

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  1. Ron,

    Excellent article.

    I disagree that being debtor slaves is “Through easy credit and our own human weaknesses to get something for nothing,” but is rather by evil design. Either way, however, the consequences remain the same.

    Your SOLUTIONS are on target. One of the groups that you mention must necessarily be focused on establishing common law jurisdiction in the county. Without that we have no protection for our “unalienable Rights.” But with its Court of Record, grand jury and appropriate elected sheriff we have the lawful power, much greater than our fraudulent government’s commercial power, to immediately counter abuse, usurpation and other threats to anything and everything we as a local (countywide) jural society hold dear, despite what the state or federal governments may think. After all, their constitutional existence is only to protect those rights.

    Study, for example, http://www.famguardian.org/Subjects/Freedom/SelfGovernment/statusinAmerica.pdf