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by 82ndSgt, blogging at The Right Planet, ©2011

(Dec. 16, 2011) — Two things happened recently that got little or no attention in the 24-hour news cycle, and for good reason. These things might seem at first glance to be totally unrelated, but when you look at them in the larger scheme of things they could be absolutely chilling. The focus of my recent op-ed’s has been an attempt to assemble a puzzle or mosaic, and these last two pieces bring the picture into startling clarity.

Just over a month ago Obama was threatening to veto legislation called “The National Defense Authorization Act FY2012 over wording in Section 1032 which effectively gives “authorities” the right to detain and torture American citizens indefinitely, just like those Al Qaeda members in Guantanamo. As Congressman Ron Paul warns,” this should be the biggest news going right now“, and he said the legislation would allow for “literally legalizing martial law“. Paul further warns that,” This step where they can literally detain American citizens and put them away without trial is arrogant, bold and dangerous”.

The White House opposed the legislation until, as Senator Carl Levin told lawmakers, “the administration asked us to remove the language which says that U.S. citizens and lawful residents would not be subject to this section’.

Let me run that by you again. The administration actually asked that language be removed which would exempt U.S citizens and lawful residents from this legislation. Are you kidding me? The administration issued a statement on November 17, saying that the president would veto the bill as it would challenge “the president’s critical authorities to collect intelligence, incapacitate dangerous terrorists and protect the nation”. The de facto president basically demanded authority to indefinitely detain American citizens and the Congress complied!

Now for the second mosaic piece. According to the goarmy.com website, the Army is now actively recruiting for MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) 31E, otherwise known as an Internment/Resettlement Specialist. Hmm. Where have I heard that term resettlement before? Oh, that’s right, that’s what the NAZI’s told the Jews during WW2 to keep them complacent. The Jews were told not to worry, that they were just going to be “resettled”. We saw how that worked out. The Internment/ Resettlement Specialist is not only tasked with handling the custody and control of individuals designated as Enemy Prisoners of War, or EPW’s, but also Civilian Internees, or CI’s. This is a classic euphemism. You are not an American citizen prisoner, you are a civilian internee in a civilian internee camp. You may remember that the term “civilian internee” was used to refer to Americans of Japanese descent during WW2. That should put to rest any of those “it can’t happen here” sentiments you may be having.

Now let’s take a look at all of these pieces that I have laid out over the last three op-ed’s in aggregate. The federal government has spent billions of dollars constructing 800 detainment camps all over the United States, allegedly capable of holding two million people. These camps were constructed covertly, and with the aim not of keeping people out, but with keeping them in. KBR, a subsidiary of Haliburton, is developing a so-called “National Quick Response Team” in the vein of Blackwater, capable of manning these detention centers on 72 hours notice. Plans are already in place, called Operation Garden Plot, whereby virtually anyone can be whisked off to these detention centers. The Army is actively recruiting I/R specialists to deal with the masses of humanity. The federal government is now using drones in America. The federal government is actively seeking to curtail our second amendment gun rights, by any means possible. The authority will soon be in place whereby the president can declare martial law, and can detain anyone indefinitely. U.N troops, who have no loyalty to or sentiment towards American citizens have been training for mass crisis situations on U.S. soil. The administration has a website whereby people can be “turned in” by anyone for saying anything critical of the administration. The Department of Homeland Security has a “target list” already in place, as outlined in their infamous report.  Ladies and gentlemen, America is now a Marxist police state with a tin pot dictator in charge.

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