Stand at Ease


by One Pissed-off Vietnam Vet

Are there men and womoen as brave and determined as some of the colonists were in 1776?

(Dec. 13, 2011) — Between the “The Call to Arms” (3-5-11) and “Form Ranks” (12-12-11) I’d expect that you have cleaned and practiced with your weapons, may have purchased additional firepower and certainly used-up the year-old ammo on the firing range. I would also expect every capable adult in your family and close-knit friends would be similarly armed, practiced, and on the same page as you and me.

Just a quick note on gun safety. Most of us don’t handle our weapons every day as the police and the members of our armed forces do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be as good, or better, than they are when it comes to marksmanship. Their initial edge is that they practice weapon safety every day so by now, they don’t even have to think about it; we do. Just remember one thing: if you point it, use it. On television we hear “Stop or I’ll shoot.”  Not us; if you point it, you shoot it. We do our talking when it’s over and done with. We don’t try and talk it to death.

Now as far as us all being on the same page, I got an email the other day suggesting that all the patriotic blogs get together to form one giant blog, but we’re there already. If you’re reading this you are either a patriot or a traitor, maybe a government spy who turned their back on their Oath. Not us. If you go on blogs other than  The P&E, just mention once in awhile that you read something meaningful or interesting here and, believe this, they’ll find us. And yes, we need a point of command, and The P&E is as good a place to start as any, and may actually be the Ground Zero of command; I don’t know. I do know, however, that we have some pretty powerful ex-military here, starting with General Paul Vallely, who runs a blog called Stand Up America (

If you’re reading this then you know about the green flag of Islam attempting to rule the world, and Obama and friends are aiding and abetting the process like there’s no tomorrow.  We have a number of crucial advantages that the other side doesn’t. First of all, we have the Constitution, a document that proclaims freedom for all, men AND women.. The other side is old men marrying young girls, and when they want to discard a female for whatever reason, they can murder them with impunity. They call it an “honor” thing. They’re animals.

We, thank God and the Founding Fathers, have the Second Amendment. If I’m ever elected President, I’ll require every citizen, every voter, to be qualified to carry a weapon and we’ll see just how fast the crime rate drops. Expecting the police and the judicial system to protect us is not being realistic, and if nothing else, we sure do like to tell it like it is.

We’re the ones who are being invaded; this is our home. There are a lot of Americans who have sold out their country for money, and just to give you the extent of what I’m talking about, do a search on “Vatican Slush Fund.”  And there are many more Americans who turned traitor because they’re gullible or just plain stupid.  Well, now, we’ll deal with them also. Hey, we’re not going to leave anyone behind.

Okay, the “Call to Arms” meant prepare your weapons, “Form Ranks” is to get on the same page, “Stand at Ease” is to spread the word, practice, buy fresh ammo, hoard food and water, get prepared. Consider this an order.

2 Responses to "Stand at Ease"

  1. PaulP   Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at 11:01 PM

    I’ve got my weapon ready 24/7. Extra practice loads on hand. Just waiting for the call.

  2. meyerlm   Tuesday, December 13, 2011 at 7:10 PM

    AYE, AYE, SIR!! Rounds at the Ready, Lock ‘n Load!!

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