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by Dan O’Brien

The Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights states that all powers not granted to the federal government reside with the States, or the people

(Dec. 5, 2011) — It is time for the old “Congress of the Confederation” to reconvene operations under the Articles of Confederation; to declare to the world its emergency authority, as delegated by the several States, and then to exercise that authority so as to seize temporary control of the United States government by:

  • Ordering the U.S. military, under control of the Congress of the Confederation, to:
  • Cordon off and secure the crime scenes known as the District of Columbia, and its territories;
  • Secure, indict and hold for trial all U.S. government officials and personnel suspected of violation of their oaths of office, and
  • Suspend all operations of that un-constitutional government.
  • Taking charge of de jure (rightful) United States of America affairs, by doing business as the United States in Congress Assembled, until such time that the U.S. government house is once again in order to the satisfaction of the several States, and
  • Holding new elections to repopulate the government under the antebellum (pre-Civil War) Constitution for the United States.
  • During this time, the several States may enjoy and exercise their full and unfettered sovereignty, and determine their composure and future standing among other nations.

    In anticipation of this event, it is imperative that each State legislature now select its slate of delegates and alternates for the Congress of the Confederation, swear delegates to their office, and prepare them to hit the ground running when the Congress is called to convene.  It is suggested that the congress assign three votes to each State.

    Obviously, on the day of reckoning, all federal control would cease to exist.  Each State government, operating again as a republic, will have anticipated its mandate to become THE government of its people.  This will ultimately require a paring down and rewrite of its constitution and laws.  The immediate challenge will be to flush out all corruption and remnants of federal control, and to fulfill new legislative and judicial roles, while updating the people on their newfound status as free Americans, with their commensurate need to begin raising their level of self-sufficiency in all future endeavors.

    Each State would soon become busy exercising its newly awakened authority to control which foreign corporations (i.e. headquartered in other states) will be permitted to continue doing business in their State.  (Let us hope that all those corporations whose products or service have proved to be harmful to important elements of the State will be excluded. Think education, agriculture, banking, insurance, construction, etc.).  Each State would also need to reacquire full control of federalized functions within its borders, especially of military, communication, transportation, natural resources, banking, education, and anything else that had not been specifically reserved for the Congress under Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

    During this time sheriffs will be on heightened alert, and may wish to prepare their constituents in advance to assure their best incentives, activity and cooperation.

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    1. After discussing the condition of the country…a few like-minded citizens in central Wisconsin have banded together and are sure we can be self sufficient.
      Our parents and grandparents did it, surely we can too.

    2. Meyerim,
      Are you suggesting that, without the federal government the State and its people would be incapable of sustaining themselves? That they would have no idea how to engage in commerce, banking and finance? Teach their children? Grow crops? Manufacture goods? Care for the elderly, sick and infirmed? Provide aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles and other forms of transportation? Provide communication and media networks? Negotiate trade with other States and nations? Defend themselves? Control their government? Ad infinitum? If so, it seems you are selling Americans short.

      However, I will agree that, so long as today’s wretched federal policies are in place, States and their people will be inclined to continue shifting their burdens to the highest levels of govenment, which is exactly the problem. While the federal government exists in its present condition, restoration of American principals is possible only within the county, and requires that its people install a separate jurisdiction from that which exists, one that recognizes man and woman, and exists to protect their unalienable Rights, one that isa based on common law, a Court of Record, grand and petit juries, and an amenable sheriff.
      Dan O’Brien

      1. NO, I am simply suggesting that the States and the required “Chain of Command” required seems to be unattainable considering the corruption that exists at all levels of government and the unwillingness for Citizens, State Houses, Law Enforcement, et al to step forward from the ranks and initiate the changes given to them in the “Founders Documents” concerning their responsibilities.
        I am 70 yrs. ex-U.S. Navy and even though in Ill-Health, I would climb a mountain and shout as loud as possible, OORRAAUUGGHH!!, if the citizens of America would begin a movement of “Sovereigns” and return this Country to “That which was intended by our Founders!”

    3. @ meyerlm, we don’t know how it is going to work just that it will.
      Matthew 7:7 Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened. Note that this requires action from us. We have to ASK, LOOK. AND MOVE. God will do the rest. Have faith. Jesus said the battle has already been won.

      1. I would most assuredly join and become a Delegate in this most Profound Undertaking!!
        My question is this: How does one propose to provide the Education and Awareness required to become members of the “Congress of the Confederation”, and to attain a Functioning Status??

    4. A Marvelous and Right Thought, however, in Light of the current conditions that exist in our State Houses and the evident lack of knowledge as to what the States Specific Rights and Responsibilities are, in accordance with our “Founders Documents”, I am afraid that it would be a Unsurmountable Task!! It would take True Knowledge and understanding of the Responsililities and Rights that have been Delegated, and then to have the “Backbone” to stand against this 1871 DE FACTO, ILLEGAL, U.S.Corp. Regime that is currently Infesting the “District of Criminals!!”
      Wishfull Thinking, I am Afraid!!