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Press Release from Van Irion, Liberty Legal Foundation

Liberty Legal Foundation has filed a "Certification Class Action" lawsuit claiming that Barack Hussein Obama is not a "natural born Citizen" due to the citizenship of his father

(Dec. 2, 2011) — Mark Your Calendars – Dec 5th, 6:30pmArizona Project 2012, and other members of the Tea Party Coalition, are graciously hosting Liberty Legal Foundation and Presidential candidate John Dummett Monday night at The Elks Lodge, Phoenix.  Please join us! John Dummett and I will be discussing the class action lawsuit against the Democratic Party. I will also field questions regarding Constitutional issues and other actions of Liberty Legal Foundation.  Anna Gaines of American Citizens United says, “I hope you will all make the effort to attend this important and informative meeting and meet the people who are also fighting for the same cause as all the Tea Parties.”  Here is the event information.  Please feel free to invite like-minded people.  Special guests are:

Attorney Van Irion, Presidential Candidate John Dummett

Date:  December 5, 2911
Time:    6:30-8:30 PM
Place:   The Elks Lodge Phoenix
Address:  14424 N..32nd Street  Phoenix, Arizona  85032
Directions – North of Thunderbird on 32nd Street, South of Greenway on the West side of 32nd Street.

Call  Anna at American Citizens United if you have any other questions:  602-774-2921

Hope to see you Monday night!

In Liberty,
Van Irion

Co-Founder, Lead Counsel

Presidential Candidate John A. Dummett Jr. is a co-plaintiff with Liberty Legal Foundation challenging the certification of Barack Obama for the 2012 presidential race

More from Anna:

Dear members and associates, this is an invitation of behalf of our sponsor organization, Project 2012, Leader Chairman Ron Ludders will be hosting Speaker Van Irion who has filed a lawsuit in Tennessee and in U.S. District Court against the DNC challenging Obama’s eligibility for placement on the ballot.

Attorney Van and John Dummett, lead presidential candidate plaintiffs of the Certification Class Action, will be in Arizona only on that day: December 5/11, after they meet with the Sheriff re:  his investigation into Obama’s eligibility.

They expressed an interest in meeting some of the area Patriots, and offered to meet with all of us to discuss their efforts on behalf of our country.  I hope you will all make the effort to attend this important and informative meeting and meet the people – also fighting for the same cause as all the Tea Parties.

According to Linda Bentley, a reporter for The Sonoran News in Cave Creek, Arizona, the original contact with the Irions: “This would be of great interest to everyone we know.”


The Post & Email obtained a statement from Dummett which reads:

We will be specifically discussing the illegal immigration and Mexican Drug Cartel problem along the border States. It is my opinion that we are in a State of War. War entails more than guns, bombs and people dying. War also includes destroying the economic system of another nation. The unchecked flood of humanity fleeing other nations into the United States is slowly choking the economic well-being of this nation. It is not the responsibility of the People or government of the United States to deal with the internal dealings of any other nation unless it directly impacts the security of this nation.

When I am finished speaking with Joe Arpaio I will be addressing elements of the Arizona Tea Party organization to tell them what I am trying to accomplish with the lawsuit I have served Nancy Pelosi, Reid, Wasserman, the Democratic National Committee and the National Democratic Party. This all happens on the 5th of December. On the 6th of December I will be personally serving the above-mentioned lawsuit to the DNC in Arizona and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The main point I would like to make is it was Van Iron and I who figured out a way to get to the bottom of the Obama eligibility issue in a circuitous way, by side-stepping the Executive Branch and instead, going through the DNC and NDP to make them show us what they used to certify Obama as eligible. Each State has provisions in their Constitutions that mandate the various political parties to certify candidates eligible to run. Since each State has different rules, we have to serve each State a different complaint.

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  1. I want Obama’s ineligibility to keep him from running for reelection as much as anybody, but it may be a mistake for Republican candidates to engage the issue. They need to focus on what they are going to do to make the lives of Americans better and convince the people of America that they will be far better off with one of them in the White House. They need to focus on the economy, foreign policy, and Obama’s failure. They should let others deal with the Obama eligibility issue. If they get mired down with this issue, we will have Obama for another four years. Be careful. This is exactly what some Obama supporters are trying to orchestrate. The Obots will try to drag the Republican candidates into the eligibility issue to tarnish them with the aid of the liberal media. They must stay on message and not fall into this trap. I do not trust Donald Trump any farther than I can throw him.

    1. If the candidate who will be the president does not uphold the constitution while campaigning, how can we trust him/her to abide by the constitution once he/she is the president?

      The current congress critters hide behind the excuse that ‘there are more important things to do than to address obama elig issue.’
      The candidates hide behind the same excuse – let others do it because it is more important for them to convince the voters that he/she can create jobs, revive the economy blah blah blah, you know, everything else is more important than ensuring the president is constitutionally eligible……..heck, get Marco Rubio, or Bobby Jindal, the people who are not article 2 natural born citizen to be the VP as long as they can win voters…….article 2 be da****!
      We do not demand the candidate abide by article 2 natural born citizen presidential requirement. How can we expect him/her to strictly adhere to the US Constitution when he/she is the pres?
      We might as well elect another constitutionally ineligible person!

    2. Well birdy, let me just say that I totally disagree with you.

      To put it simply, nothing the Republican candidates say has any meaning at all as long as they refuse to talk about the only issue that really matters.

    3. There is NO more important and pressing issue for the Republican candidates than Obama’s lack of eligibility, the election fraud committed in order to get him elected, and the conspiracy to keep it all hidden from John Q. Public. Why not? Because all of it is rooted in upholding, protecting and defending the Constitution. Sans the latter America is no more.

  2. Another great way to keep obama from the ballots –
    make the R candidates publicly ask obama if he is an article 2 nautral born citizen of USA and show proofs.
    Trump is questioning at Fox News (Hannity show, see obamareleaseyourrecords) why obama and his mother’s records are not in any of the Hawaii hospitals!
    Maybe Trump is hinting to the R pres candidates to address obama’s eligibility issue?!

    What a good time to bring it up again on the air!

    Please everyone, contact the R candidates to ask them these simple questions to let them know they must hammer obama on his eligibility!

    Are you an article 2 natural born citizen of USA?

    Were you born in USA? What supporting (hard-copy, not digital image) document do you have?
    Are both your parents USA citizens at time of your birth? Any hard-copy documentary proofs? ”

    Bombard them with these questions. Accumulate their replies and bring them back to them to ask why obama does not have to answer these questions and show proofs whereas you R pres candidates have to.

  3. I would love to attend this historical meeting tomorrow nite, but unfortunately I live in another State…Is this meeting going to be televised at some point? When will we hear the outcome of meeting? I am so looking forward to this….God Bless and thank you, ALL

  4. DO you remember, “WHERE’S THE BEEF??”

  5. May God give you victory in this fight. Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack ‘King Hussein’ Obama is a Muslim walking in taqqiya, an enemy of the state, an enemy insurgent, a ‘sleeper’ agent of Islam. His fraud and forgery, his commission of the most horrendous crime in American history – the contravention of the constitution and usurpation of the office of the President of the United States of America as well as the military rank of Commander-in-Chief – is deserving of prosecution in a military courts martial. The criminal should be incarcerated in the same prison cell where he jailed Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin at the least. He can never be released because in the commission of his crime against ‘We the People’ he has availed himself of too many highly sensitive state secrets and intelligence that could threaten our national security. Once convicted he shall necessarily have to be debriefed; I understand water-boarding has been very effective at obtaining information from enemy prisoners.