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by Jim Black

Painting entitled "Gideon Thanks God for the Miracle of the Dew" by Maarten von Heemskerck, 16th cent.

(Nov. 26, 2011) — My dear Patriots, I hate to say this, but I question how useful it is, when corresponding with the vast majority of our Republican officials, to inform them why Obama is not eligible and that he is a criminal. THEY KNOW HE IS BOTH BUT IT OBVIOUSLY DOESN’T BOTHER THEM. There’s something larger going on that is trumping all our efforts to get them to uphold the Constitution and take action against this regime and their accomplices, be they witting or unwitting. I think it’s a combination of their fear of Obamagate becoming too much of a distraction to the Republican message, fear of minority backlash and Republican RINOs (really libs) joining the Democratic Party to ignore and ridicule constituents who challenge Obama’s eligibility. Perhaps it’s something else, but whatever it is, it spells disaster for the America which I grew up in as did many of you.

In any event, a different strategy must be employed and, short of making sure our powder is dry and muskets ready, one with proven results. I suggest that every person who visits this website covenant with God to pray at least once daily for one month. (We are commanded by the Scriptures anyway to pray for those in authority over us, good or evil). But by making that special one-month commitment, I believe it will move our great God and Savior to honor these prayers and do something to save our God-given Republic from its enemies. Read the 20th Chapter of 2 Chronicles and see how God engineers victory through prayer and faith: “Stand still and see the salvation of the Lord, for the battle is his.” (2 Chron. 20:15,17)

Let’s get at least 300 prayer warriors from those who visit The Post & Email who will covenant with God for one month. Recall that Gideon needed only 300 faithful warriors to confuse and defeat their enemies. God is not into big numbers, but just a few prayerful, faithful, God-fearing men and women. The prayer of faith avails much. The enemies of our Republic fear this strategy far more than letter-writing, emailing, phoning in our complaints, or Tea Party protests. Yes, continue to confront our elected officials with truth and respect. These have value, but it is prayer that moves God into action.

WWJD? That’s right, pray.

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  1. I totally agree that a positive attitude is required to get our America back, and you can’t get anymore positive than with prayer.
    The Republicans and the Democrats act as one party: the party of defending Obama at any cost, including circumventing the Constitution and not upholder their end of the Oath. Congress people make a high paycheck, too many perks to mention, envious healthcare, and a great retirement package and all they have to do is uphold the Oath that they all took in order to have the job that they have: no Oath, no job.
    They’ve all fallen flat on their face.
    I like it when you say “our powder is dry and muskets ready”. I’m with you 110%.
    Either we vote with a bullet or a ballot, I say whatever works.
    Count me in.

  2. Great idea, except for the “respect” part of this quote:

    “Yes, continue to confront our elected officials with truth and “respect”.

    The last thing these elected official deserve is respect, and until they do something to deserve respect it ain’t coming from me. Their time for my respect has long passed.